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The trouble with tasks.

I bought a new toy and couldn’t wait to play with it. I opened it and looked at it, weighed it in my hand, admired it, and couldn’t wait to show M. So much of these toys are all stillnew to me. It looked so innocuous in the packaging, so innocent in my hand. I desperately wanted to try it out.What am I talking about? My new butt plug of course, what else? My first ‘real’ one btw…..the one I had before got me in a little trouble because I was told to get one and got the wrong thing. How was I supposed to know the difference between a plug and a probe? Anyway…it served it’s purpose but a probe is not designed to stay in by itself where a plug has this indentation that allows it to stay put. Am I the only one who didn’t know this? ***sigh***

So anyway, now I have a new one. The pack specifically said “Perfect for Beginners”, I still consider myself a beginner at least in back yard play. I should have learned my lesson as far as reading packages when I shop for toys . Remember when M made me buy wax…the package described the sensation as warm and erotic. LIARS! Try jumping off the bed (or at least wanting to, kinda hard when you are chained) moaning and frantically trying to get away agony. This was soooo hard for me. Every drip, every drop of the melting wax felt as if it was melting my skin. Of course it wasn’t, it barely left a mark yet it is the kind of pain that at least for me that is impossible to get on top of. It didn’t help either that M was allowing the drops to fall all over my freshly caned bottom. You would have thought he liked hurting me…lol.

But back to the plug….I really couldn’t wait to try it out so the other day when M told me he had a task for me I instantly thought he may allow me to play with my new plug. He told me to run a warm bath and relax myself as best I could. After I am in that languid warm mode that only a warm bath can achieve he told me to get on my hands and knees in the water and insert my new plug. Then I could masturbate with it inside me. I was in heaven with anticipation.

I did just what he said…ran my bath, added bubbles and just relaxed myself. I ran my hands all over my slippery body until I gathered the courage to turn over and use the plug. This is where things started to go very wrong. First of all I got in the tub thinking I wouldn’t need lubricant because after all I was in the tub….gallons of water, right? Water wasn’t cutting it, I couldn’t get it in so I hopped out of the tub feeling quite challenged by now. This just had to work, I had waited all morning! Got my lube and crawled back in to tub ignoring my trail of bubble through my house. I also ignored the irony of the words on my bottle…WATER BASED. See, water-lube..makes sense, anyway. So I lubed up the plug and again tried to insert it. I couldn’t do it, I pressed it in a little further and it still wasn’t going any further. It sat on the edge of the tub and just looked at me for about two minutes. What was my problem? I was not giving up…! It was me against the plug. I added more warm water to my bath and gathered my will and my courage. This four inch piece of silicone had met it’s match.

I got out of the tub and stood against the wall…bending over I was able to insert the plug slowly…carefully and not without a lot of discomfort. Gingerly I got back in the tub and laid back. Nananananana…I did it, I showed it.

The feeling of accomplishment was short lived. I had to keep taking deep breathes to handle the pain of it being inside me, it felt large and unyielding. I waited for the full feeling to turn pleasurable. It didn’t. I tried to concentrate on M, I was doing this because he told me to, it didn’t have to feel good. I knew this was something he wanted me to get used to, the feeling of being taken this way, having him inside me like this. As these thoughts started multiplying in my head the pain settled and I felt my body stretch to accommodate the plug. I did a really good job of arousing myself as I imagined M and the thought that he would have showed NO patience with inserting the plug. I imagine the plug would have cooperated with him. So I lay there and touched my clit, slow circles like I love it and then harder and a bit faster all the while very much aware of the plug in my bottom. Nothing was happening. I couldn’t orgasm with the plug inside me! Maybe it was some butt plug curse…did I not show it the proper respect. Revenge perhaps?

I had a dilemma. M’s instructions to me said two things very specifically. Use the plug and that yes..I was allowed to orgasm. What’s a pet to do? Take out the plug and orgasm? Leave the plug in and keep trying? Take the plug out and not orgasm? I was so frustrated, my need for release was so strong and I knew it was purely a psychological hold up that I was unable to orgasm. I got out of the tub and removed the plug. It was as hard to remove as it was to put in….I am thinking that once again this was a case of false advertising. The pain of taking it out frustrated me even more as it made my need to orgasm even worse.

Hiding the wretched plug under my towel, who knew what it was capable of and at this point I had decided I never wanted to see it again. I once again climbed back into the tub and had the most delicious orgasm ever! I felt like I deserved it after the last half hour of butt plug hell.

Not too sure though if I officially did something wrong or not? What do you think?


5 thoughts on “The trouble with tasks.

  1. Hmmm… seems like it only matters what I think. Anyone agree with me that my pet needs to be punished soundly?

    And before I get the protests of “not fair, she tried” I didn’t say I’d punish her for trying. Or for failing in her task. I just said punish. For fun. For no reason at all. Anyone in favor of that? 😉

  2. It actually is a whimsical dilemma. Yes, you tried and yes, he can punish you. Remember….he really didn’t say that it would be for this experience. Does your M get enjoyment out of punishment for its own sake? And how does that make you feel?

    Now…having said all that, this is how you solve it, PixiePie: you hike your ass in the air. You THEN put the lubricant on and insert it. And you keep your ass in the air while you are masturbating. The lubricant cannot go in the water; it’ll dissolve.

    The vision just hit me, too. M is a lucky, lucky man to have a sprite like you….:)

  3. how does that make me feel Ron…
    lucky, owned, loved….oh and hot too!

    Thanks for the advice….they should really include directions with these things….lol!

  4. Hey Pixiepie!

    Oh, I’m sorry your experience with Mr. Butt Plug was so unpleasent!

    As M says, he’s going to punish you, so it doesn’t matter what I think! (I of course, if asked my opinion, would say you made a good try, but would need the punishment to assuage any guilt you may retain over a supposed “failure” [huge grin] )

    I think you are missing a very important point about anal play — it’s all about lube. I know the idea of rough and painful penetration is hot — and when M plays with you you may very well get all you can handle of it. But, in general, the best way to go about anal penetration is by lubing up your little anus, and then lubing the toy as well, and then, if you get stuck halfway, re-lubing the little bugger (repeated as needed until it just slides on in.)

    Also, the way to turn the pain of anal penetration into pleasure is to rub your clit as much as you can. Rub your clit beforehand to get ready. Rub your clit while you slide it in. Then keep rubbing until you come hard with your sweet bottom clenching the lucky little plug.

    Also — frustration and anal penetration don’t mix well (which is probably why M had you in the bath in the first place!) If you get frustrated next time — I suggest stopping and getting yourself all aroused and ready to try again before sticking Mr. Pluggy where the sun don’t shine.

    I agree with Ronjazz about getting the toy in — but I think you can safely get back in the water after it’s in there. The water in the tub is unlikely to get up into your plugged ass and disolve the lube that is in there with the plug, and if you need more lube to get it out, then just get your fingers lubed up and rub them around the base of the toy. It’s important that you be able to get into a position where you can come. (Of course, there is nothing wrong with the ass-in-the-air one — I often enjoy that postition when masturbating!)

    Here are some resources:

    Also — you can always email me with any questions. You know I don’t mind and you cannot possibly offend me! 😀

  5. pixiepie….they are so right about the lube. i hope you finally get it to work for you. i hate to think you don’t like your new little toy anymore.

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