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“Have you ever been hogtied?” he asked me.
“No” I said instantly perking up.
“Do you know what it is?”
Did I? Of course I knew what it was, didn’t all little girls dream of that one time or the other? No, actually I did know what it was and had always been curious about what it would be like. I had minimal experience with restraints. Even bondage in general was something that had not been explored with too much depth.
He told me to climb up on the bed and lay on my tummy. I was already naked and close to being quite overcome with how relaxed I was already beginning to feel with being nude in front of him. Still, my stomach clenched because this was something new and wouldn’t being tied down like that render me quite helpless? Flashes of what he could possibly be planning on doing to me once I was tied up made me nervous. Yet I did what he asked me to do knowing that he wouldn’t do anything not already discussed.
He had given me a bag to keep my toys in. We went shopping together (we even went to Home Depot…yeah I know but I’ll elaborate on why this store is truly designed for submissive women, not carpenters and construction workers in a later post) and he purchased me some very interesting items. Anyway, he retrieved my bag and removed the cuffs he had given me for my wrists and ankles. They were soft and black but he complained they didn’t quite fit me the way they should. Still, they felt nice and heavy and there was no way I could get out of them. They served their purpose though I have a feeling new cuffs are in my future. I held out my wrists for him to buckle them and then he walked to the foot of the bed and began to place one on each ankle. Apparently part of this apparatus is a small almost cross- like piece that all four cuffs buckle into. He didn’t use that because it would have allowed me too much slack. He wasn’t quite happy with the effect even without using the extra piece. I think he would have rather have them be tight enough to make me strain a bit more. I was very comfortable in that position and it felt almost relaxing to have that pressure on my muscles. Plus, I am extremely flexible and can contort my body into quite a few interesting positions. 🙂 Again, another post.
I liked being all trussed up like that. I liked the  combined feeling of helplessness and vulnerability, the heavy feeling of the restraints pressing into your wrists and ankles. I felt very safe, very firmly rooted. I think this exploration may turn quite addicting.

5 thoughts on “Hog-tied

  1. I was sooooo disappointed not to see the line “you’re going to hook my hands to my feet?” Yes, PixiePie knows what it means to hog-tied….. kinda sorta knows…. well now she does anyway.

  2. i’m leaving trails of drool behind me after i’ve read this… i have one of those fancy hog tie restraints but it hasn’t had any usage yet. Maybe someday… you make it sound hot!

  3. OK pixiepie don’t insult us by trying to make us think it stopped here.

    and next he did………..please tell.

    and is ‘he’ M or is it Richard?

    is pixie’s plot thickening…?

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