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What happens after ‘3’

I have had several people, including my own pet, asking what happens after the count of “three” is reached (see her post for context). We faced this recently while she was in Austin with me, we may face it again.

All the askers have been subs, and this is relevant.

So the answer?  Well, the answer is as nebulous as the answer to the question: what is the meaning of life?

Because it changes.  One day, pet, you will be terrified of the hairbrush so after 3, comes the hairbrush.  On another day, you will have been harshly waxed and unable to take any more of it.  So after 3, out come the candles.

You curious subs need to understand that the beauty of the count is that it gives me, us Doms, time to come up with exactly that thing you don’t want us to come up with at that particular moment.  We are flexible in our evil designs.  To give you the comfort of predictability, which is what your question seeks, is unthinkable.

The only way to find out what comes after “3” is to test me, pet.  And we both know you don’t want to do that.

8 thoughts on “What happens after ‘3’

  1. i was thinking about the question in total rhetorical terms…the explanation provided here by M (btw Thank you M for explaining this) is exactly what was running through my mind.

    my limits need to be tested….pushed…..and in disobeying….i expect them to be totally stretched… with hot wax or a hair brush or anything else Sir deems appropriate.

    punishment is to all up to the Dom…we relinquish control as subs…so guessing what comes next is an effort in futility.

  2. Thank you for that excellent explaination, M.

    While “we both know you don’t want to do that” (i.e., that PixiePie gives you reason to reach the evil numeral “three”) — my question is: do you kinda-sorta hope she will, one day, so that you will have an excuse, as darkpixie so elegantly put it, “totally stretch” her limits.

    I know that, when my Master gets to actually punish and correct me for wrong-doing, his erections are simply unequalled! While he does not want me messing up all the time, the thrill he gets from getting to truely punish me (as opposed to the regular “disciplining” is very intense — it would almost make it worth it to me, if I wasn’t so miserable about messing up and having to be punished for it!

  3. I understand what you are saying geltsgirl and I imagine M will respond personally to your question but this is what I say. M reminds me that he doesn’t need an excuse to punish me, it can be for his amusement if that is his desire at the moment. He can truly ‘stretch my limits’ whenever he wishes without any provocation on my part. I thought once too it would be tons of fun to test him and see what would happen if I blatently disobeyed him….like you said, almost worth it to get that reaction!! I will never do that again if I can help it, as loving as he is at times he can be heartless and cruel when dealing with me when I disappoint him. The last time I tested him I was made to stand in the shower as freezing water hit me, I had to stand there in front of him and take that while he reminded me exactly why I was there. Afterwards, as he took a warm shower I stood shivering in the corner not knowing what was going to happen when he got out only that ‘testing’ him had lost all of it’s appeal!

  4. My pet is right. I can, and do, punish her for no reason (other than my pleasure). So for her to do something intentionally to warrant a non-sexual punishment (i.e. the dreaded shower) is only to incur my disappointment. I think this is the most unbearable torture of all, the knowledge she has failed to meet my expectations, the realization that she has let me down. She tries hard not to and feels worse than should would through any punishment I could inflict. My excitement is at its peak when I subject her to some painful event for no reason at all, when I see that “why?” look in her eyes but her sweet little mouth stays shut (unless I fill it, hehe) and she obeys. Those are the moments of sadism that I love the most.

  5. Hello, M (Which makes me feel I’m speaking with some James Bond character [grins] ) and PixiePie!

    In my Master’s household, we have things divided into three levels:
    Play — which can be a friendly spanking, or a scene for which I’ve put in a special request.
    Discipline — which is meted out as per my Master’s whims, and can range from spanking to caning to long and serious session with nasty “toys.” Discipline doesn’t need any excuse — it’s its own excuse — that is, I always need more discipline!
    and finally, Punishment — which is only done when I have “-ucked up” in some way, and need to be dealt with so that not only do I learn from the experience, but we both get it out of our systems and can move on. This is not about playing with my limits or hot sex, this is about teaching me a lesson. (Although, that said, he always seems to want the hot sex afterwards — which is actually a huge relief to me, because it cements the fact that he’s not mad at me anymore!)

    I quite envy the people you’ve shown off your pet to — I bet you caning her is quite a sight! 🙂

  6. Gelts,
    First let me say that you are welcome to witness the next caning. I’m not sure where or when but I think pet and I have a nice tradition started. It’s still something that makes her nervous and embarrassed so I am definitely going to keep doing it.
    Second, although we haven’t formally divided them up, I think we have a similar system as far as the distinction between fun/discipline/punishment. It can be hard to find things that my pet doesn’t consider fun though. And even the things she hates make her wet (e.g. the cold shower). Still, it doesn’t stop me trying new and painful things to make her suffer.

  7. Still waiting for the ‘fun’ spanking Sir……..pretty good on the 2nd two but we may need to work on the first. Just a thought………..oh silly me, you must mean fun for you. Of course!

  8. Thank you, M! (And sorry this reply is belated — sadly, WP doesn’t let me know when someone replies to a comment I leave.)

    What an honor to be invited to watch you turn her adorable bottom all red-and-stripe-y! I do hope I get the chance someday! I don’t suppose you guys are ever planning a trip to San Francisco? My Master and I could take you ’round the local dungeons! 🙂

    And, speaking as a person who gets punished — it’s not as if we find punishment “fun,” often quite decidely not — but we get wet anyway. Just can’t help it. Nothing we can do about it (a fact I imagine you’ve enjoyed taking advantage of!) except hope that the punishement gets our Masters so hot that they want to fuck us after it’s all over! 🙂

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