It all started here. Names changed to protect the innocent.


Hi Michael-
Great About the email thing I mean. I am in my office if not at my computer a good part of the day. To answer your question, I do not do any of that stuff anymore. For me it was about feeling safe and I truly felt that with you. I don’t think that I would be able to find that connection with someone else and I have never tried. My life went in a different direction since the last time we met and like I said before I just sort of buried it all.
I consider myself a moral person, I am totally in love with my husband, devoted to him and my child so why can I say yes without a doubt while knowing it could all be jeopardized? Answer me that question?
Confused, Lily
Lily, Well, because morality isn’t as black and white as we’d like it to be. Our first obligation is to ourselves and I would also suggest it is impossible (maybe unfair?) to be complete and true to ourselves and within our relationships when there is something significant missing and — maybe more importantly — something our spouses cannot provide. Would you cheat on him just for sex? No, and I would not cheat on my wife for just sex. I do know that I cannot live the rest of my life without spanking and while I might hesitate to engage in that activity with someone I am not otherwise very comfortable with, I would with you. Does that make any sense? Am I just rationalizing for my own purposes? Maybe to some degree, but I know myself and my own very strong needs. I could try to deny them but, at some point, I will fail. I accept this in my self not as a weakness but as just a part of who I am, who you are as well. In recognizing it you learn not to feel sick or perverted. But I have no doubt I will fail at my attempts to smother that part of myself. I would rather be in control of that. And, objectively speaking, it makes sense that our spouses would prefer that to be a safe, secure failing, or outlet. Maybe I’m jabbering nonsensically now… what do you think? Answer me a question now, what is your need? Has it changed?
I had a flashback this morning, while lying in bed, to the moment where I held your hands on top of your head, pressed the back of your body against the front of mine, and delicately applied a wooden ruler to your bare chest.. do you remember that? Ah, sweet, innocent perversion…
Lily closed her eyes, absorbing his words and marveling at the physical response she had to the mere mention of him touching her. Of course she remembered that night. Lily remembered every moment with him with great clarity. One of the memories that had stuck with Lily the most was the uninhibited response her body had to Michael’s touch. It was an instant, raw attraction that she remembered as being all consuming and overwhelming. She remembered back again to the first time they met. She had found him charming, his laugh warming her until she felt quite at ease with him. Michael seemed genuinely interested in Lily as they chatted about school, family and plans for their respective futures. She was impressed that he was studying law but wasn’t surprised as she had instantly recognized a rare sense of justice and morality in Michael. He flirted outrageously with her and teased her when she blushed. After spending a few ‘safe’ hours together he had asked her if she was ready to see where he lived. His loaded suggestion caused her to flush because she knew what to expect when they arrived. Lily had waited so long to live this fantasy and she could hardly believe it was about to happen. She felt a moment of terror wondering for a moment if she should actually go with him. This tall man who was already holding tight to her hand was leading her out of the coffee shop away from the activity and security of a busy business. She knew that young girls had a way of disappearing when following strange men back to their apartments. What was she thinking? Yet she felt she could trust him. The day was still warm so the two decided to walk. The tone had changed immediately after they agreed to go back to his house. Cradling her spine in his hand he guided her firmly as if expecting her to sprint away. Neither Lily or Michael said much as they walked up to the attractive brownstone apartment building so typical of college towns. So this was it she remembered thinking, this is where it was going to happen. The walls were white and tastefully decorated with modern looking photographs of people she would never know. People that she knew shared more of his life than just this. For an instant she felt an urge to live here in his world, a world with this beautiful stranger who shared her desires without judging her. Lily realized that sometime over the past several months she had stopped seeing her need as ‘fetish’ or as something to be ashamed of. Michael accepted it in himself as just a part of who he was, there was no shame in it for him and that had rubbed off on her. It was just something inside her, some need that she knew had to be satisfied. Lily had rationalized it out in hr head as being acceptable, after all she was an adult, it was her choice.
“Lily” she realized instantly a new edge to his voice and she turned to him instinctively sensing his authority. She felt a little scared, and it thrilled her. She loved it because she knew she was safe with this stranger standing in front of her. His touch, first on her cheek and then on her shoulder was gentle and he pulled her towards him. Lily wondered if he could hear her heart as he bent his head to capture her mouth in a kiss. The kiss was unexpectedly soft, sweet and she felt the controlled desire coming from his body. His mouth pressed into hers deepening the kiss and when his tounge made first contact with her she was startled by the onslaught of emotion that washed over her. Her knees threatened to buckle and it was his arms that supported her even as his moth ravaged hers. Lily knew he was going slow with her, he had sensed her fear and was starting slow. He kissed her again, deeper this time leaving her breathless. Her head was spinning from his touch and she yearned for more. Suddenly he turned her around his arms encircling her waist. She watched as his long fingers began to remove her clothing. “Michael, wait.”
“Hush.” he whispered his hands wiping hers away as she tried to stop him from unbuttoning her top. His dark eyes flashing a gentle warning down at her pleading look as he peeled her shirt off of her pale shoulders leaving her only in her bra and panties and the short skirt he had asked her to wear for him. The cool air chilled her but for a second as Michael turned her to face him and pulled her closer to the heat of his body. His hand rested on her bottom above her skirt. His touch traveled slowly down to the back of her legs before sliding beneath her skirt. She wanted him to kiss her again but he didn’t. She looked at him with darkening eyed and her lips were slightly parted and swollen from his kisses. He stared into her eyes searching for resistence to his touch. Finding none he cupped her bottom holding her firmly against the evidence of his own need. He said nothing as he removed her panties. If he noticed their dampness he kept it to himself. She stood in front of him naked except for a short pleated skirt. Fear washed over her. She concentrated on the clicking of the clock and closed her eyes for a second attempting to slow her breathing. Opening her eyes as his hands abruptly left her she turned to look for him. He had turned and walked away from her. “Michael” she started to say but his look hushed her. He looked at her as if memorizing her face .His dark eyes on her half naked body and he knew she had no idea the erotic picture she presented and he couldn’t wait to touch her. Young and flushed from his kisses she stood waiting for his command. He knew she yearned to cover her small yet beautifully formed breasts from his appraising gaze. Her nipples had hardened into small pink pebbles and her skin was beginning to flush from desire. Her delicate fingers were fidgeting with the pleats of her blue-green skirt and her innocence excited him. “Take off your skirt Lily” his voice laced with a authority not allowing for disobedience. “Michael, wait I….” She wasn’t ready for this. Did he actually expect her to stand in practically broad daylight naked? The sun was still warming the room through the window and it’s hot rays had landed on the wooden floor at her feet.
His face darker, his voice a bit sterner, although no louder he said, “Take of your skirt.” Lily really didn’t want to take off her skirt. Only Ray had ever seen her naked and even then it was usually dark and she felt a moment of willful indignation. She took a deep breath and mentally prepared herself to bare her entire body to the devouring eyes of the large man in front of her. Not at all happy with her continued willfulness he ignored his mind’s warning to go easy with her. He almost stopped himself when she fearfully shrank back from his touch as he stepped towards her. In an instant he had her over the bend of his leg and was spanking her bare bottom with a consistent stream of firm hard strokes. He loved how her creamy skin turned pink instantly at his touch. He ignored her cries and he continued to spank her. Michael knew that this was both what she wanted and needed. This wasn’t a game and she would take him seriously. The sound of skin on skin filled the room broadcasting a lovely symphony as the sharp sound blended with her short , small cries. Lily squirmed and was surprisingly strong for being as small as she was yet Michael held her firm. When he finally stopped he set her away from him. Her hands instantly cradled her stinging bottom as she glared at him. Her teary eyes were filled with a cocktail of desire, humiliation and anger that Michael knew she didn’t understand yet. “Take off your skirt”. His voice was confident but his mouth was dry as he watched her begin to undue the zipper on the side of her skirt. She lowered her eyes and wouldn’t look at him as the skirt dropped into a wispy pile of fabric at her bare feet. He held her hand, his touch once again soft as he helped her step out of the skirt. He caught her chin and lifted her tear stained face to look up at him. He hadn’t meant to make her cry and wondered if he had spanked her too hard. Michael really hadn’t meant for her first spanking to be anything other than loving and gentle. However he hadn’t anticipated her hesitancy so early into their adventure. “Hey, are you Ok?” Michael asked her his voice caring and low hugging her to him offering what comfort he could hoping he hadn’t ruined it for her. She nodded at him still refusing to look at his concerned face. His hands traveled from across her lower back down to her warm bottom. It felt hot and she tensed at his touch. He smiled at her sigh as he gently massaged away the sting while kissing her gently across her face whispering comforting, loving words into her ear. His kisses became deeper and more insistent and she slowly responded to him with a heated passion that pleased him.
Lily was so hot. She ached with a need that was almost painful in it’s intensity, his spanking had left her shaking with desire. It shocked her at how much it actually hurt and the first few spanks brought real tears to her eyes. She knew he was angry that she hadn’t followed his instructions, hadn’t he told her over and over again in their emails to each other that he expected her to obey him while they were together. Now his mouth and seeking fingers were leaving her dizzy. His magic kisses spiraling her downward towards a feeling she had never known. Lily dripped with desire for him and she felt the dampness between her legs and didn’t want to him to know how much his spanking had aroused her. His hands cupped her breast and his mouth captured a nipple drawing it into his mouth before releasing it nipping at her with his teeth. She shuddered with want and arched towards him silently begging him to fill the void, the aching emptiness she was feeling. Michael’s mouth continued it’s cruel play at her breast while his hand journeyed lower. His stroking hand found her hot and wet and he played there for a moment. She was ready for him but he hesitated, wanting to take her higher before taking his own release. Somehow they had found his bed and he laid her down his weight a welcome heat on her pressing her back into the mattress. Leaving her there he stood up his eyes never leaving her face marveling at the pleasure she was bringing to him in her unbridled response to his touch. Lily’s eyes widened as he began to remove his pants. “Michael, not yet, you can’t….” she faltered as his eyes met hers and he silently commanded her to be quiet. What kind of man was this? She wondered as she felt him join her once again on the bed. So tender one moment yet fierce and demanding only seconds later. Michael smiled to himself noting she refused to look at him now that he had removed his clothing. Lily felt his lips, suddenly fierce on her neck, he rained kisses along her shoulder line until she was writhing beneath him. His unyielding lips lingered on the hollow of her throat, feeling the hot pulse of the sweet heat he was sending through her veins. Michael once again pressed her close to him, one hand taking a breast filling his hand perfectly he roughly captured her nipple, while his dark head bent to catch the other nipple within the warmness of his mouth. He tongued the nipple, his teeth scoring the flesh until it felt raw and aching with need. His mouth continued to send needles of pure fire through her body and she arched against him begging him to stop yet knowing she would die if he did. Suddenly his mouth gave a hard tug upon her forcing her to cry out softly until he released his hold on her. Even as his mouth left her breast his hand ventured downward again towards the wetness she offered him. Sitting up Michael looked at her flushed face, small tendrils of dampened hair curled around her face. Her lips were slightly parted and swollen from his kisses. Moving slightly so he was sitting at her knees he whispered, “Open your legs for me Lily.” The room had darkened slightly but would be no camoflouge for what his eyed wanted to see. Even through the fog of her passion her shyness made her hesitate to open herself for his view. He was gentle yet insistent as he opened her legs. She resisted slightly and he placed a well aimed smack on the inside of her thigh. At her low moan he knew this had only heightened her fire and she rested her knees apart to allow him access to the secret parts of her body. “That’s a good girl.” he whispered. He didn’t touch her right away. He liked looking at her, having her laying open before him. Michael smoothed his hand across her stomach marveling at the smooth creaminess of her skin. When his hand hesitated at the small triangle of hair he felt her shift to meet his touch. “Patience”. he whispered chuckling softly at the unexpected passion he had brought out in her already. He continued to stroke her everywhere except for where she craved, his teasing touch like wind across her body. Finally his hand found her. Lily cried out with the first touch, his hand gentle as he explored her warmth. She pressed herself against his hand and he allowed his finger to enter her. When she arched her back to the rhythm of his stroke he knew she was ready for more. He leaned into her lowering his head to place kisses on the inside of her thigh where he had punished her seconds earlier. Her thighs trembled and threatened to close when his tongue began to caress her intimately. Michael breathed her in and he yearned to bury himself inside the hot sweetness of her body. Lily was on fire from his kisses, even Ray had never kissed her there and she was shocked that Michael had been so bold. She had wondered before they met if sex would even be a part of this wonderful fantasy they shared. To her surprise he seemed intent on showing her incredible pleasure again and again. Her body spasmed beneath the pressure of his hot tongue and her body lifted off the bed crying out. Michael sat Lily up, holding her close leaving small kisses on her face enjoying the feeling of her trembling with desire. Her body was hot and damp from her release, she clung to him and he knew that she was his. He turned her over onto her belly and was disappointed that evidence from the earlier spanking had faded. “I am going to spank you again Lily” he said reaching for the belt that lay beside his discarded pants. She offered no resistence as he pulled her up to her knees and then positioned her so her bottom was upturned facing him. The first swing of the belt left her breathless. It started as pain, a shock almost bringing her out of the hypnosis evoked by his touch. Over and over he swung his belt until her bottom was covered in raised, red marks. Every time the belt landed she cried out but she never tried to stop his blows. She was not feeling any real pain and Michael knew it. This was the intense crossroads that he had described to her. Lily had crossed over, recognizing the fine line between pleasure and pain that one could never understand unless experiencing it. The pleasure coursing through her body was only heightened by the slap of the belt. Michael knew he should stop. Knowing she had never been spanked before today least of all with a belt, he replaced the sting of the belt before he wanted to with the coolness of his hand and the sweetness of his kisses. There would be more later, so many things to show her and teach. She was moaning beneath his touch and Michael decided he had been patient enough. Swinging over her he thrust into her surprising her with the unexpected force of his entry. Michael was overcome with the hot, wet tightness of her. He marveled at her cries as she answered his unspoken command to press backwards into his deep thrusts. Stopping he pulled out of her body leaving her empty and wanting. He turned her over whispering words of encouragement to her as he knelt once again between her open legs. He entered her again this time slower, he watched her eyes widen and then darken with pleasure. Her smokey gaze consumed him as he thrust again and again inside of her soft body. She wrapped her legs around him drawing him down into her even more, the hairs on his chest tickling her. He throbbed inside her and Lily knew that she would never feel passion such as this again. She shuddered her release even as he lost control of his own. Collapsing his weight on top of her he rested his head beside hers still tasting her dewy scent on his mouth. He smiled at the unexpected pleasure she had brought him. Her ragged breathing softened after a while and Michael smiled wondering if she had fallen asleep in the darkened room. He lay still for the longest time his mind on the stranger he was holding in his arms.