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Something you need to know…..

I have to share today’s final email from M…much much too hot to sit in my ‘old mail’ file all alone……don’t worry he can’t be serious. Can he?

As we head into the weekend there’s something you need to know.

You need to know that next time I see you, I am going to whip your entire body, from head to toe and on every available surface.  I will chain your wrists together and start on your breasts, wanting to hurt you the most at the start.  I intend to have you crying with the pain, pet, crying real tears and begging for mercy. Cane, flogger, ruler, all will torture you. And then your sexy flat stomach will feel my flogger, the tip of my cane, my hairbrush before your cunt, wet despite your agony, feels the burn of leather as the little strap punishes your most tender lips, spraying your juices down your thighs.  And your thighs, pet, if you thought what went before was painful, wait until I spend ten minutes on each thigh.  Burning with cane stripes, the deep sting of the brush, you will sob like the begging slave I want you to be.

Do you think you have been caned before?  You haven’t.  The weals that I mean to put across your bottom will last weeks, pet, because I will lay them on full force, each one a screaming tear of cane through air.  Your bottom, the backs of your legs, your calves, they will be lined with angry welts such that any way you sit or lie, you will think of me with tears in your eyes.

And the lash marks on your back, rubbing against your clothes later, will remind you that forever you are a slave, one to be used by me and beaten by me however I want.

Crumpled on the floor, sobbing and pierced with pain, little slave pet, I will drag you to the bed and make you spread your beaten cheeks and beg for me to fuck you in the ass, plead with me through your snot and tears to release myself deep inside you regardless of the pain it causes.

That, my pet, is our next meeting.  Look forward to it.  It will hurt.

dscn1119.JPGSee,why I had to share his words….I also want to share this picture with my readers. He asks…do you think you have been caned before?  This was right after last time, do you think he has caned me before……like I said he can’t be serious…..can he? How much worse can it be?

13 thoughts on “Something you need to know…..

  1. Hmmm. I certainly think it can be a bit worse. Maybe quite a bit worse. Maybe even much worse. But let’s not hope it will be much, much worse. After all, that would be too much, wouldn’t it? Or would it?

  2. Oh god… Whenever i get letters like that, i melt and start counting the days. Beautiful! i love letters like that- the impossible to forget letters of dark promises and know you do too!

  3. I’m sending this to my Master so he can comment on whether you’ve really been caned before — he being the expert — I can only say that the picture you’ve posted looks pretty reasonable to *me*!

    I’m quite sure M knows all the anatomy and physiology he needs to know, but I would caution that there are places on the body that should not be flogged or beaten roughtly, like over the kidneys, and etc. I’d never bring it up, except that he mentions your stomach, and while the tummy can take a bit of action, it is also full of internal organs, and therefore shouldn’t get roughed up too much….

  4. Oh, dear… you’ve such a lot to learn, PixiePie!

    What that pic shows is a nice, simple caning of may 15 or so strokes, with a fairly thin cane. There’s some overlap on the right, and two sets of overlapped strokes on the left, but, really, there’s barely anything on yoru thighs, there’s a whole band on your lower but that’s untouched, and (here’s the key) there’s GAPS between the wheals.

    It’s not a trivial caning (and I’m pleased to see your better half, like me, appreciates the white shorts for such occasions), but you asked how much worse it could be.


    1. He could use a thicker, heavier can.
    2. He could wield the cane harder.
    3. He could apply more stroles.
    4. He could apply more overlapping strokes.
    5. He could apply the strokes across more of your thighs.
    6. He could apply the strokes faster, with less of a pause between each.

    Still, to reassure you that you’re not forging new ground, here’s a link or two for you: (for per-stroke severity) (for overall coverage / number of strokes) (for the thighs and general severity).

    So you can rest assured that your “M” will not be deprived and limited with regards to options. I know that was your primary concern… that he’d be able to go futher, right?


  5. (Geltsgirl is now officially scared, for some reason).

    And sorry about the typos: can=cane, strole=stroke, obviously. Although I’m sure we could come up with something to be called a “can”, if you’d like??

  6. I suppose it can always be worse. But as long as two people are in agreement on anything, hey, enjoy.

  7. pixiepie-
    after reading that email, i am thinking that M definitely has some intense plans for you. then, after reading what gelt guy said, well, the options seem to be very open.

    M will do what he wants with you…as that is His role….yours is to accept it unconditionally. do not overthink it….that will just drive you nutty.

    just be ready to submit and let yourself go.

  8. After reading everyones comments I have to make a comment of my own. How silly of me to even question his intentions……..I trust his ability to decide what I need, how much, the intensity…etc. I think that is what true submission is all about, not questioning. So I agree with you on that account gelts guy…..I have a lot to learn.

    I think you nailed it darkpixie when you said “M will do what he wants with you…as that is His role….yours is to accept it unconditionally….”
    Again, I feel as if this post made it appear as if I was questioning his ability to make those decisons and that was never it’s intent.
    Thank you everyone for your comments!

    Geltsguy…I looked at those pictures you suggested I see. Yikes! I prefer my lovely cane strokes……….

  9. Dear Pixiepie,

    My Master was just teasing you and having a little fun. He is very teasing like that, but if you don’t know him it may come across more seriously than is meant.

    Of course you need to learn more … we all do, always. And I’m sure M has much planned for your education … but as I have learned, it’s the educating that is so much fun for our Masters. So, even while devoting yourself eagerly to learning as you are doing, do not think that your state of innocence is not a good thing!

    My Master has never caned me like any of those photos, BTW, he found them on an Eastern European porn site. Those are very extreme examples of the spectrum.

    I do hope he canes me until I bleed more often, though. I really love when he draws blood with the cane, and he’s done it only a few times with me.

    Oh, and I just read your most recent writing assignment and loved it! 😀

  10. Thanks geltsgirl!!
    I have never been caned until I bled…goodness, how scary is that?
    I know I have a lot to learn and I agree this is the best part…learning and meeting his expectations. M, I think is inspired by those photos…he feels as if I have a high tolerance to the pain of the cane and he will press my limits next time. This is what he just wrote me…..”….. during the cane-breaks I’d use my hands to spank you a little, molest you against your will. I’d only stop if I thought I might cut you or have you pass out. Otherwise, count on an hour of caning……”
    Like you said, lots to learn! I knew your Master was just teasing me….don’t worry. tell him he is welcome to comment here anytime!

  11. Hey pixiepie! 🙂

    Actually, the three time he drew blood, I didn’t notice a drastic difference between the stroke that cut and the others — it just caught the skin the right way, or was perhaps a stroke over-laid over another. So it was a lovely surprise, later, to realize, “Oh, my bottom is bleeding! Wheee!”

    Oh, isn’t the molestation between the sets of 6 (or however many) just the best part? Or, well, one of them, at least. I love that feeling of helplessness, bent over and feeling wholey submissive from the extremes of pain just experienced, with his strong fingers forcing their way between my legs … ooooh! I love when we are doing role-play so I can murmur “No! Please stop! Please — no!” while his fingers explore my private places.

    Oh, goodness, I’m getting myself all worked up!

    I hope that M takes some pictures of your sweet bottom after the “hour of power” [evil grin] and lets you share them!

    And, I have a feeling that I’ll soon have some nice caning pictures to share, too…!

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