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“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

I obeyed him without a second thought. It was immediate and the expectation was there from him that it would be. I opened my mouth even though I felt his cum cooling across my chest. I felt him rub a finger through it and rub it across my tongue and deep into my mouth. He did it again and then told me to swallow.  Again, I obeyed him instantly. A moment later his hand was between my legs working me towards another orgasm. It was amazing how wet and hot I was even after all I had just experienced. He had just taken me through one of the most intense scenes ever. I am not ready to write about that yet. It is enough to say for now that I was in a deep submissive state as I lay there beside him. I am not sure how he was able to pull another orgasm from me yet when he whispered in my ear for me to cum for him I did. I closed my eyes and I felt my body tremble and press into his hand. He left his hand there playing in my wetness for a few moments as my breathing slowed. It was a languid feeling. His hand was soaked when he finally pulled it away. He showed me how wet I was….told me what a slut I was for being that wet. He rubbed his hand, still wet with my juices across my breasts picking up what was left of his cum. He rubbed his hand across my face and neck smearing the stickiness across my skin. Few things to me have been as erotic as that small act. It took something from me. It was objectifying and it made me feel owned. Very owned. Like I said, it took something from me and I am not sure what it was only that it wasn’t mine to keep. And even as it took from me it gave me so much. How can I ever explain that?


I have never experienced a relationship quite like this before. I am not taking anything away from what I had with Mark, which was truly a special relationship that will forever live in my heart as an introduction to all that I am experiencing now. In fact I contribute much of my openness and eagerness to explore what Richard demands of me because my experience with Mark was so positive.


Yet Richard has a way of finding pieces of submission hidden deep inside of me. Pieces that I hand to him willingly, pieces of myself that no one else has touched, pieces that will remain his long after he has left my life. Submitting to him comes easy to me now. There are a million reasons why. One being that he wouldn’t tolerate anything less than my complete submission. It is something that I rarely have to think about anymore. When I am with him it is my mindset, my state of mind, it is who I am. I am at the point where I have stopped questioning how we kind of fell into this as quickly as what we did. There are many reasons.

My experiences with him are becoming more and more intense. It is more than just the pain that I take for his pleasure, it is more than the submission I offer him that I know he treasures. It is because there is not a doubt in his mind that he can do anything to me. I find the appeal of this on my side interesting because you would think it would leave me shaken and unnerved that I allow myself to submit so completely to another person. It has the opposite effect on me. Instead of fearful it makes me feel secure, instead of nervous I feel confident. It’s about giving everything up to him and only allows the sensations to flood my body. I have no worries of pleasing him, he takes his pleasure. I have no worries that what I offer is not enough because he takes all that he needs. I think that he is aware that he will find no struggle with me as I submit to him. I know that for some people this would not work. Some Doms enjoy the struggle, the conquest, and the ultimate surrender. For Richard though I don’t think it is about winning or overcoming my resistance. It is meeting no resistance that confirms my submission to him. It is the very definition of submission. I can only imagine how that makes him feel.


5 thoughts on “Wet

  1. that is a very reassuring post. Sometimes i worry that if i am such a good girl and do everything he asks then i will be boring. that was so well put put, i will remember that and cherish it. Thank you

  2. mmmm just a brilliant post…. i am so very happy for you pixie! 🙂 That’s how i’d love to feel, scary as it sounds, but i know it’s what i want to experience. *hugs* t. x

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