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Just go to sleep…

  Just reposting this story that I wrote back in December under the name Sweet Goodnight…..let me know what you think. 

I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long.  If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can play together all night.  ~Bill Watterson


“Are you asleep?” her voice was a soft whisper into his back where she lay curled against the warmth of his body. No answer. Her hands fluttered across his bare back and she rested her head against him breathing in his scent- so familiar already. Under her ear she could feel the throbbing beat of his heart and she closed her eyes longing to use it as a means to beckon back the comforts of sleep but it did nothing to calm the tempest in her own heart. She couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to. For some reason she required very little rest and had only fallen asleep with him earlier out of sheer emotional and physical exhaustion. He had woke her up when he rolled away from her over an hour before.  Sleep was such a waste of their time together and she longed to shake him awake or climb over him to cuddle back into his embrace. She did neither. Sighing she sat up and wrapped her arms around her knees and looked around the room. She smiled at the tenderness she felt everywhere when she moved. He had not been gentle with her and parts of her body ached with the remnants of his touch. She could still feel every stroke of his cane on her bottom and her thighs ached from his belt. A stillness permeated the room and his even breathing comforted her. She hated the darkness, always had. She wondered if that is why she often woke in the night unsettled and sometimes afraid. Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t notice his breathing had changed. Sighing she started to get up thinking she would brave the blackness of the room for a warm bath. It startled her when he roughly reached and grabbed her arm pulling her back down into the bed. “Where do you think you are going? ” he asked his voice gentled by sleep. “I can’t sleep- I thought maybe I’d ..”
“You thought- oh I see. You thought maybe because I was asleep you could do as you pleased. Leave this bed without my permission- take a bath perhaps. But see little girl it doesn’t work that way does it?” his tone was serious and she realized he wasn’t playing with her.
“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir”
His hand snaked through her hair and pulled her roughly back down beside him. “I don’t appreciate being woke up in the middle of the night especially for your nonsense.” his hands were already under the white chemise top she wore tearing it away baring her breasts to him. “Do you need attention around the clock- if so I can accomodate you. Not in the way you may wish but it can be done.” His fingers found her nipples and pinched the delicate flesh rolling it between his fingers ignoring her cries of pain. “Is this what you wanted?” he questioned, his voice uneven and rough as he continued his torment. She lay half beneath him and he was sitting so he could watch her face as he pulled at her soft flesh. Teeth replaced fingers and he bit into her causing her to arch against him frantically both in pain and desire. He knew he marked her with his mouth and reveled in her hoarse cries for him to cease. Her breasts were small but incredibly sensitive to his touch. Her small nipples were pink, swollen and damp from his mouth when he stopped. Her breathing was ragged and she moved to cover her nipples with her hands but he slapped them away. “Do not ever cover yourself from me. Now be a good girl and be still.” Reaching across her he picked up the small nipple clips that he had asked her to bring with her to their meeting. “No, no, not yet.” her pleading was sweet but he easily ignored her begging. “Not yet- what do you mean, I have been patient with you, have I not? Yet still you push me to punish you through your actions. You wanted me awake well sweetheart I am wide awake now.” Straddling her he bent and kissed each nipple a final time. “These will stay put -as will you, for the remainder of the night, do you understand?”
“Yes sir, but can you…” He shook his head upset at her inability tonight to obey him without question. “You know, my initial plan was to just apply these clips gently, just a slight pinch and then make love to you until we could both go back to sleep. Now your behavior and lack of control tell me you need something very different.”
“No sir, you’re right, I can sleep now.” He laughed but wasn’t as amused as he was irritated. “Sit up.” His tone was darker than she had ever heard him and she wondered if she had crossed the line. He flipped on the light beside the bed making her very aware of her nakedness as she sat up. Her eyes studied his hands and how small the silver clips appeared to her when in his grasp. Small harmless looking pieces of silver connected by the thinnest of chains, they looked harmless in his hands. It reminded her of his strengh and she regretted dissapointing him. She pulled her legs under her and knelt there in the middle of the bed and he moved so he was sitting on the edge of the bed near her. The first clip went on and for the first few seconds she barely felt it, by the time the second one was in place she felt as if she was being bitten in two. “How is that little one?”  he questioned a knowing look on his face. He could feel the heat from her body as she struggled to accept the pain of the clips. Her face was flushed and she moaned when he tugged at them bringing her to her feet to stand in front of him off the bed. She stood in front of him and he noticed how she blushed. She was still  unsure of his intent and he gave pause allowing her to wonder a moment longer.
She knew her body betrayed her, as she stood she felt the swimming wetness between her legs as the heated agony in her nipples carried a molten current right to her core. He chuckled softly when he touched her loving how wet she was and he wanted nothing more than to satisfy their mutual need. He also knew he couldn’t do that tonight. As badly as he wanted her- he couldn’t. “I know what you need, and I also know you think that is what you are getting. I have other plans for you tonight my darling. You’ll find no release this night. What you need little girl, is a lesson in patience.”  As he spoke he continued to tug on the hateful little clips. He pulled her so that she was kneeling in front of him. She had tears on her face and her body was damp from the pain of his attentions.
With his hand in her hair he roughly pulled her head down to his cock. A bit dazed from the intense pain she didn’t fully realize what his intentions were until she felt a stinging slap across her cheek. “Take me in your mouth- I shouldn’t have to tell you.” She opened her mouth and his head swam as her lips sorrounded him with pleasure. He could sense her unwillingness at being forced to submit to him this way but beneath that he could feel her desire to please him. His thrusts were demanding as he forced his thickness in and out using her mouth as he had every other part of her body. His hand twisted in her hair forcing her to take him yet deeper into her mouth until she thought she could take no more. He emptied himself into her mouth even as he gave another tug on her small chain. She took what he offerred hoping in doing so she would please him again. His hand untangled from her hair and he rested it atop her head. She continued to suckle him gently as he had not pulled out of her mouth yet. Enjoying her unsure, tentative little licks he allowed her to clean him off using her mouth. Pulling away he looked at her, she looked away, down into her lap and he knew she felt shame in what he had her do. “Thats my good girl.” he said lovingly lifting her chin to look up at him. He caressed her cheek still red from his hand and kissed her on her forehead. Tugging on her silver chain he pulled her to her feet and onto his lap for a moment where he stroked her back, her hair, her face. He knew she was softly crying he also knew the clips on her nipples were still tight. Tucking her into bed beside him a small chain in his hand he kissed her gently. “Now- go to sleep.”

12 thoughts on “Just go to sleep…

  1. I like the starting quote. And the way you introduced the story was so sweet….and it got better all the way (in spite of the nipple clamps). Yet… I think it’d hurt to be dismissed so summarily (but at least you got him to wake up and play)…

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