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Ode to Robin Thicke’s Lost Without You

M emails me..

“What are you doing pet?”

“Nothing really, Sir, homework, writing. I have school tonight”

“Are you home alone?’ I was…“Yes Master.” Curious now..I hit send and wait.

“Take off your panties…you are wearing a skirt, right?”

I take them off liking how my naked bottom feels on the hard wood of my chair.

“They are off Sir.” Wet already…I push send.

“Good Girl, Now unbutton your shirt and open your bra.”

“Done. Sir I am so hot already, what do I do now?”

“Be patient.”

“Yes Sir.”

Not my best virtue and so a few minutes go by and he hasn’t written me back.

“Go get your nipple clips and put them on. Tight.”

I don’t respond, I obey and apply the sharp metal clips to my hard nipples. I taste the sting right away and I feel flooded with my own arousal.

“They are on Sir.”

“Do they hurt?”

“Yes Sir, they do. I have them on tight like you said, they are starting to hurt worse.”

And they were, the small chain is heavy and it pulls and pinches my little nipples. I love the feeling and my mind drifts back to when he put them on me and pulled them so tight, how he would hold the chain up and then drop it against me knowing when he did that the clips pierced me tighter and tighter.

“Good. Now pet, go get your little friend and some lube and come back to your computer.”

I do so and as I walk to my bedroom the chain feels heavier and I resist the urge to hold the chain between my hands to remove the weight. He wouldn’t like that. My ‘friend’ is a small anal probe, perfect for a beginner like me but big enough to give me that irresistible full feeling.

“I am back Sir, I have it right here.”

“Good girl. Now I want you to put your feet up on your desk and lean back in your chair. Make sure your little skirt is pulled up. Lube up your toy and put it inside your bottom. In and out, in and out, and while you are doing that I want you to touch yourself.”

“Mmmm, really Sir? And can I do it until I orgasm?”

“You may, do it now and email me when you are finished.”

“Yes Sir.”

Right around now Robin Thicke’s song Lost Without You came on my computer. BTW …I have to listen to music to do homework, to cook ,to fall asleep..everything. I would be worthless without it.


Perfect, perfect song to masturbate to….calming, peaceful with a twist of hot sensuality….lovely, lovely song.

As I sat there with my legs upon my desk my right hand is holding the probe and am slowly sliding it in and out of myself. With my left hand I am playing with myself, my juices covering my fingers, my head is thrown back and all I can think of is Him and that he knows what I am doing. That he knew the second he emailed me I would obey him, that I love the tasks he sets for me. As the song winded down I was on the brink of an intense orgasm, I imagined it was him touching me, or his mouth on me. I felt my muscles clench and the small spasms inside warning me my release was imminent…….how I longed for him. To have him pressing me into the bed…he’d say “put me inside you” and of course I would. My bottom would be red and hot from the spanking he had just given me, or even better…he could bend me over and take me like that…take me hard from behind all the while he would be touching and pinching the dark red cane marks. With those thoughts on my mind my orgasm came fast and intense. I leave the probe in for a few more minutes just enjoying that sensation. I give a final tug on the chain before I remove them. Taking them off is the worst part but I do and enjoy the sharp pain that always comes with having the blood rush back into my nipples.

I rest for a few minutes to catch my breath. I put my head down on my desk and try to steady my heartbeat…I am still feeling small spasms between my legs and I long to orgasm once more but wouldn’t that make me a selfish pet?

“I am back Sir. I did like you said.”

“Good girl….tell me about it.”

“Mmmm yes Sir.”

And I did……………………

Lost Without You Lyrics.

Tell me how you love me more
And how you think I’m sexy baby That you don’t want nobody else
You don’t want this guy you don’t want that guy… you wanna
Touch yourself when you see me Tell me how you love my body
And how I make you feel baby
You wanna roll with me you wanna hold with me
You wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me
I just love to hear you say it
It makes a man feel good baby
Tell me you depend on me
I need to hear it
Im lost without You
cant help myself
how does it feel
to know that I love you baby
Baby you’re the perfect shape
Baby you’re the perfect weight
Treat me like my birthday
I want it this way I want it that way I want it
Tell me you don’t want me to stop
Tell me it would break your heart
That you love me and all my dirty
You wanna roll with me you wanna hold with me
You wanna make fires and get Norwegian wood with me
I just love to hear you say it

It makes a man feel good baby


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