caning · spanking

As requested Sir.

dscn1120.JPGIt always helps to have a special friend hold your hand. Thank you….


I look at this one and it all comes flooding back.  The hairbrush on the backs of my legs is something I could quite happily avoid forever. Look how red I am, so red you can barely see the 20+ cane stripes I have.


Before the belt…before the hairbrush. This is where I was put right after our special guests left. He restrained my wrists and hooked them together, I am also pretty sure I have nipple clips on as well….too bad we didn’t get any pictures of that! The only thought that was on my mind other than the pain of my caning a few minutes before was what happened last time he tied my hands together and made me lay on my tummy……

4 thoughts on “As requested Sir.

  1. Whoooo! Thanks, M, for letting your pet share these!

    What lovely cane weals!

    And, PixiePie, I just hate when the play that happens after a caning removed the cane marks — darn it, we *earn* those! ;D

    Thanks to both of you, again, for letting me view these!

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