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Things that have made me smile~ From Richard

Our pixie pie does love to shop.  You can see it in her blog.  She talks of shopping with Ms. Anna.  But remember back to her early blog entries about her time with me.  “We even went to Home Depot…yeah I know but I’ll elaborate on why this store is truly designed for submissive women, not carpenters and construction workers in a later post.”  At this stage, pixie could not imagine what we would be shopping for in Home Depot.  Now she has a bag full of ropes, clips, clamps, and canes (I mean, plant stakes).  So I have been working on her imagination.  Today she called me
from a craft store to talk about a completely unrelated topic, when suddenly she gasped “look at these.”  “These” turned out to be slender birch rods, all whippy, and she told me that just holding them made her all wet.   So, being the kind Dom I am, I told her to buy one for me.  But before she could do that she discovered a bundle of other rods – decisions, decisions.  And then “look at those rulers!”  So pixie has discovered that there are all kinds of hidden kinky things in the world – you just have to look for them.  That made me smile.

On Sunday, as pixie has blogged, I had her laying face down and began wrapping a rope loosely about her throat.  One end was already tied to the foot of the bed, and as I leaned over her to attach the other end to the opposite side, she raised up her head and said “you know I trust you, don’t you?”    Now, you have to think about that for a minute – the absurdity of it.  It came out so serious and almost like a warning.  It sounded like what you would expect if she had said “now you know you have to be careful” or “you know you could choke me if you’re not careful.”
But in that small, serious voice – you know I trust you, don’t you?  Well, yes I do know.  How else would I have the opportunity to wrap a rope around your neck?   So I resisted the urge to laugh, and said softly, yes I know you trust me.  That made me smile.

Being a modest young woman, pixie gets embarrassed when she first gets undressed.  She gets even more embarrassed when I undress her.  And some things I have asked her to do or postions I’ve put her in have embarrassed her.  But that is all part of the process – part of closing off the rest of the world, where being a modest young woman is the appropriate behavior, and opening yourself to the idea that “in the room” as I like
to say, there are no rules except mine, no inhibitions, no limits on what behavior is appropriate.  Nothing but the pleasure I get from seeing her.
Why does this make me smile?  Well, by the end of the day, she is standing naked in front of the mirror, bending over and pointing at the
cane marks on her butt saying “look at this one.!”  That brings more than a smile – it actually makes me laugh out loud.

11 thoughts on “Things that have made me smile~ From Richard

  1. yeah, yeah, we’re all smiles……pictures?

    Sir Richard has a heart, what a pleasant surprise.

  2. ahh Pervertables, every store is a toy store. Sometimes i disturb my wife with some of the things i consider “toys”….

  3. Sir Richard- i know pixie is quite a prize and it is wonderful to hear of your happiness with her. i myself love her eagerness and her big heart. she is wonderful.

  4. Oh, DrDom, sarcasm is not going to get you what you want. You told pixie you could “do nice”, as I recall. Make her happy, stroke her – ok, maybe begging will work.

  5. They way I remember it is, I said “not yet, don’t even ask -it isn’t going to happen yet.” And I made you wait.

  6. I don’t quite remember it the same way….I remember being on the verge and with a look pleading with you….I opened my mouth to ask and that is when you said ….“not yet, don’t even ask -it isn’t going to happen yet.”
    It was much later that evening when I begged you and this time it was with words. This time you didn’t say no. Do you remember now? Do you remember what you said?

  7. yes, I think I do. although it seems this may have happened more than once, so perhaps I’m getting them confused. 🙂
    Maybe if you gave me some more details, I might be sure we’re thinking of the same time…….

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