caning · D/s · Richard

Just a word.

“What are you?”
I shook my head as much as I could with his hand pressing into my throat.
“I can’t…please.”
“Say it. What are you?”
I couldn’t open my mouth to tell him what he wanted to hear. Even though he had just given me the words. Even though he had just told me exactly what I was. Even though every part of me knew it to be true. I couldn’t say it.

Hadn’t he just smacked me again and again between my legs as I begged for more.
Until I came holding his hand against me not knowing if I was pressing him deeper into me or pushing him away.
Didn’t I hope with everything I had that he would want to cane me again. I knew what I was. I couldn’t say it.

He was kneeling over me, his knees pressing mine apart. His hand insistent and rough, his other hand still around my throat. I shamelessly pressed against his hand, my body begging him for release.
“Say it.” His voice was still soft but his eyes were harder as I failed to give him what he demanded.
He stopped stroking me but left his hand frustrating close. I could feel the heat of his hand but the ache of his missing touch made me cry out.
“Say it and I’ll let you cum.”
“Please…” I whispered. “Don’t make me.” But I already knew I would, and so did he.
I couldn’t look at him. I closed my eyes.
“I…” I paused, I almost stopped. “…I am a painslut.”

17 thoughts on “Just a word.

  1. Pixie Darling…I think we should involve your readers in your adventures on a different level than armchair Doms and subs.

    Readers: Pixie and I are having dinner tonight. Sir Richard is traveling so unfortunately he is unable to join us. She will first come to my office for a lecture and a spanking. Then, we will have dinner at a nearby restaurant. We may also do some shopping for an item Sir Richard is particularly interest in. (More on that later!)

    Although Sir Richard and I can come up with plenty of evil and ingenious ideas for our sweet Pixie tonight, I thought we should open the floor to you. So…here’s your opportunity to have an interactive role in Pixie’s development and training.

    Ideas. Post your ideas here for ways I might discretely remind our sweet Pixie girl of who and what she is. Be creative. Remember, we’ll largely be out in public, so nothing overt and inappropriate. But I’m sure you’ll come up with some delicious ideas, nonetheless. 🙂

    Pixie will post on the evening when she gets home tonight.


    Ms. Anna

  2. such a very big word though…it seems the toughest moments are when we have to come to terms with who and what we are…how are Owners somehow know better than we do, I’ve still not figured out. Enjoy your evening with Ms. Anna!

  3. I’m afraid, dear PixiePie, that we knew it all along, even if you wouldn’t admit it!

  4. Painslut, huh?
    Well, if the menu is asian there is always use of chopsticks, sriracha or wasabe (even just in the mouth). Not letting her order for herself or waiting to ask permission to eat is always nice.
    If you go southwestern you could make her keep hot peppers in her mouth. Or other places.
    You could have her walk with a sharp rock in her shoe or perhaps make her sit on a tack.
    Of course for later, kneeling on uncooked rice is simply evil.
    If she uses a particular word you dislike such as “the” or “and’ she could be punished by pinching the skin of her thigh between your nails…..
    Have a great night.

  5. dear pixiepie- i also have trouble hearing and saying certain words…but now that you had said it….admitted it….do you feel any freer in your submission? you have stripped away another layer and offered yourself even deeper to Richard and Ms. Anna.

  6. “Please…don’t make me.”
    Was her voice as sweet as she makes it sounds?

    And pixie he will always make you. Always. Am I wrong Sir Richard?

    Did you cum? Of course you did sweet pixie. Once? Twice? You left out the best part.

    Are you actually having sex with her Sir or just playing with her? Just asking, no disrespect but as people have been known to say, “inquiring minds want to know.”

  7. Touche’ my friend.
    pixie, can I get an answer from you? Can I get anything from you? Pictures? A date? (sorry Sir Richard)

  8. wow Goose..thankful you aren’t my Dom. Sit on a tack?

    butterfy- don’t fret over your grammer. Have you read my blog? It is full of ‘whoops’…you are right though, such a big word.

    Yes Mina…until next time, I think.

    Roper…you know me too well!

    DP…maybe I am…it certainly allows for a sense of freedom at the moment- but most acts of submission do. I am finding this entire experience freeing.

  9. Dr. Dom….you amuse me! I’ll post pictures, I promise. I already know what Richard would like to photograph and I am sure that is in my near future. Do you have patience Dr?

    A date? I don’t date, sorry.

    An answer? I refuse to reveal anything via my comment section, you will just have to stay tuned. Plus, a lady (and painsluts almost always fit into this description 🙂 ) never tells.

  10. Well, let’s see…..

    1. Someone could go under the table….
    2. Remotes from toys already prepared….
    3. Make her be a bit brazen and make contact with someone in the restaurant. According to what she’s told, of course….
    4. Public masturbation. Right at the table. See what unfolds…
    5. Create a scenario of the three of you, with the Pixie in the middle of desire. And embarrassment….

    Shall I go on? My imagination is quite active….And Pixiepie is quite giving….

  11. I second Ron’s 4th suggestion. Easy to perform, and fun for both. No 3 is scary, especially if she’s the shy type… But yet, it’s too late for suggestions now, so we’ll just have to wait for the story…:-)

  12. Hi everyone. Just wanted to stop in and say I have been out of town the past few days. I am having dinner with richard after an afternoon of debauchery!!! I have to tell you that he made me wear an ankle restraint to a restaurant. Isn’t that hot!!! Anyway, I’ll write a post later tonight- just wanted everyone to know I was ok!!

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