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Morning Meeting

Fairlie in Wales

Richard met me for coffee this morning.  It was too late for breakfast and too early for lunch.  It’s funny I say we met for coffee…neither of us drink coffee. It was 90 degrees and we were sitting together drinking hot chocolate outside of Starbucks. Mine…fat free milk..extra whip cream. He ordered his ‘standard’.

So we are sitting outside Starbucks and I tell him that I am feeling not very submissive today. Strange for me as it has become such a part of who I am.  He responded by asking me why I thought that was.

“I’m not sure…I just feel different today.” We chatted for a few minutes about D/s and the importance being able to keep the right head space concerning it.

“I just feel different today.” I repeated.

He didn’t look too worried. Actually he looked amused.

 “Funny. I am feeling very Dominant today.” He sort of tapped his fingers across the table and then wiped away an imaginary crumb. I was watching his fingers. He was watching my face.

“If we were doing more than having coffee this morning do you think it would matter to me how submissive you were feeling?”

“No Sir.” I whispered peeking up at him from behind my almost empty cup.

“Do you think your mood matters to me at all? Submissive or not. I’ll take you either way and use you as I please.”

I felt sweaty, bothered and hot as I squirmed there in front of him. I knew it was true just as he knew the flush on my face had nothing to do with the sun across our table.

“You realize that, right?”

More squirming. “Yes Sir.”

“I think that you need me to hurt you, right slut? Do you need to feel pain to put you back in your place?”

“I don’t know Sir.” Oh, but I knew he was right. I had that familiar ache to be used, to be objectified and humiliated by him. To feel pain at his hands. He looked at me knowingly. He told me to finish up, that he needed to get back to his office. As we walked to our vehicles he steered me towards mine and suprised me by getting in.  I have a SUV with tinted windows and I knew right away he had something in mind. 

“Feet apart.” he said. “Wider, come on, I shouldn’t have to tell you that.” I obeyed him my breath coming a bit faster as I waited for what he was going to do next. His hand rested on my open thigh and his other hand reached into the top of my shirt. He cruelly grabbed and twisted my nipple. He held onto it and increased the pressure on the tender skin. I felt a trickle of sweat run down my back and I leaned into his hand hoping to alleviate the hot pain. He released me for a second before doing the same thing to my other nipple. He twisted it painfully practically making me lift off the seat. I felt my cunt clench in response to his touch and I moaned slightly as my body attempted to absorb the pain of his fingers. He continued his torture of my nipples alternating savage pinches with sharp twists.

His other hand began to pinch small folds of my skin up and down my thighs. Over and over his fingers caught my skin and pinched. I moaned and looked past him out the window trying to stay on top of the pain. “Keep your legs open. ” he said. “Put your hands on your thighs.” I love how he tells me what to do, the confidence in which he directs me makes it hard to breath and even harder to understand.  His fingers began to pinch the sensitive skin on the inside of my arm.  “Look, this is where I am going to put a needle in you. Just enough skin. One here, and here and another one here.” As he said this he pinched my delicate skin between his fingers. His words…. combined with his touch…combined with the threat of needles….made me cry out. I longed for something but wasn’t sure what it was. I am so scared of what he can do to me. The very idea of needles…perhaps my last hard limit messes with my mind.

He released my arm and put his hand between my legs pinching my clit roughly as I made myself stay still for his touch.

“Good girl.” he said releasing me at last. He leaned over me and slid my automatic seat back as far as it would go and then did the same with his. With one hand he quickly opened his pants and his other hand pressed against the back of my head. With his hand in my hair he pulled my face down to his cock. I opened my mouth and instantly I was filled with the hot taste of him. He held my head still in his lap and thrust into my mouth. I felt his hard hand and the hot sunshine coming through my sunroof on the back of my head. The hot weight of his cock filled my mouth and his words filled my ears. “How submissive are you feeling now, slut? My cock in your mouth right here where anyone can walk past and see what  a little slut you are.”

I moaned into him knowing everything he said was true.  His thrusts quickened and he was as deep inside my mouth as I could possibly take him. Finally he pulled me off of him and grasped his cock with his hand he held my head against him with his other hand.  I wanted to close my eyes but I was fascinated by the idea of watching him cum.  His grip tightened in my hair. He moaned deeply and rubbed his cock across my face smearing his hot cum against my cheek and across my lips.  I felt the spasms from his cock subside until it rested gently against my face. I looked up into his face and he rubbed his finger across my lips smearing his cum into my mouth. I rested my head against his thigh trying to catch my breath…feeling very submissive.

*photo taken by Nic Tucker

6 thoughts on “Morning Meeting

  1. “I love how he tells me what to do, the confidence in which he directs me makes it hard to breath and even harder to understand. ”

    Perfectly and beautifully said.


  2. pixiepie- Richard has a way…and He is totally right…you are His to do with as He pleases…regardless of how submissive you are feeling…that scene was just HOT.

  3. This is fantastic. i really enjoyed it and stopped breathing for awhile there! How beautiful it all must have been!!! Indeed, you are a good girl.

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