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Dom space… explained by Richard

Pixie and I were relaxing after a fairly intense late afternoon and early
evening together.  We were starving, and about to get up and go have
dinner.  The restraints were all off (although the Velcro restraints had
been ripped off her and were still hanging from the ropes extending from
the 4 corners of the bed).  I was sitting on the bed next to her and she
rolled over to find that she was laying on her collar which I had earlier
removed.  She handed it to me and playfully said I could use it on her.  I
gave her a small swat on the butt with her collar.

It made a nice sound.  She said “you don’t really like belts.”  I will
have to leave it to her to describe the look on my face, but later we
laughed about the obvious breakdown in communication!  I said “its YOU who
doesn’t like belts.”  I got up and fished around in the bag for a real
belt, and folded it in half, holding both ends in my hand so that if
formed a short loop about 18 inches long.  Just enough for a good, solid
swat.  As I began using it on her beautiful butt, I quickly escalated to
very hard strokes, and she arched her back to present her ass to me for

Belts make such a nice sound, and sounds add so much to an experience.
Who doesn’t love the sound a cane makes as it whips through the air,
ending in a satisfying crack?  Or the broader, smacking sound of a paddle
on a submissive’s ass?  And the belt also produces an immediate redness –
visual gratification to go with the aural.  As pixie’s ass turned bright
red with inch-wide strap marks, my brain began to slide into what we
laughingly call “Dom space.”

I have tried to describe this to pixie, and usually end up saying it is an
“indescribable” feeling – not terribly helpful, I admit.  But this time it
was especially strong.  Every stroke brought a slight “ooh” from my lips,
almost like a heavy breath exhaling with a hint of voice in it.  Just an
“oh” slipping softly out of me.  A groan, almost primitive.  I felt like I
was melting into her.  Every few strokes I had to pause and just lay my
head on the back of her neck and breath into her and smell her and just
try to meld with her.  And then more, over and over until my brain was
mush.  And each time I would sit back up and she would push her ass back
into the air inviting more, presenting her ass to signify that while her
mouth was saying “please, no more” her body wanted more and was offered to
me in either case.  There is nothing like seeing pixie offer her ass up to
me, already covered with cane marks, and now bright red from the belt.

While there is no doubt this Dom Space feeling is sexual, and produces
very good feelings “down there” 🙂 it is not primarily physical.  It is
an intense feeling in my head.  It washes over me, it pulls me into a
place where each stroke of pain comes back to me as pure pleasure,
concentrated, focused behind my eyes yet quickly diffusing through my
brain.  If I could see it, it would be fog spreading out inside my head,
dimly lit – white but not glaringly white.  Imagine taking the intensity
of feeling from your cock/clit (choose one LOL) just before you orgasm,
concentrating it further, and injecting it into your brain.  It is pure,
raw feeling – and it makes me slow down yet increase the intensity of each
piece of pain I inflict.  The space between each ‘pain event’ increases,
the level of each intensifies.  And every one shoots another shot of that
pleasure feeling into my blood.  And pixie can feel it too, and she offers
me more and more, and it all begins to feed on itself, and ….. oh.

I gave her one last, really hard stroke, and she arched up in agony and
just locked up trying to get on top of the pain.  I laid my weight down on
her back, until she recovered, and then I whispered “turn over.”  She
immediately rolled over, hands above her head, a look of mixed fear and
lust on her face.  I used just the single end of the belt on her front,
again quickly escalating to sharp swats on her breasts and the flat spot
just above her cunt., all the while rubbing her wetness.  I alternated
between her thighs, her breasts and her lower stomach.  Every few swats I
would remove my hand from her crotch and bring the belt end sharply across
her cunt.  She was writhing in pain and desire and was obviously close to
cumming, when she said “please.”  “Please what?” I said.  “Please put your
finger in me.”  I pushed a finger into her cunt, and slipped another into
her ass, gave her a few more swats on her nipples, then put my face next
to hers and told her to cum for me.  She immediately convulsed in an
orgasm and clenched so hard she pushed my finger right out of her ass.

And then, dinner had to wait, as we became animals……

12 thoughts on “Dom space… explained by Richard

  1. Richard, thank you so much for this description of “Dom Space.” it is exactly what i’ve been needing and searching for.

  2. omg. that was soooo hot. and for something you labeled ‘indescribable’, you did a pretty good job of describing!


  3. Wonderful post Richard. Thank you for sharing. I read this outloud to Amorphous because I wanted to know if he shared the same thoughts. (which he does).

  4. this is helpful to all submissives who wonder what their Dom feels. I like this post. I like pixie and I like knowing she has what she does. I hope to hear more from Richard.

    Richard, what does pixie call you? Just curious. 😉 And do you ever get scared you could really hurt her? I mean harm her, I know hurt is a wrong word. ????

  5. eleminop, pixie calls me Sir or Richard. Usually after a direct command, she says yes, Sir. If she is in trouble, she says Richard. But during normal conversation, it is usually Richard.

    I don’t get scared about harming her. I know it could happen. She knows it. In other words, we both know there is risk. She knows I am careful, and she trusts me, but we both know I could make a mistake. But I wouldn’t use the word “scared.” We know that what we are doing is at the edge, and it sounds very risky, but we are careful, we try to minimize the risks, and we accept the risks. So, I do worry about it and think about it, and do my best to be careful. And I can tell you that while we have recently learned that I want to hurt her more than she wants to be hurt, it is my job not to go beyond what her body can take. There are many times when she has said, at that moment I could have taken anything, and I have responded, yes, in your head, but I decided that your body had had enough and I stopped.

  6. I must admit I am a bit envious of the intense relationhip you are sharing. Apparently bittersweet though, since you both have the end somewhere in sight. A hopeless romantic, I find myself wishing your circumstances would change and it would not “have” to end. Also always curious, Pixie – I like your photos, but I’ve gotta say – I can’t be the only one out here wanting to see your Richard – he seems incredible.

  7. As a submissive, it’s so hard to understand the “Dom Space”. Thank you for that wonderful description Richard. It’s very appreciated and helps me to appreciate my Richard even more.

  8. This was absolutely great to read pixie and Richard. I made sure that my Master got a chance to see it too. You have a wonderful blog here and every day I look forward to reading it!

    Thanks for sharing pixie!

    ~slave nena

  9. thanks for explaining this Richard…i am still trying to get to the place that pixiepie goes…i am not sure it will ever happen for me…but, it is nice to know that there is also a “space” for Doms too! xoxo

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