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Do as you please with me Sir, i am yours….Part 2

He loved watching the belt make contact with her skin, with every stroke her skin turned a deeper red. With every stroke she jumped and her gasps of pain turned into soft mewing moans that he couldn’t get enough of. At last he stopped and he tossed the belt onto the couch cushion in front of her. Her hands were still tied behind her back and she had curled them into small tight fists. The picture she made was perfect. Naked, hot and tied down across his couch, her ass was red and he could see the marks from his belt. He touched them lightly at first and then harder squeezing them, pinching the reddened skin between his finger just to hurt her. She lifted up on her toes but was able to not pull away. “Still want to struggle, still want to fight me from touching you?”
“No, sir.” her voice was soft and she struggled for the right words to say what she needed but he didn’t ask her to speak and cut her off with a smack across her hip, “That was a yes or no question, slut. Close your mouth.”

She obeyed and closed her eyes absorbing the heat of his fingers on her raw skin and the humiliation of being exposed this way. He spread her legs farther apart and she knew his eyes and his searching fingers would find all of her secrets. She felt him run his finger along the top of her bottom and as he went lower he spread her cheeks apart. “Nice, very nice.” she heard him murmur as she squirmed when his finger flicked her tiny hole before entering her slightly. She fought to remain still, to allow him complete access to her. He was right, she belonged to him, all of her and she gave this up willingly yet there were some things she still struggled with, would always struggle with and having him touch her back there was one of them. “Good girl, I feel you relax, maybe this is too easy for you.” As he spoke she felt him untie the rope that held her hands together. He tossed the rope on the floor. “Open yourself for me, put a hand on either side of your ass and spread your cheeks. I want to see what you insist on hiding form me, I want to see what is mine.”
Not this she thought, she couldn’t possibly do as he asked her to do, yet even as she struggled she brought her hands to her bottom and slowly pulled her cheeks apart. “That’s it pet, farther now, I want to see everything.” Her face was bright red from the humiliation of being bent over in front of him, her bottom already soundly beaten having to display herself like this. She felt a coolness on the backs of her legs when he walked away from her. He had stepped back maybe five feet and sat down on a stool that was one of a pair that sat in front of the bar in the cabin. He was silent for a minute or so and just watched her. He loved that she was forcing herself to obey him with everything she had, loved that disappointing him was something she wanted to avoid at all costs. Standing he retrieved a medium size butt plug from the drawer of the table, not overly large but certainly bigger than anything he had put inside her before. Walking over to her he knelt by the side of the couch and yanked her head up by her hair so she looked him directly in the eye. He held the plug up for her to see it, “Look at what I have here my pet, in just a second I am going to fill your ass with this, you are going to feel yourself stretch to take it just as you burn and stretch to take my cock, aren’t you?”
She swallowed hard, scared of feeling herself penetrated by what he held. He laughed at the fear he saw in her eyes. “What darling, don’t you want this, I think you do. As a matter of fact I think you want it so badly you will beg me for it, won’t you. Beg me for it slut, tell me how you want me to shove this plug deep in your ass, tell me.”
As hard as it was for her to ever say such things to him it was ten times harder knowing she would be looking him in the eye when she did it. He tightened the grip in her hair at her hesitation and she said, “I want it Sir, I want to feel the plug in my ass, please, please put it inside me.”
“Why should I?” his eyes flashed hot at her and she could almost feel the pure sadistic pleasure he was getting out of forcing her to beg him for what she so obviously feared.
“Because Sir, because it pleases you to fill my ass with the plug, because you know I need it, that I need to fill it inside of me, because I am a slut, your slut and sluts want to have their bottoms filled. Please sir, please.”
“Very pretty begging my sweet, good girl, and yes you do need it, don’t you. Keep your cheeks open for me little girl, don’t fight me.” He was standing behind her again and she could feel the cold wetness of the lubrication on his finger as he applied some to her, “Not too much of course, wouldn’t want you to enjoy this or anything.” She felt it press against her and she willed herself to relax, she knew he would put it inside of her whether she fought him or not and it would go much easier for her if she didn’t. He pressed further and she felt herself stretch and pull and the pain was intense as she clenched her fingernails into the raw, beaten skin of her bottom. The pain consumed her and she felt him press into her a bit more, a little deeper and she wished he had used more than a touch of lubrication, she felt dry and the sensation was not something she liked. She felt heat and burning and a searing pain as in a single stroke he shoved the remainder of the plug into her bottom. She released a scream into the cushion of the couch and felt the hot tears stream down her face.
“What’s wrong little girl, don’t you like that? Isn’t that what my little slut begged me for?’ She still couldn’t speak so great was her discomfort. He walked back around to face her and knelt with one knee on the cushion in front of her on the couch . Meeting her eyes he opened his pants and took out his hard cock. He stroked it in front of her face for a second before grasping her by the back of the head. She opened her mouth knowing what he wanted, he shoved it inside of her and she felt his cock press hot against the back of her throat. He was large and she always struggled to take all of him in her mouth without gagging, and she concentrated on that as he used her mouth. The sensation of having her mouth filled with his cock and her ass filled with the plug threatened to overwhelm her as she felt herself  start to respond to the sensation. She felt the wetness of her own arousal drip onto her thighs and she longed to have him touch her to feel how much she desired him, for him to see what a good girl she was to want him so badly even as he used her so heartlessly. His thrust were hard and deep and as she felt him tense she readied herself for the cum that would soon fill her mouth. His grasp on the back of her head tightened and he held her head still as he rammed his cock in and out a few final times before exploding into her. He released his come deep down the back of her throat and she struggled to swallow all of it for him. His hand relaxed slightly and she sucked on the tip of him softly licking him clean making sure she hadn’t missed a drop, just like he had taught her. She felt his eyes on her as she completed her task. He pushed her away and stood up closing his pants.
“Stand up, stand up and go kneel in the corner.”
Stand up and walk, how could she possibly stand up and walk across the room like this, she felt impaled to the couch. Her hands still rested on her cheeks and she felt a sense of relief when she was able to release that position. She released her cheeks and used her arms to attempt to push herself up from her bent over position.
“I can’t walk Sir.” she sounded pitiful even to herself but he showed her no mercy. Grabbing her hair he pulled her to her knees, “Then crawl slut, crawl to the corner and kneel there until I am ready for you. Take your time, we aren’t going anywhere”
He watched as she slowly crawled to the corner, the plug tight in her ass. He had all day.

10 thoughts on “Do as you please with me Sir, i am yours….Part 2

  1. Every time I read something you write, pet, I marvel at the waste of talent. You should be penning erotica for a living, though if the world got hold of your work it would stop, men unable to walk for their erections, women dripping like faucets not able to do anything else.

  2. i totally agree…your writing is wonderfully hot and very moving. of course, i can’t move from the squirming i just did in my seat. as always, great job….and i want more.

  3. I agree with everyone, Pixiepie! Go for the erotica career!

    That fantasy was sooooooo in line with what I think about when I’m in bed falling asleep at night. I think I’m going to have to go have a break for some “special time”!

    Thank you! 😀

  4. geltsgirl you fall asleep thinking that!! How good does it have to be to keep you awake??

    Pixiepie, you have found your calling girl. I can honestly say you were pressing buttons I didn’t even know I had.

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