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Anal Beads……who knew?


He was in a funny mood and I knew it from the second I got to the apartment. Both of us had worked all day and snuck out early to be together. I was giggly and he was patient. I knew that it would be an easy session with Richard….OK, maybe easy is never the right or the best word. What I am trying to say is that oftentimes it is apparent from the moment we meet at the apartment that he is in the mood to hurt me or humiliate me. Today it felt different.

He told me there was something new he wanted me to experience. I always love when he tells me that. My mind searches for answers and I can never guess what it is. As much as I have experienced I know that there is so much to come. The past couple months have been spent with Richard easing me into serving him anally. I wonder though if easing is not the exact word I seek today…because if I remember right the first time he took me that way it was unexpected and anything but easy. I had limited experience with anal sex before Richard. Mark introduced me to this particular pleasure that was anything but (pardon the bun….I mean pun) at the time. Feel free to read about it here…

….my I am in a corny mood….must be the fact I am spending the Labor Day weekend at the coast and then the day I get back Richard comes home.

Anyway since my time and experience with Mark was limited so was his opportunity to train me to be accostomed to anal sex. The few times we did it I remember it as being painful…yet that was part of the appeal (for both of us).

Richard has had plenty of opportunity to introduce me to anal delights.  And he started pretty early into our relationship letting me know that would be expected of me. I still remember the very first time he penetrated me anally….but that isn’t what I am writing about today. Some things take ALOT of time to develop into writing material. Lets just say it happened on one of the afore mentioned days when he felt like hurting me….

But not on this day…today he started by giving me a  hard spanking. Richard doesn’t always ‘just’ spank me so when he does I always remember it. And even at it’s hardest I can take’s his hand and I accept that pain easily. Usually it is caning or the crop or whatever he pulls out of his magic sadistic mystery bag for the day. Today it was a spanking. As he spanked me he told me what he was going to do to me next….he had beads. Anal beads he said and he told me he was going to slip them…well you know where they go. He showed them to me and they looked harmless enough. I guess I didn’t understand the appeal. I mean…they were small and round and not at all scary or even erotic looking. In my mind if I was going to have something back there…I should be able to feel it. Right? 🙂

I spoke my concerns and with amusement in his eyes he started to explain how it worked. And this is terribly humiliating to even tell you but now that I have started I can’t stop now. As I was over his knee he pressed one finger into my bottom and told me to squeeze his finger hard as I could. So I did. I felt concious of being full…and I liked that feeling of having his finger inside of me.  I wonder if Richard realized how humiliating that was….but it gets worse. Next he told me to try and push his finger out of my bottom. What !! I thought…that is impossible. I was flushed and shy but I did it. I turned my face away and pushed just a little, I mean who can look at someone when you are trying to push their finger out of your butt? I mean, really!  He explained that both actions gave me different sensations just as there would be different sensations with the beads…different going in…different coming out and that I could control some of the sensation with my own muscle. Ok..Ok..I was ready for anal bead 101 to be over…though I really did appreciate him for being so informative. I also appeciated the fact that he really lubed up the beads, he said that it isn’t likely the beads would hurt me but sometimes the string can cut your skin. Isn’t he a nice guy? I know how he would feel if he hurt me. 🙂

So he put extra lubricant on the beads and told me he was ready. Still…I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t expect to love or hate them. I remember feeling a tad ambivalant about the experience. The first one went in and I thought..oh this is ok. It felt strange like the tip of a finger but only I felt myself close entirely around it. It was an odd feeling. And then the second one went in and the feeling was turning more and more odd until I realized I liked it. I liked the opening- closing sensation…and the full kind of shifty feeling I felt the more beads he slid inside of me. I was squirming over his knee in pleasure…..I was in Heaven. It was the type of pleasure that just rolls out of you. I was literally purring right there across his lap. I can’t even imagine the picture I made….and I didn’t care. It was nothng but pleasure and I knew that Richard enjoyed giving me pleasure on this day as much as he enjoys giving me pain on others. It is all the same to me.. :).

What goes up must come down….what goes in must come out. I had forgotten about that. He pulled them out once just to put them back in…again more squirming…more purring. It was one of THE MOST pleasurable experiences of my life. I love anal beads…who knew?

I thought later about that silly fairy tale..the one about Jack. Remember how his mother was furious when he traded the family cow for ‘magic beans’. I am thinking now that Jack’s mother was disappointed because at first she thought Jack said….”Look mom..magic beads!” Imagine her let down when he handed her beans. 🙂

Anyway…his hand began to stroke me. I was dripping wet and the sensation of having his fingers steadily rubbing my clit and the shifty rolling rhythm of my magic beads inside of me my orgasm was easy to come by. As my orgasm surged forward I asked almost in time if I could come..he laughed out loud at me…but still told me yes…”Yes” he said. “You can cum, my toy.”

As I came he pulled the beads out of my body and my orgasm doubled in its intensity. I falt as if my orgasm came from back there…a jolt of cum shocks exploded with the removal of each bead! It was a long orgasm the kind that lingers…the kind I can’t breath through.

Another amazing new experience. I wanted to do it again right away but he said no…but he was happy that I loved it. I could tell. It was a fun experience and I guess I’ll submit to it again.

I mean if he really wants me to. 🙂 After all…I just do what I’m told, right?

12 thoughts on “Anal Beads……who knew?

  1. “I wanted to do it again right away”

    That is such a gorgeous statement from a gorgeous girl. Beautifully written, what an experience. We have some, but haven’t used them yet. Now I’m very keen.


  2. Yes, anal orgasms are so different from the other kinds. I always catagorize them as “clitoral orgasms” — which are kind of short intense jolts, and “vaginal orgasms” — which are more fulfilling, a richer longer sensation. And then the “anal orgasms” which are just so deeply profound it’s impossible to describe them!

    I started out with “easy anal” — never really experienced any anal pain when first playing with it with my lovers because we were all so gently tentative.

    I love my Master taking me roughly in my ass, now. I can’t get enough of that pain!

    I think it’s easier if you start with the kind anal experiences like you had with Richard and the anal beads (doesn’t that sound like a ’50’s band: “Richard And The Anal Beads”!) and then progress to the more painful encounters. But I’m glad you’re able to have both (I was worried about you when you first put up the post about Mark and how difficult and painful anal was for you. I’m so glad you’re getting all kinda of experiences now!)

  3. I loooove my pretty pink anal balls. I’m so glad you got to experience some of your own! I’m sure it won’t be the last time. 🙂


  4. I am yet to try anal beads… really actually I am “almost” an anal virgin. It’s been awhile since my last anal encounter. But the beads do make me curious.

  5. i would love anal beads so much more if i wasnt so scared of making a mess. Do you do any bowel prep or are you just totally secure in your body. I think it may be the nurse in me that knows to much lol.

  6. loving where he is taking you. I agree with geltsgirl..I worried when your first anal experience seemed so traumatic for you when it really didn’t have to be. A few of out here wanted to shake M.

    So has anything else developed with the ‘pee’ thing you wrote about? I ask because I am facing this and need to hear how you handled it or if you did.

  7. What I love best about this story is having such a good idea of how it is going to turn out for pixie.

    I KNOW she is going to lvoe it, so it’s got all the elements of a great anti-tragedy … in the end everyone is going to be sooooo happy, and you know it the whole time!

  8. pixie,

    anal beads are soooo nice. i am so glad you got some fun and orgasmic butt love because it can be a really mindblowingly incredible experience. i hate that everyone (or almost everyone) has a really painful first experience back there. i’m glad you have had a nice one, and hope that you are now on the road to loving anal play. it’s sooo nice when it’s done right!

    and katie is right, sometimes it can be messy (which is why i love disposable enema bottles so much 😉

  9. my oh my pixie, you can tell a story. I have found that anal beads can be a superb addition to anal play. Especially for the beginner and , yes my dear I consider you to be a beginner. The worst thing a Dom or any man can do is remove the beads as if he is starting his lawnmower. I am pleased for your sake that Richard has a better technique.

    I would worry less about the potential mess pixies readers. As a submissive pixie allows Richard to worry about that and for all we know he is having her do that. And consider another possibility- the possible humiliation of a mess may add to the dynamic of the scene. She is after all, such a bad girl.

    Funny, honest writing as usual pixie dear.

  10. oh pixie…i love anal play….though i have not tried the beads…i think i should do some shopping…although i think they are already on my shopping list…lol.


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