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“Ask me”

“You know what I want you to say. Say it. ”
He was behind her holding the cane down by his side. His hand was spanning the small of her back applying just enough pressure to make sure she was arching just so….
“Ask for it.”
She was on her hands and knees in the middle of his bed. Her hands were tangled in the dark silky sheets. Around her neck he had looped a rope. The knot was pressing into her skin and every time she moved it was harder to breath, not so much because it was tightening but because the potential was there. He had tied the other end of the rope to the headboard of the bed. He was going to cane her hard and this was one way to help her stay still and focused.
“Ask for it.” His voice was patient. This would be hard on her, he could afford to be patient. She was silent. Her breathing blended with his and it filled the room.
“Please Sir, please cane me. ”
“Ask me again, I don’t think you quite meant that. ”
“No, I do Sir, please cane me. I want you to, I mean it.” There was an edge of panic to her voice that he recognized as a growing nervousness. What he didn’t recognize was if the panic stemmed from the fear he would stop or from the fear that he wouldn’t.

” You know that if you move, if you struggle the rope is going to get tighter. Be still. No matter what.”
As he spoke he looped a finger between the rope and the softness of her skin and pulled. He heard her breath catch and she struggled slightly before he relaxed his hand. He watched her closely as he did it again, and then again each time blocking her air for just a second. He liked toying with her, liked knowing that even in her strong submission she still feared what he could do.

He turned and walked away from her and she fought the urge to allow her eyes to follow him. She heard a rustle and knew he was getting something from his bag. An instant later he was standing behind her his hand between her legs rubbing hard circles against her. She moaned and pressed back against his hand realizing right away the rope became tighter. Her brain was a flurry of activity as she dealt with the incoming sensations that his hand was giving her. The urge to move and follow the lead of her own body was as strong his warning to hold still.
She felt his other hand touch her and a second later she felt the pressing pain of a wooden clothes pin pinching into her tender skin. She cried out from the quick unexpected pain but managed to hold still. First one and then another….he applied them slowly never stopping the circling motion of his first hand. The heady combination between pain and pleasure had her on the brink of orgasm quicker than she expected. He would never let her so soon she thought but he recognized her need and whispered to her to cum for him. “Cum now.” he said as he continued to apply the pins. Her orgasm was strong and she felt it intensly as she struggled dgain to maintain the position the rope and her sheer will was holding her in. He continued to apply the clothes pins until there were three on each side, she could see them hanging. She liked how they looked.
She heard them rubbing together as his fingers played in the wetness between them. Her breathing was fast and shallow as she tried to stay on top of the pain. He added one more clip, right in the center where she was the most sensitive. Now when his other hand touched her he tugged at the pins. Everytime his hand brushed over one she squirmed deeper into his hand.
It took everything she had to not brush them away, to not beg him to take them off. It was a hard pinching pain that slowly spread over her body spiraling into a deep, deep pleasure. He reached around her and added a pin to each nipple flicking each one with a fingertip first. Her entire body felt hot and damp as she tried so hard to maintain the position he had her in. The rope was tight around her neck and she felt him run a swift finger beneath it making sure it wasn’t too tight for him to go on.

He could tell she was struggling with the position but he also knew that she had turned the corner from pain to pleasure and that pleased him because it was his intention to cane her. She could take more if she were already deeply in sub space.
“Good girl.” he whispered into the damp skin of her shoulder as he moved towards the side of the bed. He stood there at her side and lined the cane up against her naked bottom. He thought for a moment about removing the clothes pins before caning her but decided against it. He knew the longer he left them on the harder it would be on her when he finally removed them. He liked that. The cane felt heavy in his hand. He had showed it to her earlier right before he looped the rope around her neck. He remembered how she had looked scared. He liked that too.
The cane he had chosen was made of a heavy plastic, it had a thin steel rod in the center making it less whippy and pliable than what she was used to. He would have to monitor his strokes, he didn’t want to break her skin. Not yet.

He brushed the cane against her bottom and then lower against the backs of her thighs. She instinctively arched her back in preparation for the stroke she knew was coming. Resting a hand once again on the curve of her back he tapped her gently with the cane.

“Ask me one more time.”

6 thoughts on ““Ask me”

  1. A story?
    Fact or fiction…it does not matter because you write beautifully.
    Yet it lacks something.
    Can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

    Oh, wait. Now I know.

    Sir Richard is more patient than I am.

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