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Rough…..from Richard

Pixie was standing in front of her computer, wearing nothing but sandals and a white sundress. I knelt behind her and ran my hands up under her dress and began to caress her bare bottom. We had just returned from the adult toy store, where we had met an hour earlier. She had arrived first, and came out of the store and gave me a kiss on the cheek and an accidental view down the front of the dress to her naked, erect nipples. mmmmm…… In the back of the store, while we were admiring the many toys (too many to choose from actually), I ran my hand across her butt, and began to worry that we might find ourselves on the floor behind the vibrators trying out some of the inventory. A few minutes later I discovered she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and it was then that I started looking for the dressing room. Unfortunately, it had a large sign making it clear that the dressing room was for one person at a time, thank you very much. How inconvenient.

So, as I was reaching up under her dress, I knew to expect no extraneous material, just her soft round butt. I raised up her dress for a look and just melted. God, she is something to look at.By now she could no longer focus on her computer (I think she couldn’t even remember her password at that moment), so I bent her over one of the stools overlooking her kitchen counter and began spanking her. In the meantime, she had kicked off her sandals so I used one of them on her as well. It made such a nice smacking sound. After a few minutes, I grabbed her by the hair and stood her up straight. She loves that, I know, and so do I. By then I think we had both figured out that it was going to be a bit rougher than usual.I took off her dress and made her sit on the stool with her legs apart. What progress! No resistance – she put her feet up on the edges of the stool and spread her legs for me. She was even able to make eye contact with me as she did it. I should back up and quote from an email I sent pixie the day before. In part it said:

“Another thought on this – you take the pain for me, but really it gives

you pleasure. This [referring to her saying what I ask her to say and

displaying herself to me when I request it] that doesn’t, you resist.

Which is the more submissive? Which is more important in serving your

Dominant? That which you enjoy and comes easy? Or that which is

mentally hard for you but gives him great pleasure? Think about it that

way – think about it as a submissive gift to me – one that gives me great


So I was very pleased with her at that moment. The rest of the day she was perfect – she opened herself up to me without resistance, once without my request because she knew it would please me. OK, I may have to take a break here because my computer screen is steaming up as I remember that.

[Brief Intermission]

I touched her and she almost came on the spot. I continued toying with her, making her want it so bad, but not letting her. I confess that I can’t always decide which I enjoy more, making a woman cum, or making her want it so bad and not letting her cum. I usually opt for the former, but today I made her wait a bit.

Again I grabbed the back of her hair and forced her to her knees and made her unzip my pants. Then back of the hair and over the stool. Every time I moved her it was by pulling her around by her hair. I can’t remember how long we were there, at least 10-15 minutes.

Finally, I again made her crawl to the bedroom. We both enjoyed that so much the first time, it seemed like a natural to do it again. When she reached the hallway, I pulled my belt out of my pants, with a big ripping sound. Her head spun around with a look that was a mixture of fear and lust. I knew that she knew I would be using it on her. And I did. I whipped her with my belt all the way to the bedroom and continued swatting her with it until she cried out “its too hard!” and cringed away. I ordered her back into position and gave her a few more swats. Like I said, it was going to be a rough day, totally demanding, and she would be totally submissive.

I told her to lie face down on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. Then the ultimate test – I told her to put her hands on her cheeks and open herself for me. I lightly dragged my finger across her hole and she arched her back and gasped in pleasure. I told her that was good – she should remain with her butt slightly raised and her back arched as I continued to play with her. Somewhere about in here I began to lose track of how many orgasms she had.

I brought out the new very tight clamps (another trip to Home Depot). They are really much too tight to leave on very long, but I was in a particularly sadistic mood, and pixie was well into subspace and in her own words, is a pain slut. So I clamped two on each breast, just near her nipples. I continued playing with her and I could see from her face that she was concentrating intently on dealing with the pain. She was so far gone that when she said “please” and I asked her if she meant please take them off or please leave them on, and she answered “I want them on,” she later could not remember saying that. I know that it was pain beyond her endurance, and yet she endured it for me. Even better, later as we talked about it, she said that it really turned her on to know that I knew it was beyond her and yet I did it anyway. It is a circle, isn’t it? This sadistic/masochistic D/s thing?

After a pause to recover and have some fruit, which left juice all over pixie which of course had to be licked up, I began to play with her again. As she approached orgasm, I slapped her cunt very hard. She got close, I slapped her hard, …. close…. slap… close…. slap…. again and

again. At one point she looked at me with anger at how hard I was slapping her, and I called her on it and said don’t ever look at me in anger when I am hurting you. I am sure she will have something to say about how hard I was slapping her. She is still red and sore today. But in the end, the orgasm was worth it, and was a great opportunity to firm up the connection between the pain and the pleasure – so close together – so contradictory at first, until they blend into one huge pleasurable sensation.

“Later…. much later because I am totally leaving out the best part” (one of my favorite pixie quotes!) (oh, wait, the best part hadn’t happened yet….), I laid her on her stomach and whipped her with a birch whip, leaving small red lines on her back, and bigger welts on her butt and thighs. When she could take no more, I told her to turn over (just telling her that turns her on), and did the same to the front of her body. She describes her nipples as feeling “raw” today. I turned her over again, and switched to a heavier bamboo cane, and gave her several minutes of very hard strokes. My god, what a woman. Anticipating Dr. Dom, yes I have been blessed.

And THEN, came the best part. But I’ll leave that for pixie to describe.

9 thoughts on “Rough…..from Richard

  1. my pixie… the hands of a sadist.

    A question. During the 10 – 15 minutes I am assuming you aren’t just pulling her back and forth from your crotch to the stool. Why skip the best details. Inquiring minds want to know. Was she sucking your cock?
    Come on, you can tell me Sir Richard I will keep it just between us.

  2. If there were too many details posted here, DrD, it wouldn’t be long before there would be a lot of perverts hanging out on pixies’ blog. (oh, … wait a minute… we ARE all a bunch of perverts…..)

    Besides, pixie exercises tight editorial control over her blog. She actually made me take out anything that made her look … um….. (can’t use that “s” word)… like she wasn’t a “nice girl.” 🙂

    You know I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, DrD, but I really must object to you saying “my” pixie. On her blog, all of her readers have equal claim to “our” pixie. I hope you were just momentarily distracted by having read the post, and not abusing the hallucinogenic drug samples you doctors get, when you called her yours.

  3. and what about off the blog dear Sir Richard- who has claim to ‘our’ pixiepie then?

  4. Gentlemen, nothing in this world is obvious! You know what kind of strength it takes to be able to endure what is dished out. See, this is where the line for me comes. As much as I might like to explore this with someone (and Pixie here is absolutely perfect for exploration), I still have yet to find the line between pain and pleasure to be one to enjoy. I dance around it here and there. In any case, the control here seems to be”allowed”, for lack of a better word. The sheer mental strength this young woman has gives her control over her own body, her own reactions. So who really is in command?

    Just an interesting debate. And maybe to see what I don’t quite understand.

  5. Interesting, Ron, and I hope we can get pixie and some subs to chime in on this.
    I don’t look at it quite like a line (between pain and pleasure as something to enjoy. I look at it as a line that needs to be blurred. Submissives like pixie have the amazing ability to convert pain to their own pleasure and to feed it back to sadists like me as pleasure. It is a mystery how they do it – a black box. So when I am working with pixie, I am continually mixing the hard pain with the soft pleasure. One hand is holding the cane, the other is stroking her. She has even commented that it is Pavlovian. Before I met her she was already at the point where the cane alone produced a pain that was pleasurable. Other kinds of pain we have worked on together. I give her pleasure, and when she is gasping, I apply pain and slow it down. I keep doing that until I allow her to cum and at that moment, apply the greatest pain. I try to blur the line in her head until she can’t tell one from the other – until they all blend together as pleasure.

    I totally agree with your mental strength comment. Every thing in the preceding paragraph is designed to help that process, but she gets the total credit for controlling her body’s reaction. It is pixie’s will that makes this work.

    It is really complicated. In my post I noted that I pushed her beyond her limit, she was totally concentrating on just enduring it – and when it was over, she told me that the fact I had expected it of her, that I felt I had the authority over her to ask it of her and expect it of her, was in itself erotic to her. I understand that enough to use it, but I don’t understand exactly how it works in her head. It just comes to the point where I don’t ask why I am the way I am and why she is the way she is. I just use all that I know about that to provide us both with as much pleasure as possible.

  6. OK, all of this debating is well and good. An interesting fact here an explanation there but here is my question- no debate needed. Are you fucking her or not?

    Oh, and where is Ms. Anna while all of this blurring the line between pleaure and pain is going on? Mmm?

    And how does super M feel about all of this. ?

    pixiepie my sweet, you have a lot of questions that need addressed here.

    Plus- where are my promised pictures?

  7. So many questions Dr. Dom….

    Your first question…simply put is none of your business. I have been very patient with you but right now…I don’t know. You are right on the cusp where amusement can turn to irritation.
    When and if I decide to write about that aspect of our relationship it will be when I feel ready to share that with my readers.

    Ms. Anna is terribly busy and isn’t able to offer as much to this relationship as we would like for her to. You’ll hear more from her I think…

    As far as Mark…how does he feel about what? That we told each other to move on and I am doing so? That he placed me in the hands of someone who could take me further than he was able to …? I am not sure what you expect me to say. I would think that part of him would be proud of me for exploring the very parts of myself that he taught me to treasure and helped me to understand.

    Be good Dr. Dom.

  8. pixiepie- i love that you are exploring your self so deeply. we have chatted and i am interested in learning about the pain/pleasure blur….i am not sure what i can endure….but curiosity does have the best of me right now.

    i cannot wait to hear more about your adventures, but on your terms…no pressure from me.

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