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“Do as you please with me Sir, i am yours.”

She turned and looked at him , her eyes wild and questioning. She hadn’t expected this when he had sent her a message to meet him for lunch. It was only after she climbed into his SUV and buckled up that she sensed the dark mood he was in. She knew he was angry with her for something, or so she thought and she wondered what she had done to displease him. His eyes were darker than usual and he gripped her hand tight and held it to his lips for a moment before telling her to not speak, to sit still. As they drove she wondered where he was taking her. They left the city and she didn’t recognize the narrowing road stretching and curving in front of them. Her heart was pounding loud in her chest and she felt fear, real fear of the unknown, of his mood, of his plans. The leather smell of his seats was strong in her nose and it distracted her pulling her deeper into the lulling silence of the country road. When he finally stopped the car it was at a tree line and through the thickness of the growth she could see a small cabin, it was no larger than a small hunting lodge set about 20 feet ahead of them. He didn’t look at her as he stopped the car, he still didn’t look at her as he came around and opened her car door.

She had unbuckled and turned to get out when he stopped her. She sat on the side of the seat her legs on the running board, he stood in front of her and in one swift moment opened her legs and stood between her knees. She wore a stylish skirt and matching top, she had been shopping earlier in the day and was still dressed casually, Her hose were knee high and she wore soft leather heels on her feet. His hands raked up her legs and roughly pulled her panties down around her ankles, his movement had hiked her skirt up almost around her waist and she sat on his car seat almost completely exposed from the waist down. He reached up and opened the first few buttons of her top, he allowed his hands to come down and cup her breasts pressing into them almost forcing the breath out of her as hard fingers found nipples. He twisted them hard, pulling them out, pulling her towards him as he did causing her to cry out. She felt herself swim with desire, her own dampness slick on the black leather of the seat beneath her. Her breathing was fast as she struggled to absorb the pain his fingers were causing. When he finally released her nipples they ached inside her bra swollen and hot. He gathered the fabric of her shirt and yanked hard, she jumped as the pearly buttons flew through the truck across the dash and onto the floor. He pushed the remnant off her shoulders so that it hung over her arms. He loved the fear in her eyes, the way her breathing was erratic, the way he was hurting her. The bra she wore had a clasp in the front and using a single finger he looped it under the silky fabric and pulled hard, it opened and freed her small breasts from their restraint.

He had yet to speak to her and she knew better than to open her mouth. He pulled her off the seat so that she stood on the pine needle covered ground in front of him. With a tug he removed what was left of her shirt and bra, her silky panties tickled her ankles as they slid down her legs when he stood her up. All she had on was her skirt, still bunched around her waist and her hose. Her shoes were somewhere on the moss colored ground beneath the truck. He reached across her to toss her shirt inside the SUV.

“What a little slut you are.” his hand caught the back of her head and he yanked her around so her back was to him. His voice was hot and menancing against her ear, his teeth nipped at her. His grasp was tight in her hair and he pulled her head down to the seat of his truck, “Look at that slut, what is that?” she looked down and she saw a small, smeared puddle of her own juices on the black leather of his seat.

His grasp tightened in her hair, “You like this, don’t you, you want this, do you know why you want this.” She tried to shake her head but in it only pulled her hair tighter..” Sir.”

“It is because you are a slut, and you know it and I know it. And when my little slut gets my seat wet from her pussy you know what happens? She cleans it, thats what. Now clean it up.” with his hand still in her hair he pushed her face towards the seat. The combined smell of her juices with the warmed leather drew her down and she realized what he expected her to do. His other hand roughly pulled her arms behind her back and pinned them there. He watched as her small tongue darted out hesitantly to taste what he was practically rubbing her face in. “Get it all slut, don’t leave a drop.” She felt the tears on her face and they dripped down and the saltiness of her tears mixed with the sweet tangy taste of her arousal. She licked the seat clean only slightly rebelling at the taste of herself. She finished and turned to rest her cheek on the dampness of the leather, she looked up at him. Satisfied with her performance he released her hair and pulled her up by her arms pushing her in front of him, he shut the door. He held her in front of him and pushed her through the woods, she stumbled on her panties still between her ankles and she struggled to not fall.

Once they reached the cabin he released her arms and pushed her down so that she was kneeling on the hot roughness of the cement step, her feet hanging off the lower step. She could barely balance herself and the cement was cutting into her hose, digging into the soft skin of her knees. He left her there as he unlocked the heavy oak door and went inside. She whimpered from the pain in her knees and it felt as if she was kneeling on broken glass. Noises came from the cabin, he was opening windows, she heard ice hit a glass and knew he was inside drinking something cool while she knelt in the stinging sun with her legs on fire. The sun was scorching on her back and she felt sweat trickle down the back of her skirt.

After a half hour he returned to the step to get her. He gripped her again by her hair and pulled her so she stumbled through the doorway where he shoved her towards a small living area. The cabin was tastefully decorated in a rustic style that was decidedly masculine. Sandalwood and something spicy assailed her senses and she was wrapped around the scent that was purely his. “Go, stand in the corner, hands on the top of your head. Do not move.” Scrambling to her feet she picked the closest corner and obeyed him. He wondered if he should tell her why she was here. He knew she wondered what she had done, when in truth she hadn’t done anything. When he woke up this morning the desire to hurt her was strong and had grown stronger all morning until by lunch he could not wait. He stood behind her and told her all this, how he wanted to hurt her, what he was going to do, how she would beg him to stop before he was through with her. Silence met his every comment and he was happy she was obeying his order to remain silent. “That’s right, be a good girl, but that isn’t going to help you now. Get on your knees, turn around and crawl to the couch, stand up when you get there and lay across the arm. Stretch your arms in front of you and I want your bottom pressed up and out.” He watched her obey and with a gracefulness she crawled to the tan soft microsuede couch and positioned herself over the arm. He pulled her arms behind her back and folded them against the back of her neck where he tied them together with a rough piece of rope. Her toes brushed the floor and she struggled to keep her bottom up presented to him the way he had taught her. He couldn’t resist soundly spanking her bottom until she was squirming. The blows came down fast and hard until her bottom was bright red. When the sound of his blows stopped he could hear her fast breathng and small whimpers, his hand hurt and he imagined her bottom was very uncomfortable. He cupped her and felt the heat coming off of her skin. “Nice, I think you  like that.” He said resting a hand on either cheek he began to open her. She tensed and struggled against him as she always did once she realized he was going to touch her there. He had just about lost patience with that and told her so as he released her and removed his belt. “Who do you belong to, answer me.”

“To you, Sir.”

“And doesn’t that mean every part, every hole of your body is mine, to do whatever I please with, whenever I desire, isn’t that right?’

She swallowed hard, “Yes Sir, that is right.”

“Then say it, tell me you are mine, my slut, my little pet that I can do anything I want with.” As he spoke he brought the belt down across her back in a quick harsh succession, fast stinging snappy blows that caused her to cry out. “Tell me!” he repeated. She struggled to speak as he continued to beat her, “Yes Sir, I am yours, all of me, every hole is yours.”

“Go on..”

“Every part of me is yours Sir, to do with as you please. Do as you please with me Sir, i am yours.”

6 thoughts on ““Do as you please with me Sir, i am yours.”

  1. There will be more, I have so commanded!
    Thanks pet, another beautifully written fantasy and one I promise you we will make reality one day. You constantly delight me.

  2. You are always so hot, my dear. I appreciate your interest in my own blog. Put another one up today that I’d love your feedback on. I hope you are well and happy!

  3. pixiepie- why am i breathing so hard after reading that? wow. i have that desire…for Sir to do with as he pleases. very intense and erotic. i loved it.

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