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Fingerprints from Richard

I wonder sometimes if I am the only submissive that will walk away from her Dominant and go home, strip and look in a full length mirror. OK…..I admit, sometimes I do this while I am still with him. It isn’t just that I am vain.
I love to see the marks he has left on my body. Evidence of his brutality, his ownership of my body and my submissiveness to him are alive in every darkened or swollen part of my body. I look sometimes at a mark or at a bruise and just wonder at it. I am fascinated by the different shades of lavendar and pale blue my body can create. I feel sad when they start to fade….though I know there will always be more. Right now I have a dark bruise on the top of each of my breasts from a heavy cane. They should really be gone by now but Richard plays with them and presses into them every chance he gets. I am almost starting to believe he likes to hurt me. 🙂
Once I got home and realized that I had perfectly formed fingerprints on the top of my bottom. I like seeing his mark on me. I like feeling that I carry marks of his ownership every where I go. I especially like coming to him the next day and him undressing me  to see what remains.
I love the cane marks that take days to fade, the bruises that last over a week at times and the days when I can’t wear sleeveless because I have small clothes pin induced bruises up and down my arms.
Once Richard caned me hard with a single stroke on my calve….later that night out at dinner I realized just how visible it was. Maybe I should have been horrified but I hoped someone noticed it and just knew why it was there and what it signified.

So many differnt types of marks….I can usually tell what implement created what mark. Canes are easy to see….though the heavy ones tend to bruise blending in with marks caused by a hard spanking or paddling.

One mark in particular fascinated me…and the memory of it still does. Maybe it isn’t so much the mark as it is the wonderful sadistic cruelty that caused it to end up there. We were sitting on the bed and going through some new toys that he was showing me. He was showing me these crazy little foreign toys where you actually light the end and allow it to touch the skin. I am so naive…first thing out of my mouth was “You would never do that to me…”

He didn’t answer right away but started to tease me by lighting matches as if he was going to light one. I had a pretty good feeling that he was teasing me…I know that if he ever was ever going to use something like that on me he would restrain me first. He lit another match and blew it out right away. Before I even realized what he was doing he had a tight grip on the back of my neck and pressed the still red hot match tip on the side of my breast.  See why I think he likes hurting me.

That mark lasted a long, long time. He monitored it closely because I know he would like to hurt me again this way one day. Perhaps more methodically next time….but I am quite sure it will happen again. He was pleased when it eventually healed up and did not leave a scar.

I love living in the skin that he longs to mark as his own.

21 thoughts on “Fingerprints from Richard

  1. You people confuse me. I don’t understand how pain can be welcomed. Pixie my opinion of you is that you are in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I don’t know how old you are but sometimes you come across as young so I pray you aren’t being exploited somehow. Richard- you should be ashamed of yourself as should everyone of the people who read and comment on this blog.

    Beating people and humiliating women, how is that sexual? It is degrading and takes away from what women have tried for years to have in our own right- respect and equality.

    You all need therapy.

  2. “I am almost starting to believe he likes to hurt me. 🙂 ”

    This was cute. And, I can completely relate. When I’m left with marks and then I notice them later, when I’m getting dressed or in the shower, I’m immediately transported back to the moment. It’s very exciting.


    Dear Anonymous –

    I understand your point of view, but it’s unfounded. Don’t for a moment believe that Pixie, or many other submissives you might read on-line, are being abused. We are mature, intelligent women who finally understand our sexuality. We are not at the will of someone who we have not completely given our consent to.


  3. pixie,

    it was really fun to read why you like your marks. i was having this discussion just recently, and i guess i’m still in the stage where i look at them and think “ouch!” but, i am starting to get a little fascinated with residual effects of my submission, like little kinky girlscout badges. i think marks is just the next step up from where i am now.

    if only i could wrap my mind around the “ouch” part . . .

    lovely thoughts! thanks for sharing.

    (and anonymous is on crack!)

  4. Ignore the remarks of ignorant people who have no understanding. Though one does wonder why they haunt sites like ours if they have no insight into why we do what we do. I think perhaps it’s anonymous who might need therapy.

  5. Anon, I have nothing but the deepest respect for pixie and the strength she exhibits. But why am I responding? This blog is so vile I’m sure you’ll never read it again. Unless…. does it turn you on?

  6. Oh Pixie Pie! I know what you mean. I love my marks and will admire them right away. If it’s a place I cannit see very well, Amorphous will get the camera and show me right away. I also feel so sad when the marks start to fade and I can’t feel them anymore. 2 days ago we tried the crop.. OH MY! I have a pic of my welts for my HNT! It is amazing what skin will do!

  7. No Richard, actually brutalizing young girls does very little for me. You however seem to enjoy it. If it is such a consensual why does she seem to suffer so at times. She asks you to stop and you don’t. Do you like her obvious fear?
    You HURT her, physically and emotionally, that is wrong even if it does excite you both. There are better ways.
    Yes I do read blogs like pixie and toy and others because the idea of submission turns me on. The post her lately have been disgusting and I worry about pixie and I wory about toy and pig because you men are taking advantage of these girls and they are too something to understand. Like I said you all should be ashamed.

  8. Anonymous…..WHAT is your problem. Comments such as yours are not welcome here…the only thing they accomplish is providing a good laugh. I won’t explain myelf to you or to anyone else. So save your worry…I am sure I could suggest a place for you to put it but I would never add smut to to my blog!

    Look at your screen…it should be about an inch or so down from the top depending on the size of your screen and the amount of tool bars you have.. There is a box…mine is white but I suppose yours could be different. If you type some words in that box and hit enter…GUESS WHAT!!! You actually can go to a more appropriate less disgusting site…and I can almost bet that my friends like toy and pig have a box like that on their blog page too. How lucky you are!

    If that doesn’t work…and this is an easy one. Up in the top right hand corner of your screen is a X. Use it.

  9. Seems to me that the only abuse going on here is coming from the non-consensual anonymous comments. Funny how they preach about abused these poor girls are, how badly they need saved, yet they have no problem verbally abusing us themselves.


    I like your blog. Mind if I link to it? 🙂

  10. Anonymous~~ I’m sure there are many, thousands even of arguments to support your claim that we all need therapy, yourself included. It is apparent that you really have no understanding of anything you’ve read. You say your interested in submission~~There are low and high levels of this as well as a whole lot of in between levels which fluctuate between the highs and lows quite often, if not daily for us that have this need to live submissively. Nearly 5 years ago I found myself needing this in my life~~At the time I would read blogs such as Pixie’s and think~~No Way! Have you ever felt hungry, I mean really hungry like you’ve gone all day without eating, you get home and grab the first thing you see, and than something else and something else~~you just can’t get enough? For me, that’s how this is~~The more I was “fed” the hungrier I became~~and what was once a No Way, became Yes. You can’t stop it, it’s an ache in you that builds and becomes at times bigger than you can sometimes fill. And even now that I am owned there are times, as recently as last night after experiencing a particularly difficult lesson in submission that I cry~~and I have thoughts of why, but you know what there are no answer’s and truthfully for me it wouldn’t matter if I had them~~ this need, this ache, this all consuming fire that lives deep in my soul has been fed and is now out of my control, to stop feeding it would mean death, death of my spirit and soul.

    My point is and I’m sorry for taking up space here~~Anonymous, If you ever touch on that part of you that is submissive, if you ever have someone else touch that part of you, you may think you can control the depth in which it goes, but you can’t~~you can’t control it anymore than you can your hunger~~And you’d be very surprised at what you’d do to feed that hunger.

  11. You are definitely not the only submissive who does that, Pixie Pie! i look in the mirror at my earliest opportunity after Master has been working me over!

  12. Hello anon..

    Please, please, please stop with the “worry” and “concern”.. It seems more like judgement and hostility from this end.

    we are fine, we are good, we are very clear on who we are, what makes us happy.

    Sorry pixie for adding to the mess and using your blog for my comment to another..who i am sure will not listen to me.

    Gosh..when will those understand that we really do get it?

  13. i have been looking at my marks from last weekend’s play every day since and taking photos as a record of how long they last 🙂 it’s a week tomorrow and they are only just on their way out… 🙂 x

  14. No no, anon’s right, I actually spend everyday hoping someone will rescue me from my extremely fulfilling relationship, the only relationship I’ve had so far that can offer me a future, because it fulfills me sexually, emotionally, physically and mentally. I’m so ashamed that I’m happy, and so should you be pig, kaya, pixie.



  15. Anonymous-Quite obviously this disturbs you. With all due respect if you have such a problem, why do you continue to read the blog or blogs.

  16. Pixie, while it’s sad that many consider what we do repulsive or abuse, we know what lies beneath and why we do it. I do stand before a full length mirror and check myself after a session with “R”. I am disappointed when I don’t have the tell tales signs of the strap or his hand on my body. To me it’s all part of what we do, our sexuality and our love of all things D/s. Infact I got the strap this morning and will be checking that in a few minutes, thanks for the reminder.

  17. Hi, Pixie. I’m finally coming out from behind my tree to publicly comment. Anonymous speaks of being confused, and I think that some of the questions she (?) raises are valid, even as her approach leaves something to be desired. It IS puzzling that someone would ask to be hurt, would willingly submit to beaing beaten, would rejoice at accepting more pain that she thought she was open to, and would proudly display the signs of how her body had been brutalized. Similarly, how could someone want to torture someone he cares for, someone he loves? (Sorry, I’m feeling too lazy this afternoon for gender neutral pronouns, despite being a proud, fierce feminist.)

    I pondered all of this as I started my cautious safari into submission, and asked many questions. Then, three weeks ago I met in person the man I will call the academician, the man who owns and loves me, with whom I had shared a superbly intense e-mail and phone relationship for the previous 6 months. And I discovered that yes, I do actually LIKE being hurt. He was very cautious, this lovely sadistic man, as this realization of long-held fantasies was new for both of us. But yes, I liked being spanked. I liked being beaten with his belt. I liked having my hair grabbed and my mouth raped. And despite tremendous fear about it beforehand, I really liked being caned. And yes, anonymous, it definitely was very sexual, for both of us.

    So now I want more. I want it harder. I want him to hurt me to the point where the pain is severe, where I have to breathe into it to tolerate it, and where it sends me even deeper into subspace. I want photos of the marks he leaves on my body, which I will treasure as tokens of the depth of our relationship – while admitting that I used to think you all were VERY weird for posting your own pictures. I want it all, because I am curious – I want to explore my limits. I want it because being in subspace is an idnescribable feeling. And I want it to please him. As a gift of my submission. Not just as part of a game but because I care for him that much.

    Just one more point, since this has already been way too long for someone else’s blog. Anonymous speaks with concern of how young Pixie sounds. I don’t know how old she actually is, but I can say this. Me, I’m an aging baby boomer. The academician is 22 years younger. But when he says the magic words that send me straight down into subspace, whether on-line or on the phone or during our 3 magical days together, I feel very very young. Young and small and sometimes scared but always, underneath, very very safe. And while I can’t explain it, for some bizarre psychological reason, the rest of the time I feel stronger, proud and strong, incredibly secure, and cared for in a way I have never experienced before. So I am not ashamed, I am liberated, and we are both intensely happy.

    (Apologies for how long this was.)

  18. I’m so glad I stumbled into this posting today….

    Sir and I just had a conversation yesterday about marks and the beauty of them. A couple of years ago, I would have told you I didn’t like them. I didn’t want bruises or welts or anything that would last more than an hour or so. Yesterday, I was upset because there weren’t any bruises left from my spanking….

    I love seeing those marks….

  19. I suppose this is the reason that my favorite colors are Red. Black. and Blue! Nothing shows me how courageous and strong and beautiful i am as when i see those tell tale marks, and how much i am loved or i wouldnt have them!

  20. one of the saddest things is that the more i get spanked, caned, whipped etc, the less the marks show. I once had a caning that lasted for 6 weeks but now the same level of caning has gone after a couple of days. I love the visual and i love the soreness when i sit but sadly they just dont last any more.

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