Good Morning Sir…..


Originally uploaded by px_pie

Trying so hard to sleep…..isn’t that what Saturday mornings are for? Richard snapped this picture a couple hours ago as I was trying hard to wake up.

Good Morning everyone and happy Saturday!

14 thoughts on “Good Morning Sir…..

  1. Well….Richard and I may not always be on the same side of an issue, but this is one of the great pictures I’ve seen in a very long time. Pixie, I don’t think you realize how photogenic you are!

  2. I am glad everyone is enjoying my pictures…I wasn’t sure if it would make the blog too cluttered or not. My new format helps though……thanks!

    Austin…welcome back to my world! Long time no hear from, I have missed you!

    Thank you katie and Dr. Dom….you always say the nicest things!

  3. Exactly. I want a Saturday morning like that. And those underpants. Hahaha, what an awesome word. Underpants. Of course I mean panties.

    Slightly dotty. Like me 😀


  4. why have my visits to your blog doubled since you have added pictures?
    Is Richard the photographer in the top picture? That is you as well, correct?

    A sleeping pixie.

  5. I love your new format, and the pictures are so nice! Is the top picture you? Is that a professional picture or did Richard take it? I love your panties too. I like what milla said, slightly dottie! I am too!

    This is one of my favorite daily stops.

  6. The new format for the blog is lovely. Very pretty. A nice, clean design.

    Also lovely are the pics. Not cluttered at all. A nice addition.


  7. Isn’t she something to behold? And a real vision to wake up to. Photographing you turns out to be really easy, pixie!

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