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Richard and I live about an hour from each other. Our jobs put us in closer proximity to each other yet it is still quite a drive sometimes with traffic. So…….

Richard rented us a small apartment between our homes so we can have a place to be together without one of us always traveling the longer distance. Yet last night Richard was tired and really wasn’t expecting me to text him and say… “want to see me tonight?”. After all we had spent the previous night together. My plans for the day ended earlier than expected and so….I couldn’t help but text him hoping he would want to meet at the apartment.

He suggested I come to his house instead…..he told me to stop at the apartment and pick up a few things. “Bring a medium sized cane….no, make it a smaller one. One of the whippy ones. I am thinking I should give your bottom a rest after yesterday. And the whippier one can be used anywhere.”

Gulp………….but really I was grateful. You have no idea how very grateful I was when he said that. The previous morning had included a hard experience involving a small knife and a little blood. I am not quite ready to go into any great detail, it’s enough to say that I am grateful he was willing to give me time to recover.

Anyway…so when I walked into the apartment I picked out two of my favorite canes…my wrist restraints…a large cosmetic bag full of clothespins and a half full bottle of wine from dinner the night before. I thought it would go great with the dinner that I knew Richard was cooking for us. Grilled pork chops….baked potatoes….salad and wine.  I think every sub should have a Dom like that. 🙂


I walked into his house and he was grilling the pork chops out on his deck. Now there is something about a handsome man cooking….grilling is even better. He greeted me and told me how lovely I looked, teased me about my little dress and gave me a

a huge hug. He wanted to see my bottom right away to see how I was healing so  he turned me around and lifted my skirt right there in the kitchen. Something told me the movie I rented to help him feel better would go unwatched. He casually explored my body with his hands. After a few more seconds he patted me on the bottom…..and isn’t that the universal sign to go ahead and stand up. I strightened myself and let my dress fall back into place. His smile told me he was pleased to see me even though he wasn’t feeling 100%. He looked just fine to me though and I have to wonder if his sniffles were not just a sly way to get me to drive into the city.


We shared a wonderful dinner. He is such a fun conversationsalist. I knew that the very first time I sat down with him. He is engaging and interesting. And I am almost at the point where I can sit through a meal with him without feeling nervous. Plus he is an awesome cook.

With dinner behind us and the wine bottle now emptied he suggested we go into his bedroom. He asked to see what I brought with me and I showed him the two canes and then the bag of pins and restraints that I had decided to bring on my own. His eyebrow lifted slightly and he looked at me a bit appraisingly. I think he was pleased that I took the initiative to pick something else out.

I have an issue with clothespins. Clothespins and clamps are the best kind of pain. They do not give that crisp white bite of pain like the cane does…it isn’t thuddy like a paddle or snappy like a belt. It is a pain that bites right away and then grows hot and achey. And when there are only a few on it is agony because you have to feel the individual bites and it is so isolated. When there are a lot on it is almost easier to take because it becomes one big pain and it hard to tell where each clips hurts…and it is hard to tell if it is his fingers pulling up your skin to apply another clip or is it just the pull of an existing pin. Richard does very little in moderation and tonight was no different.

I stood in front of him and he pulled my dress over my head tossing it on the chair in his room. My panties came off next and I was standing nude in front of him. He always takes a minute to just look at me after undressing me. I never feel more naked than when his eyes search my entire body. I feel trembly sometimes and shaky standing there in front of him knowing what he has done to me, knowing what he is capable of doing to me.


He told me to lay down across the bed and he laid down beside me. Sometimes he right away jumps into whatever sadistic evil plan he has in his head…meaning sometime the pain comes right away. Tonight he pulled me against him and kissed me deeply. I am still in awe from Richard’s kisses. With his kisses usually comes pain..his hands find my breasts and pull and twist my nipples painfully. He bites and and nips at my lips and my neck and…oh I have trouble writing about this sometimes because I can just get so amazingly hot replaying it in my head. Kisses from Richard are perfection. He doesn’t come across at first as the kind of Dominant that likes to kiss his sub…I do not think he has always kissed his submissives. I get lots of kisses though and it feels right and natural and so I greedily take them. Like he said to me today…”what a greedy little cunt you are.”

He sat up and started to put my restraints on my wrists. I think I say this everytime I mention my restraints but I LOVE THEM!!! They are the one thing I carried over from my relationship with M to my relationship with R. I guess when I was given to Richard he should have been told…accessories sold separetly. 🙂

Once my restraints were on he played with me a bit more and I was eager to do whatever he asked so when he told me he wanted my lips around his cock I didn’t hesitate. I like being down there against the very heat of him. I like how he smells and I like the weighted feel of him in my mouth. I especially like when he holds my head still and thrusts into my mouth..and the feeling of barely being able to take all of him without gagging. I like doing this for him and love how he can just tell me to do it anytime. He knows I will obey him.

He had me on my back he opened up the bag of clothes pins. I had added to the bag two clips that have a semi heavy metal chain connecting them. He dumped them all out on the bed beside me and immediatly pulled that set from the pile. “Ahhh…perfect” he said laying it to the side. He told me to spread my legs for him. This is still a little hard sometimes but I managed to do it without fussing too much. He pinched each of my nipples hard and I felt a slight sheen of sweat creep from beneath my skin to dampen my breasts.

He picked up the pins with the heavy chain between them and placed one pin on one nipple and then the second one on the other. He kissed the tips of my nipples and pulled on the chain. I heard myself moan and lift up to follow the pull of the chain. He dropped it suddenly and instead started to apply the pins in a circle around my breasts. First one and then the other… pin after pin they went on. Each one hurting worse than the first one. He is an expert at what skin is the most sensitive. He clipped the skin right above my cunt…right at my hairline. He ran a string of pins down each side biting into the thin skin covering my ribs.


He told me he was going to use them all. I was pouring sweat and trying so hard to satay on top of this pain. I felt a tug to be pulled away…I was on the cusp of slipping into super sub space. I knew I dangerously close to the edge and the part of me that so desperatly needed this pain welcomed him when he pressed his hand down against my pin covered breast…causing them all to pull my tight skin in a thousand different biting directions. He pulled at them and pressed into them. His lips kissed me again and I felt his mouth at my throat. He bit softly into my skin and continued downward biting at my nipples once more.

His hand rested at my throat and he tapped my cheek gently. I looked up at him thinking he was making sure I had not slipped away. After I looked up at him he brought his hand down across my cheek. He slapped me again, and then again across my face. Hard enough where I could feel the imprint of his fingers but not hard enough to leave a lasting bruise or mark. He rarely hits me in the face but when he does….wow. It is the swiftess way to sub space, Nothing focuses me faster or more completly than his hand coming down across the same cheek that his hands so lovingly caress.


What goes on must come off… and the light in his eyes changed. I knew he was ready to take them off. Now for anyone who has never had clothespins on your body let me explain something. They are a thousand times worse coming off. Maybe a million. And there were so many on me. I felt the familiar wave of panic pull me down. I heard my voice begging him not to take them off, I felt his resolve in his grasp as he pressed my hands back above my head. I hated myself for begging and for the fear of the pain that I knew was coming. He soothed me….he calmed me with his words and while holding my hands above my head he removed at least six of the clips with his mouth. It was the most sensually painful experience ever. It was fierce pain given as gently as possible. Somehow though it didn’t meet his sadistic need to hurt me. His fingers grasped the middle of the chain and he began to pull. “I am going to pull this off. ” he said.

“No..please,”  I rememeber saying trying to clutch at his hands. He brushed me away and pulled the chain hard….and finally the biting stretch gave way and the clips were off my nipples. “Thank you.”  I whispered against his mouth.

He pulled one and then the other into his mouth biting at me. I was a damp mass of pain in his bed….terrified of what was to come knowing he would show me no mercy. I felt him grasp three clips together and pull. And then three more. With every group that came off he rubbed the skin and made me cry out from the pain of his touch.

Most of the clothespins were off. I struggled against him the pain was so intense. “I want my cock in your mouth when I pull of the rest.” he said this low against my ear as he started to push me lower down his body. I was barely able to draw him into my mouth so overwhelmed I was with the pain and with just trying to calm down enough to breath. I stopped once and he prctically growled for me to continue. I felt his hand on the clips and felt him press deeply into my mouth and I know I moaned against his cock anticipating the coming pain. When it came I cried out loudly and it sounded muffled and strained against his thrusts into my mouth.

What helped me focus at this point was knowing they were at last all off. I was so close to crying, so close to losing it but never did. He pulled me up closer to himand help me tightly while I trembled. I felt my small shakes and wondered why I was shaking…the fear was past..the anticipation was gone. I was safe and was being held tightly…yet still I trembled. It was a hard intense experience that I know brings him amazing pleasure.

I didn’t think I had slipped away…didn’t really recognize coming in and out of sub space this time. I knew I left because today when he emailed me the picture I couldn’t remember him taking it. I am so glad he did. I can’t quit looking at it. It is one of my favorites so far because it captures so much of my submission….the powerful offering of trust, vulnerability, love and desire that can be trivialized and minimized as being ‘just D/s’.


14 thoughts on “Clothespins

  1. What a great explanation of the clothespins Pixie Pie. They are so very intense and you are right when you said they hurt more coming off. I have had them flogged off and thought I would die from it. Isn’t it sexy to watch a man cook a meal for you!!!!

  2. I didn’t realize how many different levels of submission there were until reading and becoming familiar with other people’s blogs. You put a lot out here for us to read pixie and I am impressed by how open and accpeting you are of of your submission. Not only your submission but your thoughts and feelings come through so clearly here and if any of your readers are like me they feel like they know you. Your posts are inspiring and I think you are brave and sweet and lucky to have Richard in your life.
    The picture is flawless.

  3. The picture IS flawless, I must agree with ~A~.

    Richard does a wonderful job of course a fumbling five year old could photograph you pixie using a $3 camera and it would be just as lovely. You are a treasure.
    Your thoughts bring a lot to my mind and I find myself thinking of you and your situation often. I wonder how wise this all is. If all parties know this is ending eventually shouldn’t some measures be taken along the way to lessen the pain that is going to come when it is over? I know this has been discussed before but how much thought has been given to when Richard is only an archive. I only bring this up because of where this is going. Between cooking dinner and kissing and spending nights together how is this maintaining distance between a sub that you (Richard) will eventually leave. I am not being insulting or judgemental in the least. I worry for pixie and selfishly I worry for her readers (myself) that we will lose parts of her once this ends. Each day when I check this blog I wonder if it will be the start of the Richard and pixie goodbye series and I dread that pain coming for her. I would lessen that pain for pixie if I could and I do not know her so one has to wonder why you (Richard) can’t. I am not suggesting you have anything less than pixies best interest at heart but I must call them as I see them. It is one thing to be commited to taking care of your submissive when you see her day to day- in fact it is in your (Richard) best interest to do so menaing she can offer you more is she is secure and content. That is a strong motivator for Dominants. I know because I have been there and it is easy to brush aside that feeling of ‘ok..she is happy now.’ When you are a June-September (or whenever) archive you will be less motivated to wonder or care how she is mentally and emotionally. I should even add spiritually because it is her spirit that I worry about getting wiped aside here. A wise course of action could be constructing a wall to help block some of the eventual pain. At least now if you build the wall together YOU (Richard) will be here to help her get used to it.

    I want to stress again that I am not judging here just asking. Just wondering why you are plowing head first into something that is going to hit a brick wall sooner than later. It doesn’t seem like the best course to be on.

  4. Lacking the crystal ball that the above poster seems to have, I don’t (and can’t) know how long any given relationship might last… except that I can say that almost all of them don’t last more than 100 years!

    But I will say that it saddens me to see people like the above try to project their own failures on others. Maybe their style of dominance cannot tolerate the sorts of intimacies described, such as cooking and kissing and sleeping together. And if so, I’m sorry for their failure and the lack that their inabilities creates for them.

    One of my favorite observations to this sort of misguided dogma is this: suppose a car pulls up to the curb; the driver gets out, and moves briskly round to the other side to open the passenger side door. The passenger then steps out of the car and they go off together. The question is… who is the dom?

    Is it the passenger, being waited on by the driver? Or is it the driver, causing the passenger to remain where they are until instructed to move?

    The thing is… as an observer, you cannot tell. Sure, some people will project their view onto others, and claim that it must be one (or the other) because that is how _they_ would do it. But the reality is simply that, since people are individuals, no two relationships are alike, and it depends on their personal dynamic.

    So is Richard’s intimacies with Pixie a sign of some impending failure, or a sign of strength in that he can use her as a culinary ‘victim’ and an on-call kissee? My vote, and my experience, is that the latter is more likely. Well adjusted humans tend to build relationships that are all-encompassing, rather than artificially limited.

    I suspect the problem that people like the above have is that they see dominance as formulaic (“I am the dom therefore I must do X”), rather than a relationship dynamic (“I am the dom, so the buck stops here”). If you look at natural instances of dominance, such as wolf packs and the like, the assertion of power is a limited and controlled dynamic. The alpha doesn’t have to build walls to protect his dominance, because if he needs a wall, he’s not truly self-sufficient and therefore not independently dominant.

    To put it yet another way, I think “Dr Dom” is full of fecal matter, and I think that without any faux concern for anyone’s mental, emotional, or spiritual health, or even the state of their toe nails.

  5. Gelt_Guy, I have to come to Dr. Dom’s defense here. Both pixie and I read his comment soberly and will have a serious response. We have always taken his advice seriously; he has a good understanding of the issues that face me and pixie. He knows, as you may not, that pixie and I face an artificially short relationship (see prior posts and comments). And we have no doubt that his concern for pixie is real. I think his comment is exactly that “the buck stops” with me, Richard; and his question as to why I am not taking steps to protect pixie from herself is a valid question. As I said, we will have a comment – I think we are both letting the questions posed settle in a bit. We want to respond with the same thoughtfulness that is shown in the comment. Pixie is tied up today (figuratively) and will be tied up tonight (literally), so it may be a day or so before we are ready to respond fully to Dr. Dom (except for that fumbling 5-year old with a $3 camera remark, which I must immediately object to- lol – ok, you’re right, she is photogenic, isn’t she?!).

  6. Thank you Richard for your defense of my words. Pixie I must apoligize to you for offering my own response to gelts but I seem to be lacking in self control today. Perhaps it is your lovley picture.
    With that said gelts I would like to explain that I am in no way attempting to put what Richard and pixie share in some box constructed of fallen wood from my own failures. My only failure in life up until now is not having a pixie. 🙂 I did not mean to imply that Richard’s obvious devotion and possibly even love for his pixie makes him less of a Dominant. My words were meant to remind them both that one day this will end. I know this because this is not the first post of pixies that I have read. In fact I am an avid reader and know that a real concern of theirs is the fact (for whatever reason) this relationship is predestined to end at an almost predetermined time. Any idiot reading pixie knows she is sensitive and that she has a child like vulnerability that is endearing. She also thinks she is half in love with Richard. Richard being what I assume is the older more experienced half of this D/s pair has a responsibility to pixie that certainly MUST go on past the day they say a final goodbye. My suggestion that they not share day to day intimacies is only reflective of my concern that what pixie may find impossible to face (losing Richard) he has the responsibility to face for her. And not later, not a week before it ends but now- yesterday in fact. Even if it means letting her go in some ways before he has to. That is a sign of being a true dominant- and I do not doubt Richard is anything less. My main point is that if you cloud this sort of relationship (not D/s but a relationship with a predetermined end date) with kisses and wine ladden dinners it may very well prove more difficult for Richard to do the right thing.

  7. oh my pixie…what an absolutely breathtaking photo…i do not know how you handled all of those pins…your writing is inspiring…you are both lucky to have each other! xoxo

  8. I confess that I had forgotten that the relationship is necessarily of limited duration. So on that point I apologize to Dr Dom for some of the _tone_ of my remarks.

    But I do not retract one iota of the substance.

    The fact is that all relationships end, and only a very small proportion end with the death-from-old-age of one of the participants. So there’s nothing new there.

    And as to the rest, well, that old softy Tennyson sums it up pretty well:

    I hold it true, whate’er befall;
    I feel it when I sorrow most;
    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all.

    We only live once. Why artificially reduce the joy and love we can have in our life just because that joy will come to an end? Because it will come to an end, no matter what, either by death or growth or something else.

    Life is not a zero-sum game; joy experienced now doesn’t mean that you won’t be joyful later. Love now doesn’t subtract from love later.

    Sure, breaking up from a great relationship is much harder than from a lousy one, but (since all relationships end), take that to the extreme and you’ll see that, in essence, Dr Dom’s advise boils down to “never fall in love because of the pain that you’ll feel when it ends”.

    And the related point is that none of us can know what our future holds. Maybe that next relationship will be strictly vanilla, and all involved will be OK with that, which would mean that this time you have now is the _only_ time she’ll have. Or maybe not. But (as I suggested before) crystal balls are hard to find (and notoriously unreliable…)

  9. Before I respond more fully to Dr. Dom, I did want to offer up the comment that, when I took a handful of clothes pins and ripped them off pixie’s body, I experienced that maximum Dom Space I wrote about recently. Maybe better than a good caning. I was all over her, our bodies entwined, and then a handful of pins, 5-6 at a time, just grabbing them and yanking them off her, and immediately mauling her and burying my face in her neck. Indescribable – really maximum Dom space. Just…. I don’t know… just the most intense feeling you can imagine.

  10. gelts, thank you for the apology. It was unnecessary though as I understand what motivated you to say what you did. I would never suggest to not live in the moment or love for today. I am more focused on this situation and less about the philosophies of life and living in the moment. For example, M, aka superman was EVERYTHING to pixie and not too long ago. Though most of us saw through that relationship it was real and intense for pixie even if it failed to meet her needs. She was literally crushed when she ended it and her sadness is still felt in some of her posts. Multiply that by 10 and that is the tip of what she may feel when Richard ends it with her. I worry less about telling them to live in the moment and more about protecting her from herself. It is certainly not my role and I have never been invited to have or even share these concerns but I (for whatever reason) care what happens to her. I know Richard does too. I have no doubt she is in an amazing relationship that she never expected to have. The blogs that I follow I follow closely. I feel as if I know a lot about pixie. When she is happy I am happy when she is sad it sits with me all day. I dread the coming days for her.

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