M. · spanking

A memory

“I don’t think I can do this anymore Sir”

“You can, I know you can and you will do it. Now, open your legs.”

“But Sir-”


The last word was jagged and cold. He stood above her as she lay across the bed turned partially onto her side. He held the belt loosely in his hand. She was debating his next move as well as her own. She fought every urge in her body to not cup herself with her hands… to feel the heat between her legs… to offer some protection to that most vulnerable place. She knew he would finish what he started one way or the other. It had just hurt so badly every time he brought the strap down between her legs. With every decent she begged silently for it to be the last and it never was…they were quick snapping blows that left her without air… without the voice to beg him to stop.

Rolling onto her back she opened her legs for him. She clutched at the blanket beneath her and waited for the belt to fall. It didn’t.

Warily she watched him as he lay the belt to the side. She felt the bed give way slightly as he placed his knee between hers. His hands rested on her knees and he looked down at her and didn’t speak. His eyes were hot and knowing and she loved the feel of his hands on her skin. They felt cool and strong and she wanted to feel them slide down her thighs and into her body. He pressed her legs open so her knees were wide apart. He stood for a moment and looked at her, hands on her knees holding her legs open. Her instinct was to close them. She hated that he loved to look at her there. She closed her eyes but opened them wide when finally he touched her. Her back arched off the bed into his hand at his touch. He knowingly caressed her. He knew her body, how to touch her, how to make her cry out in pleasure and how to make her feel real pain. Her flesh was hot from the belt and so wet, so wonderfully ready for him.  He had hurt her and yet she was still wild beneath his hands. As he played with her he continued to watch her. Her skin was flushed…misted with a sweet dampness that should have cooled her. Her eyes were dark and wide, her lips damp and slightly open. His fingers knew her so well…. She almost sobbed with frustration when he stopped touching her..instead bringing his fingers to her lips. She opened her mouth drawing first one and then the second inside drinking herself off of his hand.

When he stood back up off the bed he was once again holding the belt, with a hand on her knee he cruelly brought the belt down between her legs once again.

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