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Email from Richard

I had a date tonight with Liam….so much is happening here I am having trouble keeping up with it all. I HAVE to catch you up. He now knows about Richard…knows I am submissive and as it turns out has had some D/s experiences of his own. I must have an antenna for men like him…though interestingly enough Liam is NOT an attorney, a profession that both of the Dominant men in my life have in common. Of course my antenna hasn’t always been accurate, look at Jay. A nice guy but not at all Dominant.
Anyway…so tonight I was out with Liam. Really he was here at my house and we were talking about Richard and the future..I even told him about M and how that came to pass. I feel extremely connected to him right now. It feels good to talk to him and suddenly realize he understands me and that he is worthy of my time and therefor my words. I like how he listens when I talk to him and the speckles in his eyes.

It was nice being with him..relaxing here at my home. It seems so right when we are together. It felt so right when he kissed me and held my hand. He didn’t try anything else really. I like how his hand rested on the side of my neck when he kissed me and the way he smelled. He said I tasted sweet and that he could kiss me on and on if he could. He kissed my neck and put his hand on the back of my head in that perfect kissing grip.

Argh…anyway enough about that. What I really wanted to say is that my head is on straight. Richard and I are perfect…Liam has Richard’s blessing to go forward with me and I have convinced Richard to not give me up a second before he has to. He is good for me….he makes me a better person and brings so much clarity and focus to an otherwise random mind.

So tonight after Liam kissed me goodbye and left I couldn’t wait to see if Richard had emailed me. I was in that soft, girly romantic head space that Liam brings out in me when I opened this email from Richard. Subject line simply said…..Good Evening My Sweet cunt. Nothing like a reality check. 🙂 I am wondering how this is all going to play out. Richard is my Dominant….he has enough testosterone for 15 men. He also has a jealous streak that he barely represses when it comes to me. Yet he wants to do right by me and knows Liam is good for me. Liam is also a Dominant man though not as experienced as Richard. He is possessive yet cautiously so as he knows an ultimatum at this point would mean he loses me.
Anyway….so I wanted to share Richard’s email. I think he must have been thinking of me tonight.

Subject line: Good Evening….My sweet cunt.

Imagine yourself on your back, with your butt in the air, perhaps with your back up against a sofa, so that your weight is on your shoulders and your legs are up and your feet are near your head, but your ass and cunt are facing up and exposed. I am putting a candle in your cunt and in your ass and lighting them. Soon hot wax begins to run down the candle, and onto your most tender spots. The hotter it is, the more it hurts, the more you squirm, the more wax runs down. After a while I take the candle from your cunt and drip hot wax on your nipples. I take the candle out of your ass and make you hold it in your mouth, being as still as possible to keep the wax from running down onto your mouth, lips. In the end, I press the lit end of each candle against the skin on your stomach, putting the flames out with your tender skin.

It hurts, and it makes you cry.

But I am not finished with you.
As a nice change of pace to the heat of the candles, I go to the freezer and bring a bucket of ice cubes. I slowly push an ice cube into your cunt. Then another. And another. I fill your cunt up with ice cubes. I also slip a few into your ass. Now you are so cold you can barely stand it. So cold it hurts. I begin to fuck you, sloshing in and out as the ice slowly turns to water. Your cunt is like an ice bucket, ice water sloshing out and running down your legs as I push into you. Periodically, I push more cubes into you to replace the melted ones. The cold makes you clench so tight that when you finally clench with an orgasm, you are so tight I can barely move in you.

You are such a cunt. After I cum in you, I return to the freezer and get a popsicle, which I fuck you with. Finally, I take the cum-covered, cunt-juice-soaked popsicle out and make you eat it.

Good night, my submissive slut, my toy, my fuck-hole,
your loving owner,

10 thoughts on “Email from Richard

  1. ah, what a week. Between telling Liam she is a submissive, and running away to the beach, and then rejecting Liam’s ulitmatums and Richard’s attempt to “go all honorable on me” (as pixie put it), we end up with Liam and pixie happily developing a relationship, carefully moniitored, eoncouraged, and controlled by pixie’s Dominant. NOW all we have to do is figure out all the details. Who was it that said, “hold on, here we go!”
    Oh, and then pixie asked me to write her a dirty email. One of these days I’ll learn, or at least not be surprised to find it on her blog the next morning.

  2. Go Richard…Go Richard…go go go Richard. 🙂
    This is hot hot hot! Even without the hot wax this is an amazing fantasy. Pixie you are crazy lucky to be living what is the dream of so many of us. A strong Dominant, experienced and skilled and on top of that a sexy new boyfriend. You go girl. 🙂 Can we see a picture of Liam? What about Richard?

  3. what i want to know is how R would stay hard after sticking his cock in a ‘bucket of ice’??? that must be some cock….

    congrats on all that’s going well in your life right now, you deserve it:)

  4. naughty,
    in my amazing imagination, anything is possible. But you are right – even if possible it doesn’t sound all that pleasant, does it? Hmmm.. I’ll have to re-think that fantasy! What pixie doesn’t know is that there IS a popsicle with her name on it in the freezer at the apartment lol.

  5. pix, I’m SO glad your shared Richards letter. It was hot, and I know how scarred it makes you to even think about it, that you published it makes it all the better.

    I’m glad Liam’s a good kisser, but I kept waiting for his hand, placed so tenderly on your neck and head to close, ever so slightly in the perfection of his own power…… it just takes a moment, and a slight increase of pressure, or insistence…..

  6. thank you for sharing this pixie. I like seeing inside Richards head almost as much as I like knowing what is going on with you. This Liam situation is interesting. I wonder if it is possible for Richard to share not only your time but your affections. I would hate to see ‘M’ all over again and I doubt you are ready for such turmoil in your life. My advice is to go slow and listen to Richard if he is truly serious about guiding you slowly into what may be a future for you.

    Hot writing Richard. You are a lucky man.

  7. Hi Doctor! The Liam situation is way beyond interesting, although it is that too. It has and will be challenging. The few days after the disclosure were really quite a roller coaster, for all 3 of us.
    To your question, it has been apparent to me for a number of weeks that I am already sharing her affections. That is a good thing – how can she develop a relationship with Liam if she has no affection for him?
    The turmoil will come, as it must, when it is time for me to leave. Until then, we continue to wallow in each other’s company, soaking up as much good as we can. We know you disapprove, but it is the choice we’ve made.

    We now face the difficult issues of a possible, perhaps inevitable, sexual relationship with Liam. “We” being all three of us. So far both Liam and I are swallowing our pride and proceeding cautiously with pixie’s best interest at heart, and I think we both (Liam and I) also understand that this process is better for us too. I don’t want to be the cause of her losing him. He does not want to be the cause of her dismay at losing me, or risk having her stop seeing him rather than give me up. And where is pixie? She is moving forward, knowing that there will be much emotional confusion for a while, and relying on my guidance to help her through it all. I am betting there will be many more posts on these subjects, interspersed with accounts of the awful things I continue to do to her, or imagine doing to her, or which she imagines me doing to her. And one of these days, an account of the things that Liam has done to her. Stay tuned. And yes, I am truly a lucky man.

  8. I am happy for you Pixie that Liam has had some D/s experience… Now Richard, I love the email and let me say that I would be impressed if you can maintain that erection inside Pixie Pie’s “frozen” cunt! *wink*

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