M. · Poetry · spanking

From M.

Look what Mark wrote me…..*sigh*. This is so sweet…:)

What do we have?  Is it enough, or too much?

We share the same need, we are each other’s crutch,

When together we’re in heaven (and for you, sometimes, hell)

But apart I pine daily to touch, taste, and smell

The scent of my woman, to see the hope in her eyes,

To hear my tap tapping cane, to hear her sweet cries.

Why do we do it?  Is it because we must?

We both know, for sure, it isn’t just the lust.

It isn’t just your pain, a pain that sets you free,

It’s a need unexplained that grows deep in you and me,

Do we fight it or succumb?  What’s a man to do?

Ah, the choice is clear: my pet, I want you.

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