So…if you read the comments on my last post you’ll see Richard was asking for details regarding a discrepancy between what I remember happening when we saw each other Wednesday and what he remembers….

Let’s see this may be hard because looking back much of my communication with him (other than all the little pleasurable whimpering sounds I make 🙂 ) are of me pleading with him. Sometimes it may be to stop, sometimes it may be to please, please don’t stop. I speak very little when he is dominating me…except when he requires I speak. You know… like when he makes me tell him what he is doing to me…or when he tells me to tell him that I like something when I am not quite sure yet that I do…I keep waiting for him to ask me to ask him to cane me harder because Ms. Anna says he is known to require that.

Where was I..oh I was saying that I am usually pretty silent…Not because he doesn’t want me to talk but I am finding that he can put me into sub space quicker than I could have ever imagined. I want to explore this one day with a more in depth post but my preliminary thoughts tell me it is because he is so physical. He maneuvers my entire body where he wants me…his words mess with my head and his mouth and hands do amazing things to my body. He is also quite the sadist and the pain he will inflict on my body pushes me far away from everything around me…yet ironically enough closer to him.
Sorry…I have trouble staying on topic…back to what I was begging for….

This particular time even I wasn’t sure what I was begging for. I remember him kneeling between my legs…it was right after he made me spread them for him. Placing a hand on both of my ankles he opened my legs telling me he wanted to help get me past my shyness. It is hard to be opened up like that, even harder when he just wants to spend a moment or so looking.
It was right after he touched me and I tried to stop him..I tried to close myself to him (there are certain places on my body that I have trouble with him touching…it still feels like a violation of my body and allowing him access to that part of me is tough…it doesn’t help that he loves it..:)) and he said something along the lines of …”Now is not the time to fight me….” and it was NOT in his ‘speak softly philosophy voice’ … was after all of that. He had his hand on me, and his finger was in that part of me that I still struggle with. His thumb was higher pressing inside of me, circling around in my wetness. I remember being worried that I was so wet…wetter than I thought I should be…(don’t laugh Richard).
I wanted to cum so badly but it was almost as if my body was ready to let me down….I was covered in my own wetness and in my own sweat. I was exhausted. The room was so hot and I know Richard was too. As I got closer and closer to release I was able to find my words to ask him…”please, please may I cum” (does that count as a beg to you?) If my memory serves me correctly he made me ask again..and again..before finally saying yes. But even his yes had some added erotic features because he went on to tell me…and this was using his ‘speak softly philosophy’…he told me that I could cum now..and that I should remember that I wasn’t doing it for myself…that my orgasm was for him. It was his and not my own.
So I clung to him as I orgasmed for him again..and again.

Later…much later because I am totally leaving out the best part….I think I was ready to beg him to stop. He had emailed me earlier in the week and told me that he couldn’t wait to see me Wednesday. He couldn’t wait to use my body. (I know…I love to hear sentences like that!) And that is just how I felt…wonderfully and totally drained and used. I was exhausted… I ached everywhere even though this session with Richard involved very little ‘hard pain’ (though that new birch switch really stung)…I was beat. So the session (almost :)) ended with me falling asleep curled against him. He has the most wonderful way of holding me right against his side…I felt safe and cared for and drifted away holding onto those feelings with the sweetest little nap ever.

 So…..Richard, is that enough details to jog your memory. Maybe you were in ‘Dom space’ again and you just forgot…:). I love begging you. I love not knowing if you will allow me to cum or will you simply prolong my pleasure/pain to prolong your amusement.

Wasn’t it an amazing afternoon?

5 thoughts on “Details

  1. Hey, Pixiepie!

    I’m not dead…just, hibenating.

    You can find me here..if you like.

    xx,adam b. (formerly “Res” of Res’s World of Delectable Sin.”

    Your comment when I left my blog was sweet…meant alot.

  2. “now is not the time to fight me”
    Nice. Is there ever an appropriate time to fight him pixiepie? I bet you rarely resist but what if you did?
    If I am reading ‘you’ right I read a little pixie more focused on the pleasure than the punishment. Pleasure for herself and providing pleasure for her Dom. There is no deeper control a person can have over another than when one submits willingly.
    I recognize a positive change in where your D/s experiences are taking you. More than one. Good for you.

  3. yes,pixie. That has helped me remember. Thank you. The memory is sweet. Though you left out the part where my mouth was covering your clit.

  4. pixiepie- i long to find subspace…let alone go as deep into the space as you have ventured….i love hearing of your new adventures….thanks.

  5. welcome back Adam….:)

    Dr. Dom…I am going to have to say that NO there is not an appropriate time to fight him..that isn’t how it is between us. I may resist in bits and pieces but it is never a fight. What would the point of that be?

    darkpixie….you will find your way there. You are so close to all you are dreaming of!

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