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What would you do?

The crisp sheets under her smelled of lavender. They were pale blue with white ribboned flowers printed on them, summer sheets she thought. The kind you would imagine snapping on someone’s clothes line drying in the hot sunshine.

He was at her feet. Just sitting there quietly, unassuming, confident in his ability to master the situation unfolding in front of him. He took in her small frame, her tanned legs partly spread in front of him and the shiny pink polish on her toes. He took it all in as he watched her. She was turned on her side her arm partially thrown across the young girl at her side. Tentative fingertips brushed skin, and nipples hardened beneath small hesitant kisses. It was an erotic display of wanton innocence and they performed it for him.

His breath caught in his throat as she sat up and helped pull the other girl up to her knees. They exchanged a kiss. It was soft…unsure and searching but turned deeper as he thought he heard one of them moan. Maybe it was him he thought as his slave’s blue eyes met his over the rounded shoulder of her new friend. He liked watching their hands explore each other, the soft giggles their sweet touches brought forth was pure pleasure to him. He especially liked the fact he had arranged this meeting…that he had insisted his slave find a new friend and initiate this relationship. She had marvelous taste he thought as he took in the dark beauty of the girl at his toy’s side.

Her skin was darker than his slaves and the contrast was startling as the two young ladies laid back down across the bed. She turned and pressed his little toy back into the mattress and straddled her slightly. She ran small hands over her breasts and pinched the nipples one at a time turning to meet his eye to make sure he was watching. Of course he was. He watched soft pink lips draw in his little pet’s nipple and he loved how she tossed her head back slightly in her passion. He knew how wet she must be and he fought the urge to join the pair. He knew he could at anytime. After all, she belonged to him and would never deny him pleasure. Not yet he thought. There was still so much to come. He reached out and softly caressed the other girl’s bottom and she leaned into his touch.

Never moving his hand he stood and placed a knee on the bed. As she nibbled on his toy’s nipples he began to softly spank the other girl. The smacking sound filled the room and it grew louder as the spanking got harder. Not wanting to push her too far too fast his hand slowed and finally stopped resting on the curve of her back. He noticed that her head was turned towards him and his pet’s hand was lost in her hair offering comfort to her new friend. He ran his hand over the reddened skin and enjoyed the heat pouring from her. He told his toy to kiss her friend, to kiss away the stinging pain of his spanking. The darker girl rolled over onto her stomach and laid flat on the bed. His toy ran a gentle hand over her skin slowing as it brushed across the red imprints of his hand. Her lips followed her fingers as she planted small graceful kisses over pink skin. He placed a hand in her hair and pulled her over so she was closer to him, so that he was able to touch her. He watched her small pink tongue dart out to caress away the sting as he told her exactly what he wanted to see.

The girl was twisting slightly in her need and he told his pet to use her mouth and make the other girl cum. He sensed a slight hesitation from his pet and he looked at her expectantly. He could tell she wasn’t sure but she shifted so she was kneeling between the open legs of her friend. She ran a tentative finger down the girls tummy across her navel and paused only for a moment at the cleft of her legs. He had moved closer to the top of the bed so he could watch her more closely. Her eyes never left his as she bent to kiss the inner thigh of the other girl, her kisses went higher until her mouth was against the other girls wet cunt. He could sense her uncertainty even as he encouraged her with words and firm touches. He placed a hand in her hair and pressed her deeper into the girls heat. Her back arched slightly as his pet’s confidence grew and her touch became more knowing.

He stood up and got behind his slave…he had the urge to cane her as she pleasured this other girl. He decided on a small cane, a whippy one that he knew she both loved and hated. He bent and whispered in her ear that she was such a good girl and that she should continue what she was doing until he told her to stop. Then he put a hard hand in her hair and pulled her head away ignoring the disappointed moan from the other girl at the sudden absence of her pleasure source. He knew he was pulling her hair and didn’t try to be gentle as he held her head against his chest. His heartbeat was loud in her ear as he told her that he wanted her to keep her mouth on her friends cunt…that he was going to cane her now. Hard. And he told her that no matter what she better not stop….no matter hard it was…no matter what she was feeling…she must not stop.

And she didn’t. Every time the cane came down across her bottom she whimpered or moaned into the other girl…the slight muffled sound urged him on. It made him want to give her more and more but finally he knew he had to stop. He didn’t think she could take much more and either could he. Both girls were breathless…and he couldn’t wait a moment longer for his own release.

He was for once unsure of what to do next…so many possibilities. So many choices at his fingertips.

What would you do?

13 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. a blow job perhaps?
    anyone for lube?
    I also like Roper’s idea.
    Or just tell the girls to go at it…sit back and relax.

  2. pixie! where did this come from?! OK, we are officially looking for volunteers – a petite, late-20’s, submissive female. Anyone?…. Anyone?…..

  3. oh my pixie….where did this come from? this was incredibly hot…i swear i was in the room watching the scene unfold….wondering what it would be like to be the other girl….you literally got me all hot and bothered you naughty little pixie! yum!


  4. Well, if it was me, I’d put the girls into 69 and then fuck my pet in the ass while the other gal took turns licking my pet’s pussy and my balls.

    Hey — a gal can dream! ;D

  5. I’m so proud of you. Get it all out there….once you do that, it’s only a matter of time. And then….I look forward to MY turn…with permission, naturally. 🙂

  6. Roper…good idea in theory….but didn’t you warn me that I wasn’t cut out to dominate someone else…lol.

    Dr. Dom….you are just too funny…..and so full of good ideas!

  7. darkpixie….so glad you liked it. You know…..I will be in your area in Novemember..:)

  8. gelts…
    we think waaaaaay too much alike!
    Dreamers I suppose…both of us!

    Angel~~You were missed girl! Welcome back!

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