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Ms. Anna and Richard pt II

OK, I’m back. I need to finish writing this while the feeling is still here. I had to drag myself out of bed this morning because I was up so late last night reflecting and replaying my night in my head. As I said before last night was totally unexpected. When I stopped writing yesterday I was just getting ready to be flogged for the first time by Ms. Anna. She had ordered me out of clothing and I stood there naked, terrified of what was going to happen. I had a difficult time being naked with Richard, less so with Ms. Anna. We had talked at dinner about how modest I was and he had seemed to get a kick out of making me blush. Except now I wasn’t just blushing I was naked in front of them both getting ready to lay across the bed on my tummy. They were both full of complimetns telling me how beautiful and lovely I was. Just go with it was the advice I was whispering in my own ear. I felt safe and as strange as it sounds I already trusted Richard. I do not trust, especially men so that was unusual for me. I contribute that mostly to what I know about Ms. Anna and the fact she has been in such a long term relationship with him. Plus, his smile was soft and gentle when I glanced at him and that gave me the courage to go on. And Mark liked him, Mark had set this up and I know he has my best interest at heart so in my mind I was thinking of him and the fact he told me to obey Ms. Anna just as I would obey him. It felt daring and liberating to know I was making this choice. I wanted this badly and I was eager to have the experience.
Richard sat close to my head at the end of the bed and stroked my hair and back while Ms. Anna told me what she was going to do. I was already incredibly turned on so when the first smooth caress of the flogger brushed across my back I felt my body arch against it. The movements of my body were out of my control as I felt the heat from the flogger spread over my back and my bottom. It was an amazing feeling. The alternating caress with a sharper, stingy blow is something that I do not have the words to describe. It was one of those rare moments where you know that you could cry from the pure pleasure flooding your body. I felt stroked in a million places like a thousand knowing fingers were touching me all at once. The sensation was coupled with fear of the unknown, fear of the man with his hand in my hair and the uncertainty of where this was all going to go. Ms. Anna was very good with the flogger, the sound was all around me and it was such a different sound than a belt or a cane. It is a swooshy sound that lingers with you long after it makes impact. I learned that a flogger can almost bring a girl to orgasm, but more on that later. 🙂
They both touched me afterwards, stroking me and telling me what a good girl I was, that I had been so brave. Richard told me the flogging was as hard as what Ms. Anna had submitted to. It was a lovely experience and it left me feeling warm all over, and very cared for to have these two wonderful people be so nurturing and loving with me after such an intense experience.
I was a little trembly so Richard wrapped me up in a thick white blanket and I lounged between them in the bed. I felt played with, like I was toy they were both enjoying. The night could have ended here and I would have left happy but it wasn’t over. There is more to tell, so much more but nothing I can share right now. I learned a little about clothes pins and the stingy end of a whip. Lots to share but a pixie can’t share all her secrets at once, can she?

8 thoughts on “Ms. Anna and Richard pt II

  1. “Lots to share but a pixie can’t share all her secrets at once, can she?”

    Not at all! Keep us coming back for more!

    I love being flogged! I don’t really count it as either punishment or discipline — it’s just plain fun! And being flogged on the pussy … wheeeee!

  2. Now THIS, my dear….this is what I envision. For any of you who might know me or read this…this is how the D/s dynamic should be, in my own small opinion. Read here how the sensual attitude absolutely demands attention. And look how you, little PixiePie, just melt into it. No matter what happens with you from here on, at least now you might understand a little bit of what I’ve always shared. You don’t need so much “power” to be a good dom. And you are not at all “weak” as the sub. And look what happens…damn, I got a woody just thinking about it!….:)

  3. Usually the Dom provides nurture after the pain – either after the scene is over, or by pausing the scene to comfort the sub. For me, the experience of providing nurture DURING the pain, at the very moment of the pain, was a new and wonderful thing. The air was electric, PixiePie, … the air was electric.

  4. As someone who was present in the room that evening, I’d like to step forward to say that PixiePie was so beautifully curious with childlike wonder…what an incredible opportunity for her and for us (me and Richard).

    To think that she might never have had this chance had she not had the courage to act in her own best interest…well that just would have been a terrible shame and loss.

    The notion that subs must be controlled within an inch of their lives and not allowed to even stick their toe in the water when faced with a beautiful glistening lake of opportunity is almost akin to slavery as opposed to a loving D/s relationship. It assumes they have no mind of their own at all and cannot be trusted to use good judgment. And anyone who assumes a submissive does have a perfectly good highly functioning mind…is missing the whole point.

    Good for you, little girl! May you always approach everything in your life with the same wonder and joy!

    It was truly a beautiful thing.

  5. I think pixie should share all her secrets like a good girl.
    Liking the comments from Ms. Anna and Richard by the way. Still, no word from M regarding these two posts? Have we found his kryptonite or is he out leaping buildings or saving small children from fires?

  6. Dr. Dom and other friends of PixiePie, please be patient. I am sure in time, Ms PixiePie will tell all, as soon as we all figure out what “all” is. Sometimes even 2 Doms and a submissive acting as Domme cannot force the story to its logical conclusion. Perhaps too many cooks? Or perhaps the story cannot be hurried, but must move at its own pace. It is, after all, the story of “love, loss and spanking.” Please be patient with our PixiePie. Not all stories are easy to live, or easy to tell, but they are worth hearing.

  7. pixiepie- i am so happy that you had this experience….and that there is more to come. i look forward to you sharing when you are ready.

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