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Richard had a small pile of ropes stacked on the bed. I took a deep breath before giving him that questioning look that asked…what in the world do we need all of those for? I guess part of me had an idea. A couple of days before I was laying beside him as he tugged and pulled on my nipples….it was the hard nipple play that I love only gentled by his lips touching my own every few seconds. We were both relaxed…just talking as he attempted to slowly bring me down from a more intense scene. Richard said. “Someday I am going to bind your breasts…tight.” as he told me this his hands showed me how the ropes would criss -cross across and then go under them. He also showed me how he would run the rope down between my legs and up my back. He told me he would loop the rope around my neck. As he said this as his hand squeezed my throat…holding it there until I struggled against his hand searching for a breath.
So when I saw the ropes I knew what was coming. I felt that tight clench between my legs. He had me sit on the bed. “Put your hands on the back of your head.” he said. Once my hands and arms were out of his way he began to wrap the white rope around my chest crossing over and going between my breasts. It was tight I was tempted to ask him to loosen it. I didn’t quite like the way it made me feel like I couldn’t take a full breath. Still..the tightness gave me a secure, safe feeling and I found myself weighing the pros and cons. I then realized it wouldn’t have mattered if I asked him to loosen my bonds. He wouldn’t. He knew what he was doing and I knew what he was doing so I decided to trust him. My nipples grew darker as the binding became tighter and I loved how he nipped at each of them and flicked them with his fingers until I cried out. He just played with me for several minutes before telling me to stand in the middle of the bed so he could finish.
I looked down at his skilled hands as he wrapped me up. I like watching him tie me up…I like the feeling of him holding my foot as he wraps a rope around my ankle or cuffs my wrists together. I particularly like how his fingers brush the sensitive part of my neck as he slowly and carefully wraps a rope around my neck. I think I am liking this rope play. Once my breasts were tied he added another rope, looping it between my breasts and running it down my smooth stomach and between my legs. The instant friction of the rough rope against my sensitive skin was not as easy to adjust to as I thought. It felt foreign…like an evil prickly thong with a life of it’s own. This rope went up my back and then wrapped around my neck. It was tight and once it was all tied together I couldn’t move without forcing the rope to press into me harder or tighten around my neck.
I remember a slight groan escaping me as he lifted me down pressing me against him for a second before bending me across the bed. He turned away and returned with a medium sized cane. Richard started to tap me with it across my bottom and down the backs of my legs. The harder it got the more I squirmed, the more I squirmed the more uncomfortable the ropes became. I felt myself grow impatient for the taps to become harder…I wanted to feel the bite of the cane. I lifted myself up a bit showing him I was ready. He put his hand in my hair and pulled my hair turning my head towards him roughly.
“You are a submissive cunt, aren’t you?”
I could barely nod his hand was so tight in my hair, the rope bit into my neck and I said “Yes Sir.”
“Say it, tell me you are a submissive cunt. My submissive cunt.”
I swallowed hard trying to get the fear of uttering those words down over the tight ropes around my neck. After that I didn’t hesitate.
“I am a submissive cunt.”
“Good girl.”
He said pressing my head down into the bed. He began to cane me harder then before and soon the strokes were fast and close together. I stretched my hands out in front of me and drifted…. savoring the foggy high of the pain coursing through my body…the blue lights I saw flashing behind my closed eyes…the hot wetness I felt drip out of me. I imagined the thick rope soaking up my juices. I ached with need…I was eager for the cane against my skin. Thrilled with the fear every time I saw him draw his arm up to deliver another blow.

It seemed the cane was landing harder than it ever had before.  I started to struggle more with each stroke and at one point I remember dropping down onto my knees and pressing me head against the side of the bed. “Please.” I remember whispering. His voice was patient when he told me to get back into my position. Not easy to do bound as I was.  He rested the cane against my back. “When you are ready…arch your back.” My brain screamed at how incredibly bad this was going to be….I was at the point of needing him to stop. He wasn’t finished with me yet and now I had to ask for it. Even asking with my body and not my words was hard. It took me several long seconds before I had the courage to do as he asked. The stroke was hard, so hard I heard it coming..(or at least imaigned I did!). I cried out and again I think dropped out of position. He said it again. “When you are ready for the next stroke…arch your back for me.” This time I think it took longer for me to do it. The next time was even longer. I was amazed at how far inside myself I had to reach to offer him my body for another stroke. Finally he tossed the cane down on the bed beside me.
I barely remember him pulling me further up on the bed and telling me to lie flat. I felt his hand pull the rope out of the way baring my wet cunt and ass to his view. Richard’s fingers entered me filling me up completely. I felt a coolness on his hand I realized he was applying lubricant to my ass… his finger pressing it deep inside me so I could take him this way. I find this so invasive…humiliating…it is something that I have limited experience with. Something that I know provides him far more pleasure than me..yet….that in itself is erotic to me. It is hard for me to submit to this and I felt the fog of my subspace begin to lift as I felt him press against me. He told me to press back..and it hit me too late what he meant. He had instructed me before that the initial entry is made easier if I push out a bit allowing myself to open up naturally for him. When he said this I pressed into him and when I did I think he was inside me before I was ready. I felt myself pull and stretch and I was uncomfortable with the fullness that I felt. Suddenly it seemed I was overcome with feelings I didn’t like. It wasn’t the good kind of pain anymore. I felt rattled, unprepared for what had just happened. I tried to remember something that Richard and I had just discussed. He was telling me that my submission falters when there is less pleasure in it for me…and he is trying very patiently to teach me that it is this other type of submission that is just as important. That being the submission that is purely for his pleasure.
I tried so hard to quiet myself. I pressed my head into the cool sheet and clutched at the edge of the bed. I could hear my own whimpers in my ears and I longed for that warm safe feeling I felt right after the caning. All I felt now was pain….humiliation of having him inside of me like this….fear of failing him. My mind was flooded with sensations as I tried so hard to convert the pain into something else. I had tensed up…I knew he wasn’t hurting me for the sake of hurting me. He told me later he was irritated because what he was asking me to do wasn’t anything too hard…wasn’t anything we had not done before. I wasn’t able to control my reactions, I wasn’t able to make my own feelings secondary. He doesn’t expect a struggle…he doesn’t want to fight me into submission. I know I struggled against him, I know I fought him. I felt his hand reach around and stroke me but my body stubbornly refused to acknowledge the pleasure of his hand. He started talking to me…telling me what he was doing… telling me to ask him to continue what he was doing. I struggled with that, saying those words that he kept insisting I repeat.
“Ask me to fuck you in the ass.”
I said it. “Say it again.”
I said it. It is hard to say something when you really want the opposite..when I really want to beg him to stop. I hated the pathetic little cries I was making as I felt him press deeper and deeper into my body.
“Say it again.”
I couldn’t. It wasn’t even that I wanted the scene to stop. In my head I was trying to go to the place where pain doesn’t matter and his pleasure stands taller than everything else. My body failed me and I was failing him. I shook my head into the bed and moaned…three simple words but I wasn’t strong enough to make myself say them.
“Say it again.”
This time my moan formed the word “No.”

His voice was as close to angry as I had ever heard when he pulled my head back. Now I could barely breath. “Don’t ever say ‘No’ to me. You know that rule.” And I had,  so when he pushed my head back into the bed and his hand slapped me hard first on one hip and then the other I wasn’t surprised at his reaction. I was close to tears but fought that release…not quite sure if my tears would be for myself or because I had disappointed him. I hated that feeling and it put me right over the edge into really wanting this scene to be over.
I felt him pull out of me and roll over on his side. He pulled me against him and held me for just a minute before he began to take the ropes off. He was upset with me, disappointed that I had so little self control. I felt awful…he had taught me so much and I truly felt as if I had failed him and myself on this day. The way he removed the ropes was the only evidence of his irritation, when he spoke to me I heard a soft compassion that I absolutely love about him. He asked me what went wrong here? Where was my head? But most importantly he asked if I was alright. He covered me up and held me tightly to his side.
I guess I can’t really explain what happened. It was an emotional day for other reasons..I was tired…not 100 percent and just wasn’t able to give him everything I should have been able to give him.
I knew he would deal with the fact I said No to him later……but for now he understood that I couldn’t do it…getting through whatever emotional resistance I put up against him wasn’t worth him completing this act.
He was able to offer me exactly what I needed at that moment. I was struck by how I had proved to not be such a good submissive this particular afternoon but he was still able to be the perfect Dom. And I am not just saying that to get myself out of being in trouble for saying No….that happened pretty quickly after the fact. I say that because unlike me he was able to put something else over his own needs. That taught me a valuable lesson and the consequences of my actions deserves a post of it’s own.

19 thoughts on “No

  1. pixiepie- still love your writing even though you are mad at me. Your adventures are amazing and I hope you continue to share them with us for a long time.

    I doubt though that Richard views this scene as you failing. I would have a hard time understanding that. Is this not ‘training’ for you? Has he not been patient? Do any of us want the perfect submissive? Not me. Not Richard, I am sure. There is a wide space between failing and being emotionally and physically overwhelmed by a scene that you weren’t prepared for.

    This was a hot, very real scene and you share your emotions clearly. Your readers pick up on the same vulnerability that I can almost promise you that Richard treasures.

    What were the consequences? I can also almost promise Richard did not ‘punish’ you with pain. I can’t wait to read all about it.

  2. Very true Roper….I totally agree with that.

    Dr. Dom….I am NOT mad at you. At least not anymore. Richard has been patient. Very patient. That is when I ‘failed’ him I knew I disappointed him and that is why that bothered me so much at the time. It’s over now and he has forgiven me and we have worked through it.

  3. good morning, sweet pixie. Incredible post. It always helps me to read what was going on in your head, and never more than when a scene didn’t work. And that is how I see this – not as a “failure” on your part, but as a scene that didn’t work, and it didn’t work for a number of reasons. Some of these you barely touch on in your post: your emotional state that day for reasons totally unrelated, the misunderstanding about pushing back which caused pain instead of alleviating it, the intensity of the scene on top of your emotional state.

    Both Roper and Dr.Dom have it right. The scene failed, and we learned a lot from that. Your being physically and emotionally overwhelmed by a scene is not your failure. And I DO treasure that vulnerability you have that makes your trust in me so important, so powerful, so indescribeable.

    What was going on in my mind? Well, I knew it wasn’t working very well, but I still thought it could and should. Then you said “no” which, of course, is not permitted and caused a very negative reaction from me. You know there are ways to express yourself without going to “no.” And that is what you were punished for (by the way, I am with Dr.Dom on that – I hope you write, even briefly, about that). However, I must admit that the “no” hastened my conclusion that the scene wasn’t ever going to work and I needed to change direction. I’d have gotten there sooner or later, but “no” quickened the conclusion. I admit that without wishing to give you any positive reinforcement – there are no “no’s” permitted from you. And if that means you have to endure what you think is unendurable for a bit longer, so be it. Your word is “please.”

    We both learned from the scene, we learned even more from the punishment, and we went on from there to have an incredible afternoon that I will long remember. I think it is on my favorite list! 🙂

  4. …..And here, friends, is the absolute perfect illustration of why, when a woman says “no”, it should be respected…Dom or not….It may as well have been the safe word. This is the first time I’ve seen you say no, honey. That tells me that you reached, in a very rare moment, a boundary, a limit, where the pain/pleasure ends and only the pains remains. This stuff, gentlemen, about the scene not working, the elements didn’t provide whatever…..forgive me, I think it’s erroneous to assume ANY of that. ANYONE — man, woman, animal, vegetable, mineral (and especially with one of Pixie’s outstanding staying power) — who says no… MUST be respected. You said yourself, Richard, that the “no” hastened the conclusion of the scene. Why doesn’t that apply earlier for the woman’s safety? Not everyone has your awareness; in other hands, this would be very dangerous…..In a swingers club, that’s the law. At a spanking palace, it’s the rule of thumb. At my house, it is the code of honor. And this is why I cannot put myself as an absolute dominant …. because to me nothing is absolute in the bedroom. It is always flowing and changing. As much as I enjoy elements of D/s, I can never bend on this rule. There is too much to pay for.

    Bring it on.

  5. Hi Ron,
    There is a lot of stuff here. Pixie and I were on the phone during your IM conversation with her, so I have heard additional insights into your thinking on this. My reply has two main elements: (1) what was going on in the scene when “no” was said, and (2) how partners in a D/s dynamic govern their relationship insofar as the risks inherent in the game are concerned.

    First, at the moment pixie said no, there was no serious element of pain going on. There was no more risk to the woman than having standard sex with her. Consequently, your comments about the safety issue, and rules, and the code of honor really don’t fit what was going on here in the specific moment. It was not a situation where pixie’s “outstanding staying power” was being challenged or even pushed. The ‘no’ did not come from pain, it came from the emotions in her head, which I have discussed in my prior comment. Now one might say that her emotional well being is as important as her physical well being, and of course that is true. But I think you are completely misreading the specific moment in the scene if you believe there was any danger to pixie’s mental health in what was going on at that moment. Honestly, this ‘no’ had a certain element of pure stubbornness in it.

    So that is how I view the specific moment, but let me also address the more general questions posed by your comment. My second point is that a Dom and a sub need rules to govern the manner in which they will conduct scenes. I have told pixie that she is welcome to have a safe word if she really thinks she needs one, but that she must understand that the safe word does not control the scene, it can only end it. It is not a way to top from the bottom. Pull out the safe word, and we stop, pack up, talk about it and go home. It is in fact to be used to protect your safety, period. If your safety is not in doubt, don’t use it. She has not felt the need to have a word for that, and I think she understands, as does Ms. Anna, that if you are really in trouble, all you have to do is say “Richard, I can’t do this.” I’m not a moron about it.

    Two other rules govern our relationship in this regard. First, as I have stated in previous comments, if I whisper in her ear “are you OK?” then the answer should be truthful. Any other question, the answer is “yes, sir.” She is not to use the word “no.” If she wishes to indicate she is having trouble, or is near her endurance limit, she may say “please.” I have told her that I always take into account the “please” but that she will not always know what effect it has had. My example: if I plan to give you 20 whacks and you say please on 18, you will probably get 20. If you say it on the 5th whack, you probably won’t get 20, but you might get 8 or 10 or 12. And you will never know what effect your “please” had on me because you do not know what my intentions were. And as an aside, very often I will evaluate the situation, give the sub a moment, and then ask her to say “please give me more.” The difficulty with which that comes out is a good indication of where the real limit is, and just by the way usually pushes the submissive deeper into subspace where indeed, she can take more, and wants more.

    In addition, I cannot tell you how many times Ms. Anna has begged me please, only to tell me afterwards she was loving it and wished I had gone on longer. In a D/s scene, “no” does NOT in fact always mean “no.” That is the Dom’s job, to figure out what his sub can endure and to give it to them and to ask for a little more as a means of growth. Let me repeat: that is the Dom’s job! Pixie LIKES it, Ron! If I stopped every scene every time she said “no” or resisted or even said “please,” she would be trying to contact Dr. Dom to get what she needed, since I certainly wouldn’t be giving it to her. She would have no respect for me. Ask her – see what she has to say about that. Part of the pleasure for her is to know that I am willing to ask more of her than she thinks she can give; that she knows that I am enough of a Dom to ask for what I want whether it pleases her or not. That is part of the pleasure! If I didn’t do that, if I didn’t have the confidence to do that, it would not work for her. My job in the scene is to make the decisions about what the submissive can handle and what she can’t. I don’t know how you can Dominate someone without taking on that responsibility.

    I really appreciate that you care enough about her to look after her. But I must respectfully disagree. I think you have this one wrong. Maybe not wrong for you, but wrong for me, and certainly wrong for pixie.

  6. I see both sides here but I have to admit they are not balanced in my mind. Ron, you are such a good guy. In your mind and in the minds of many others (especially those who just ‘don’t get it.)…NO! will always mean no. I can’t think of a time where it is appropriate to do anything to someone after that word is said….except when consent is already given….except when NO is not the agreed upon word to stop or slow a scene….except when you have entered into a D/s relationship where in many ways you want your ‘No’ ignored. I wasn’t saying no to get him to stop what he was physically doing to me…even though that was the source of pain for me…I was saying No because I couldn’t bring myself to say (again) what he was asking me to say. He wanted me to say the very words describing what I didn’t want him to do. He was right when he said there was stubbornness in my NO. I couldn’t get my head in the right place…and where his primary responsibility to me is to keep me safe while pushing my limits mine is to make sure I am physically and mentally prepared for our scenes. That is why I felt as if I failed him…not so much that I said No. I said that knowing there would be consequences.
    I was laughing with him last night while we were talking about this. I told him the very worse thing that could have happened when I said NO was him immediately stopping and becoming apologetic. That isn’t what I want. I want my No’s ignored with him. I know how to stop a scene if I ever felt my safety was compromised. I have never felt that with Richard, causing lasting damage to me is not his intent- physically or emotionally.

  7. There is so much common sense and insight here, both from Richard and from pixiepie. Many of us, both Dom and sub, can learn from this exchange.

  8. me too Angel…me too. This entire exchange has me lost in thought. I feel as protective of our pixie as Ron appears to feel yet as a Dom myself I know she is in a good place. Rarely does a Dom find a submissive so eager to have her limits explored. It is just as rare that a submissive is able to find that one person who can take her there- safely. I agree with Richard when he tells us that she would not respect him for doing anything less than pushing her. She does respect him, that is obvious. She may even fear him a little and people on the outside may not appreciate the necessity of that emotion. I do. That is the entire idea. That is real submission and I see it here clearly. Though I do like the idea of her trying to contact “Dr. Dom” to get what she needs. 🙂 She is safe Ron. She is happily involved in what may call a true D/s relationship.
    Richard has taken on the responsibility of guiding and teaching this young submissive, not an easy task. I imagine part of him has a difficult time carrying through with something she may find ‘unbearable’ if only because of the feelings we are seeing develop between them in their exchanges. It is a fine line to walk. It is difficult, and I will address this comment to Ron, to manage one so eager, to discipline one so charming and still maintain the ‘Dom’ persona necessary to meet her needs. It might just as well be Richard you should worry about. Cut the man a break Ron.

  9. Dr. Dom….you are very perceptive. I am safe. Emotionally and physically. I think it is funny that you say it is difficult to Dom someone like me…I think he is doing beautifully. He has jokingly said….it is a difficult job but somebody has to do it….Truthfully though we are a good match in many ways…it isn’t a perfect set up but feels like it most of the time. When we are together and the door is closed nothing really matters on the outside anyway.

    I appreciate the fact you are protective of me as much as I do the fact you acknowledge that I am in a good place, a safe place. And I know I am good for him too.
    So don’t feel to bad for Richard….
    I can be difficult I suppose.
    But I do try so hard to be good…;)

  10. pixiepie- this is the post i was waiting for….and i believe there is more to come if i understood your hint….you did not fail….perhaps, disappoint…but never fail….we are always learning…especially in this arena….i am just so happy that you have such an understanding teacher.

  11. Okay…No more, folks. It is obvious that we will always disagree on this. You have all missed the real tenet of what I was saying….That in other, less responsible hand, “no” would not have meant anything. Therefore (and I really don’t care if you’ve had the relationship for 10 minutes or 10 years), the “no” must be honored at ANY TIME to offer the sub the wellbeing that he/she deserves. Pixie here is not typical…she knows it and Richard knows it. She is able and willing to stretch the boundaries. So there is a huge advantage for Richard in having someone of her ilk, eagerness, whatever, to go as far as possible…..But also…because of these very same trait, she has to be protected from herself as well. That’s what you gentlemen have missed in my comments….Why don’t we simply agree to disagree? I have said time and time again that I can never be an “absolute” Dom, precisely because of this attitude. I’ll say it again, and leave you all to be right in your minds….nothing in this world is absolute…we all aren’t even born the same way anymore….So it is not a matter of cutting the man a “break”, friends. The dom has all the control and nothing to worry about…unless He chooses to do so. THERE’S what would make it work for me…A more encompassing responsibility for one’s safety and wellbeing.

    I’m done on this, folks….lol…. It’s obvious that no one gets what I’m saying.

  12. Wow . . . very powerful post.

    I think like most relationships, it is very difficult for those of us on the outside to determine what works for the two involved.

    Thank you for the invitation to link to you. We have, and will continue to visit here.

  13. Ron, I will take from your comment, and from what pixie tells me about your phone call, that the first part of your comment might be summarized along the lines of “these people are professionals – don’t try this at home” so that players less experienced than I am won’t take the contents of this blog and put their submissives in dire danger. If so, I’ll agree with it.

    In the middle, you mention that sometimes the submissive needs to be protected from herself. I have not missed this in your comment and in fact have been aware of it from my own observations. I can report that I have on more than one occasion done exactly that in real time with real submissives (including pixie), so I’ll assume that was also a generic comment for the less experienced Dom and not directed at me, and again, I can agree with it.

    And perhaps I can interpret the “more encompassing responsibility for one’s safety and well being” comment as a recommendation to pixie that she take more responsibility for her own safety as opposed to giving that responsibility to me. If I interpret it that way, I can avoid being totally insulted by it, and merely disagree with it. The exchange of that responsibility is by definition the essence of a serious D/s relationship. Repeating my earlier remarks, I don’t know how you can Dominate someone without taking on that responsibility. We’re not talking about casual bdsm “play parties” here, or occasional, infrequent meetings between consenting adults who don’t necessarily have much experience generally or with their infrequent partners. So again, if you’re a newbie, or a wannabe, you should probably approach what is being discussed here with a lot of caution.

    There are many levels of Dominance and submissiveness, and everyone has to find their own place on the continuum. Ron and I are in different places and there is room for both.

  14. If I may jump in on this discussion as I to have been very much “lost in thought” as well. Ronjazz makes absolute sense. A precious few have the body/soul connection that allows for a no to go unheard. Being a submissive myself and also not being allowed to say no If I did you know it must be for a darn good reason. Yes I know Richard stopped and they have worked this all out, again though what if she said no again and it meant a real no and it was ignored? Is Richard and even Pixiepie 100% that a no from her should be ingnored~~what if at any given moment she reaches a place either physically or mentally that an alternitive to no can not be formed as Ronjazz again stated “there are no absolutes”

    However this particular no was said because and I quote Pixiepie “It’s hard to say something when you really want the opposite, when I really want to beg him to stop” For whatever reason she was hurting beyond what she could accept and “really” wanted it to stop~~and said the one word that stopped it. Richard said, “If I whisper in her ear, are you ok? than the answer should be truthful” I guess that only works if the question is asked, yet sometimes something can and is ok in the beginning but changes in the middle or end again giving thought to, “there are no absolutes”

    The other comment Richard made was, Pixie can say “please” and it will be evaluated~~this doesn’t say it will stop anything. At times I (Richard) will give her a moment and than make her ask for more, “please give me more” Pixiepie’s own words said she didn’t want more (of that particular act) Pixie has said her struggle came from pain and from not wanting to say she wanted it. I’m curious if making a submissive say something that in her heart she doesn’t want let alone believe be considered lying? Does that not go against the core of this type relationship? Pixie said she didn’t want to say it, she admitted to the emotional struggle of saying it the few times she did, saying no stopped the lie, and sometimes your just not in a place mentally and or physically to say anything other than no and should be carefully considered, especially from a submissive who just doesn’t say it. ~~~Just my 2 cents

    Thank you both Richard and Pixiepie for sharing your lives in such an open and honest way. Indeed there is much here for all to learn and grow from. I know for me it has opened up some new lines of communication.

  15. Richard, you took my observations exactly as they were meant. You DO obviously know from your own experience what you are doing. My comments were more aimed at those who might not have your conscience, your solid sense of self and of responsibility. It’s still not a line I like to dicker with, but I applaud you. Not everyone can. And not everyone has such a unique sub.

  16. I never expected this post to lead to so much wonderful discussion. I am learning that there are many ways to view a situation. Thank you Richard for responding to Ron with grace and with the understanding that you two are just in different places in your understanding of what makes this type of relationship work. I agree with you because you are not speaking generically or ‘across the board’ you speak of me and the experiences I require to make a D/s relationship work. I want to re-clarify that I willingly gift Richard with this decision making power over me. I didn’t want the scene to continue but my submission to him was strong enough to allow it to trust in him was such that I knew he would stop when he was ready and not a moment sooner because knowing that he had that right was what made the experience possible for me. It was pure submission. Him having me say things that I would rather not say or him having me ask for things that I would rather not have him do is another way he controls me. Not so much that even as much as hearing those words come out of my mouth even unwillingly gives him pleasure. In a D/s relationship that is my purpose…to give him pleasure whether it be from my body or my mind.
    So maybe the exact words he is having me say are not the acts that I want done to me at the moment but the very fact he can make me say them..make me ask for them..and make me submit to them….well that is what I want done to me. I don’t see that as lying…though I can see where lostsubmissive may see it that way…from my point of view and speaking only from my own experience the only lying would come in the form of us not living out our true roles with each other.
    I want that complete giving up of self….that offering that is so valued by him. He takes this seriously which is why he was offended by Ron’s implication that he may have been irresponsible with me. He never was irresponsible with me. His responsibility to me as my Dominant would have only been compromised had he stopped a minute sooner than what he did.

    Lostsubmissive thank you for commenting and welcome to my blog as I think this is your first comment. I hope you will come back.

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