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I have my belly button pierced. It is my only piercing so far other than a couple in each of my ears. Eventually I will have others but I am not sure when or where. I am thinking of a labia piercing or maybe a clitoral hood….Richard would rather I not as he says they get in the way. So…we’ll have to see where that goes.

Richard noticed the other day that the tiny circle of skin circling my ring was redder than it should have been. I hadn’t noticed as it wasn’t bothering me. I decided to take out my piercing for a couple of days and use some Neosporin on it just in case.Well, you know how fast it takes a piercing like that to begin to tighten up- even when you aren’t covering it with a healing ointment twice a day. Yesterday morning I tried to put my piercing back in and I met with a bit of resistence. It started to hurt because I was messing with it so much so I stopped. I decided to wait and let Richard do it. I can’t hurt myself but I knew Richard wouldn’t have a problem with it. 🙂

And now the point of this post….and I write this knowing I risk the sadistic image of my Dom forever.

I asked him if he would put my piercing back in for me. And this is what he said- in all seriousness…no sarcasm, I swear.

‘Ugh..I don’t know if I can do that pixie…. I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”


I am still laughing.

9 thoughts on “Sides

    (rummanges through tool box, finds a nail…………)


  2. That is so so funny but true. Our Doms/Masters dont just like to hurt us, they like to “hurt” us. It is completely different. Like i love getting slapped but a slap in a normal place would be abuse. I think Richards response was so lovely and honest, yet i am still wetting my pants laughing.

    Now if he incorporates it into a needle scene, you will both win xxxxxx

    PS or i could do it lol

  3. Dr. Dom! In the future, when you are going to be gone a week, you must email pixie so she doesn’t worry about you! Or accuse me of having driven you away with some intemperate remark! We have missed your pithy comments! Welcome back.

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