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Anna and Richard Pt. 1

Things don’t always work out the way you have planned. You can enter into an evening with perfectly honest non-naughty intentions and all at once things can change very quickly. Such was the case when I met Ms. Anna and her handsome Dom Richard for dinner. As unpredictable as the night turned out to be Richard was just how I had imagined. He was very nice and incredibly handsome in that younger Sean Conery sort of way. He was charming, witty and had an amazing smile. I could also tell that he cares very deeply for Ms. Anna. He was attentive and kind with her. They acted like a couple that were very close and comfortable with each other. They teased each other and it was obvious they share something pretty special. Ms. Anna got to the restaurant before Richard arrived and it gave us a few minutes to talk. I tried very hard to pretend I wasn’t nervous about meeting him but she read me easily. She has a way of putting me at ease and I wonder if it is just her sweet nurturing nature that I respond to.

Anyway, enough of the boring part. Dinner was delicious and once I settled my nerves and got used to Richard’s presence I started to enjoy myself. After all it was just dinner.

At least it was supposed to be just dinner. The conversation flowed easily and Richard asked me many questions about my experiences and we talked some about theirs. I received an invitation as we were finishing up to accompany the couple back to Ms.Anna’s hotel room to watch the two of them do a session together.

I said ‘Yes’ with not as much hesitancy as I should have. M had already given his permission for them to ask me. Richard excused himself for a moment and Ms. Anna informed me that she and Richard had decided that I could listen to their session but I would not be allowed to watch. They felt it was not a good idea for me to see my Domme in a submissive role. I assured her that I had no doubt of her ability to dominate me. She had proven that days before. She could tell I really, really wanted to watch so she gave me permission to ask Richard permission to watch them. He seemed amused at my eagerness and quickly gave his permission. I think Ms. Anna was as pleased as I was that he changed his mind.

She was staying at a hotel right across the street from where we had dinner. I could feel Ms. Anna’s excitement as we left the restaurant. I felt a twinge of jealousy because I know that feeling so well, it made me miss M. But I knew he was thinking about me tonight and that provided some comfort.

Ms. Anna wanted to shower when we got into the room and she excused herself leaving me alone with Richard. He asked if I wanted to see his bag of toys and of course I did. I hopped up on the bed and sat on my knees eager to see what he and Ms. Anna had. What a collection! Clamps, and whips, and paddles galore. And the canes, so many varied types. One in particular Richard held up and said he hoped to use on me one day soon. Gulp.

They had ropes and chains and this little silver sharp pinwheel thing that I don’t remember what it was called but it was scary looking. Richard asked me to hold out my arm and when I did he ran it along the inside of my wrist up to the bend of my elbow. It was one of those shivery moments where time tends to slow down because of the sensation. It was erotic as anything and I am thinking M and I need one. He and Ms. Anna also do some knife play. He tried to explain that it is more the threat of the knife than it’s actual usage. I believe him because seeing him stand there holding it did strange things to my stomach. He again told me to hold out my arm and being the obedient little sub I am I did. He ran the bladeless side of the knife down my arm and up again. Wow…there is not another word, just wow. It was just intense. He has this dangerous appeal that Ms. Anna had talked about. She said that the minute he enters the room one can see he is in charge. I felt that right away and again it reminded me of M because he puts off the same vibe.

On some levels I was more relaxed but on others I was tense as could be. I knew Ms. Anna would be out any second and I wasn’t sure what he was going to do to her. Once she emerged from the bathroom he told her that he wanted to flog her. He said he wanted to tie her down to do it. He connected chains to all four legs of the bed and Ms. Anna was told to get on the bed face down. She obeyed him and once she was there he connected her to the chains. And this reminds me of something I almost left out. As we were going through the toy bag Richard handed me a heavy pair of black leather wrist restraints to show me how heavy they were. Ms. Anna and I talked briefly about how erotic it feels just to have them on. Richard asked me if I wanted to wear them. I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure of my limits were as far as M went. I knew that Richard had no rights to me but I had specific and stern orders to obey Ms. Anna. She told me to allow Richard to put them on me. He did and then he clasped them together in front of me for a moment before deciding it was more appropriate to connect them behind my back. So he moved them. He left me like that while he secured Ms. Anna to the other bed. It was then he realized that the clamp that held my wrists together was the one he needed to finish restraining Ms. Anna. He took it off me and just left me in the restraints.

Once she was all secure he started. It was slow and sensual and I imagined I could smell the doeskin from across the room with every blow. I was hot from the first moment the toy bag opened so this was adding to my excitement. I am a visual person and my arousal stems directly from my senses. The smell, the sounds, what I was seeing, what I was feeling was all incredibly, amazingly erotic. The gentle caresses of the flogger got progressively snappier and harder. I started to see a reaction from Ms. Anna as she tensed and cried out with some of the blows. I thought she was very brave especially when he switched from the doeskin flogger to a heavier one. He was so attentive to her needs, to her cues. I was impressed by their level of devotion to each other. He asked her on more than one occasion if she was OK and he told her to stay with him as the blows got harder and harder. He stopped and I thought he was going to use something else but instead he walked over to where I was. He had the doeskin flogger again and ran it across my arms. I sat with my knees under my chin and held my breath. He ran it along the outside of my leg across my arm and across my face. He asked me if I liked how it smelled. I did. He told me to touch it and see how soft it was. I did that too. It was a sensual experience and I could hear Ms.Anna breathing in the other bed. He sat down beside me and asked if I was OK. I was. I told him that I thought Ms. Anna had been very brave. They were both worried that her reaction has started to scare me and he told me not to be frightened that if Ms. Anna cried it was a release for her. Ms. Anna told him that she didn’t want me to be frightened if she lost it so they stopped flogging. He let her up and we all sat on one of the beds and talked for a few minutes. Ms. Anna told me that she wanted to use the flogger on me. She asked Richard permission- remember he is her Dom and she was asking him permission to do that act not for his permission to flog me. He has no rights to me, yet. He gave his consent. She told me to stand up and then she told me to undress. I froze, once again unsure of what M would say. He had told me to obey Ms. Anna but he had also said that I didn’t have to do anything that I felt he would think was wrong if it made me uncomfortable. She got a little more stern and told me to undress. I decided to do it and see what would happen. After all I knew flogging wasn’t an implement that was made for the bottom only, I was especially curious to see what it felt like across my back. It was decided that I would not need to be restrained and they had me lay across the bed.

I have to finish this tomorrow because it is super late and I can’t keep my eyes open… gets so much better. Good night!

8 thoughts on “Anna and Richard Pt. 1

  1. Wow.
    The fact that you are witnessing the person acting as your dominant by proxy be made submissive i think is a NECESSITY. It puts you in an even more submissive place when you stack the hierarchy up. That must feel incredible!

  2. It really is a unique situation Deity. M is a wise man to allow me the opportunity to explore this way. It reinforces my submission as you said to his proxy (Ms. Anna) and therefor it can only enhance my submission to M.
    It really was quite a night.

  3. Interesting turn of events. I can’t wait to read part II. Your little tale pixie is missing something. I have to wonder where dear M is (aka, the man of steel) when all this is going on. He set this up for you, right? I can only wonder if this will go down as one of those ‘be careful what you ask for’ scenarios. Again, interesting turn of events. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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