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Catch up.

I want so much to be able to put as much in my blog as I did before. I certainly have enough material! Life gets in the way……real life…and plus I see Richard a lot. So much in fact I am waaaaaaay behind in my writing. This blog is important to me for so many reasons. It is a place where I can rest my secrets and it is a place where I can get feedback and suggestions from like-minded people.

I have a problem..and while I have to say it is a good problem to have it is a problem none the less. My experiences have come so fast over the past few weeks I am not at all sure what to write about first.
Should it be from yesterday when he had me laying on my stomach with a rope around my neck….or
Maybe you would rather I write about the new very savage cane Richard gave me yesterday. And that he showed me no mercy when he used it.
Perhaps I should write about what it took for me to finally beg him to stop.

So many choices.

I owe you a post though. I said I would write about what happened with Ms. Anna and I when we met for dinner.
To start with I was on time which is rare for me. 🙂 We sat and talked for a few minutes and decided that there would be no spanking for me that night from Ms. Anna. I was tired and grumpy, it was terribly hot and I had girl cramps everywhere. So we did the second best thing…we went shopping. First we had really, really good Japanese food and wonderful conversation. I feel blessed to have this wonderful person in my life who has so willingly found room for me in her crazy busy life. Though I am not sure how either of us found room we just had to have frozen custard afterwards. It was really nice to just hang out and catch up with her.

 Then we went shopping. (of course) Spanking …shopping…how does a girl decide?

Richard had asked Ms. Anna to find me a choker. He had the perfect idea of what he wanted to see me in. Ms. Anna and I though… weren’t quite sure. We ended up in several different stores at the mall with me trying on different chokers and her snapping pictures of them to send to Richard. He is hard to please and it turned out he didn’t approve of any of the ones Ms. Anna liked. He didn’t even like my most favorite one..:(.
So it was a surprise that yesterday he gave me one that was very close to the one I had fallen in love with while out with Ms. Anna. It fits like a collar and has a black band and then two silver intertwining pieced in the front. Very nice…and my favorite part is that it has a small silver chain that dangles down the back of my neck. I have insanely sensitive skin there and every-time I turn my head I get a shiver.
Anyway…my evening with Ms. Anna was exactly what I needed.
Am I seeing a pattern here?

10 thoughts on “Catch up.

  1. I am sure I am not alone in wishing for a picture of the choker around your neck. I am sure it looks very pretty.

  2. And I am sure I am not alone in wishing for a picture of a rope around your neck. I am sure it looks very pretty.

    I am picture hungry. What’s it going to take?

  3. I am quite happy that you have found a place of intense enjoyment, my dear. Now I offer one small concern….please don’t lose yourself too much in the bliss. The very reasons that people are attracted to you have a little to do with your way of offering yourself fully to all at hand. Make sure you hold onto what part of YOU that you enjoy. Richard and Anna seem like good folks….they’ll get it…..Does that make sense?

  4. That’s wonderful! I know exactly what you mean by having all these wonderful turn of events happening so quickly you can’t keep up. lover gives me so many things to write about.. i just can’t keep up!

  5. No Ron…for once what you said makes little sense to me. 🙂 Let me explain. First of all I know the spirit in which you voiced your concerns…I appreciate that but let me assure you this is more about me than it ever has been. There is no risk of losing myself in the bliss when I have found myself in it. This is what you don’t understand and I want so badly those who don’t understand to ‘get it’. Offering myself fully is who I am…it is the part of who I am that makes me submissive. It is the part of myself that I find amidst all the bliss. It is not at all about holding on to what I enjoy…I am doing exaclty what I want, what I enjoy, what I crave and need. Because being truly submissive by nature makes that (the giving of myself part) the most appealing aspect of the experience. And when it is taken by someone deserving, nurturing and loving the experience can only be described as the sweetest gift. I have been fortunate enough to have had only positive experiences with both of the men in my life that have provided me these experiences. It has only ever been about meeting a need within myself. In meeting that need I give so much of who I am because the very definition of being submissive is that I offer my submission willingly. That is why I describe it as a gift. Sometimes to be lovingly unwrapped piece by piece and other times randomly torn open and left in ragged pieces. But it is always, always given away.
    The giving of myself and my submission and being taken…being given the pain….taking the pain. It is all within the realms of how I have to offer myself….it’s not about losing parts of myself. I hope some of that made sense…;)

  6. I’ve been trying all afternoon to formulate a response to Ron, and now all I have to do is say “yeah, what she said.”
    Pixie, everything we have asked of you that you met with nervousness, or trepidation, or even fear, you have come away from it saying “That was amazing! Can we do it again?”
    So please don’t be concerned that we are changing our pixie – the only change is the growth that comes from new experiences.

  7. Oh, DrDom, we have picture-taking planned for tomorrow. Assuming all goes as planned, Pixie will get them into her computer and up by the end of the week, won’t you pixie pie?

  8. pixie- i am happy that you have found yourself in your new relationships….i know how your submission is a big part of who you are….and i am happy to see that you have people to share this with….to nurture you and help you grow….i look forward to hearing more of your adventures….being a little envious!!! xoxo

  9. Good enough, folks. It really doesn’t matter what I think at all. My only concern in our growing friendship is for your fun and your wellbeing. I think I am learning that there are aspect to all this that I deeply appreciate and utilize. There are others that I have yet to understand. This is all a road to follow, and I just am trying to find my own way in it all….

  10. The first thought I had was ‘picture, picture’! The choker sounds delightful, Pixiepie… can’t wait to see it (thanks to Richard for giving his permission)…

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