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He liked when I told him I was wearing short shorts and white panties today….of course he had to see for himself…..


I lack photography skills Sir.

Can’t figure out my timer so what you can’t see in this picture is the acrobatics that went into this shot! Hence the slight wedge….

You know what strikes me though as I check myself out…the lack of cane marks on my bottom…is it obvious I miss my M?

Ok…Sir. So here I am in my jean shorts….I know you most likely wanted the opposite view but taking a picture of your own butt can be a challenge…lol.


11 thoughts on “Task

  1. Taking a picture of your own ass is truely a challenge! I think you did a great job! And, um, let me state again that M is a very lucky man!

    I should see if I can dig out one I did for my Master early on — I remember I got a stitch in my side trying to get just the right shot…!

  2. Oh, very very much so! My ass is sadly unmarked — my Master has been away. But he comes home tonight — and it’s his birthday this weekend, which means I get his birthday spanks!

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