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The assignment


I am doing the best I can to mentally prepare myself for certain expectations that Richard has of me. I sat here and tried unsuccessfully to write about how I was feeling about one particular future expectation. The only way to describe it is by allowing you into our world. The only way I can explain this is by sharing with you the  back and forth exchange surrounding this new topic for me. I welcome your opinions on this topic as I have never encounterd such a demand……

Tuesday Email from Richard

the next time you shower, I want you to pick a nice solid stream of water
and as it hits your chest, I want you to imagine it is me peeing on you.
I then want you to hold that thought and let that stream hit your face.
Lastly, open your mouth and let the stream fill your mouth and overflow
and run down your body.  Keep your imagination going.  Please do it with
the water temperature closer to body temp than your usual very hot shower.

report back in the next day or two.

Oh, and don’t bother with any “really?” or “are you serious?”  A two word
response is all that is required.

 Tuesday -Response from me

Yes Sir.

Friday Reminder from Richard via email

 I haven’t heard from you on this.  Can it be that you’ve stopped showering?

Friday -Response from me

….no sir. I am sorry. I will admit to forgetting to write about my thoughts.

Saturday- Verbal reminder from Richard to complete my assignment

My response via email

my assignment……I do not remember the exact details of what you wanted from me. I remember what you told me to think about as I showered….and you may be shocked that I didn’t feel many of the emotions you may have expected me to feel.The idea of that happening scares me because I think it may change how you feel about me…I mean what kind of girl (even a subbie) allows that to happen to her. To me though it is another part of my submission….I would do it because you would get pleasure out of causing me that embarrassment and humiliation…not to mention the fact that being embarrassed and humiliated is erotic to me. In a few ways that is the ultimate in objectifying someone….honestly….peeing on someone is telling that person I can make you everything or I can make you nothing. Very powerful ….so much control to have over a person.

Response from Richard via email

nicely written.  You do not need to worry about it changing the way I feel about you.  You know how I feel about you – and I already know I can do this to you at any time I choose.  So my thoughts about you or how I feel about you will not change at all.

I guess I don’t know what, if anything, I expected you to feel.  Humiliation, yes.  But as you said, you like that – probably even more than I do!  It is right near the ultimate in using a person.  Objectifying someone.  That is what makes it erotic of course.

You have some time to get your head around this while I’m away.  You might want to read more blogs dealing with the subject.  Here, for example:

I’m sure you can find more, my toy.  Now that we’ve gotten the word  ‘cocksucker’ out of your mouth, maybe we can work on “piss slut.”



10 thoughts on “The assignment

  1. ok try to imagine that you are raped by three men and pissed on

    you will have no choice but to live with it whether you like it or not.

    you are not traumatized by the rape because he was someone you knew and he wanted to torture you in some way…you cannot go to the police because some part of you thinks it is partially your fault and you owe him a lot of money.

    you will have no choice but to live with this fact

    now i want to piss on you purposely just because… that would be fun.

  2. umm monique…uh…what?

    Can’t wait to hear what happens pixie. You can do this. I say that because I’ve done this and I haven’t experienced half of what you have.

    ummm…what monique??

  3. you can do it babes, you can do anything if the desire to serve is strong enough (lol, says the girl who cant buzzzz,)

  4. This isn’t one of my favourite things to do, though I can appreciate in theory how humiliating it could be. Gray Lily has a lot of posts about this.

  5. Not one of my favorite things either, Roper (which I’m sure pixie will be delighted to hear). Just part of the overall training program. Even making her think about it is good training.

  6. This is a twist that I could only hope would come. I’ve had many submissives through the years and I have only demanded this of two of them. I remember every experience where this came to pass as if it were yesterday. To me there are not many acts that come close to complete ownership and submission as this.

    Another note of caution and this is directed to pixie so Richard don’t read this part. Expect mixed emotions IF you do this and in reading Richard’s comments he may just be mind-fucking you again. However, if he isn’t enjoy the stength you feel in your submission to Richard. This is a hard limit for many submissives and an invaluable trtaining tool especially if Richard is attempting to teach you restraint and obedience.
    I would love to hear more from Richard on this one.

  7. I am sure you will hear more, Dr. Dom, as we progress. Stay tuned.

    I agree totally with your comment, btw. And I think pixie completely understands it to be exactly as you describe it. Complete ownership and submission.

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