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Anna’s Amusements: Life can change on a dime!

What a whirlwind, exciting, eventful, crazy 10 days we’ve had! All thanks to Pixie and Richard. Pixie has changed my life in ways I can’t describe – just as Richard did many years before her – and continues to do. I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of beautiful, incredibly erotic moments….but the experiences of the past week and a half has truly brought Pixie close to my heart (and other places!) on numerous levels. She is such a dear sweet woman…cute as a button, sweet as pie, sexy as few I’ve ever seen. A true submissive heart. Strong and loyal. Loving and fun. And Yes- Richard is smitten. He will fall in love with her if he isn’t already.

As way of formal introduction, I am, of course, Ms. Anna. Pixie’s biggest fan. Richard’s strong and loyal supporter and long time submissive. Newest domme-in-training on the block. My time with Pixie has already taken me places I never thought I’d go – places where my own emotions and insights have astounded me. I’ve always said I identified as a sexual submissive. But now…well, now I’m having a grand time exploring the other side of the whip under Richard’s tutelage. (Kisses, dear Richard!)

I can’t wait to see what is next! With Pixie’s permission (it IS her blog and “no” is a perfectly acceptable answer!), I may pop in from time to time to document my own emotions and observations in our journey. Till that time, I’d like to personally thank Pixie’s loyal readers and friends on this blog. As you’ve read, she’s also had a topsy- turvy week and a half…and she has come through it with flying colors. She shines! She glows! She has the CUTEST ass I’ve ever seen…especially when it’s been freshly whipped….gosh, what a sight! Yum!

Smooches to all!

5 thoughts on “Anna’s Amusements: Life can change on a dime!

  1. geltsgirl…I’m sure you will. It should be a very interesting story of two subs…or is that one sub? I can’t keep it straight! Ok, I’m a sub AND a domme. That’s it! I think that’s called a switch (something I NEVER thought I’d do!). Funny where life takes us….

  2. i am so happy to meet both Richard and Ms. Anna….and i wish the best for all of you on your new adventure together. pixiepie is very dear to my heart….and i tend to live a little through her experiences….i cannot wait for more. thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

  3. Ms. Anna,

    Being a switch is like being bi — the best of both worlds! I’m entirely sub with my Master, but he gives me permission to Top a couple girls, and I’m so glad I don’t have to miss out on that! (And I think it amuses him to no end.) And, really, who can’t enjoy a cute girl bent over your lap while you spank/paddle/etc. her bottom?

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