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Intentional Pain….part 2. From Richard

Last night, at the end of the hours we spent together, after I had hung her upside down on her cross, after I had flogged her, after I had caned her very, very hard, even after I had fucked her into several more uncountable orgasms, I pushed pixie back onto the bed and said, “I am going to put a mark on you, on the underside of your arm, where you can show it to Liam.  I want you to show it to him, not to rub his face in it, not in a negative sense or as an exhibition of my power and control over you, but as a means of showing him what you need.  I want you to how it to him, and I want you to tell him ‘I like this.  I liked getting this mark and I like having it on my body.  I will want you to do this to me.’

I want you right now to push on this mark, and the bruise under it, and hurt me.'”

I pulled her arm to her side as I reached into the cabinet for a whippy, plastic cane.  I stretched her arm out from her body and held it up from the bed, so that I could get a good follow through with the cane.  She looked at me with fear.  She whimpered in anticipation.  I stretched her, I told her to tighten up her arm, to extend it as far as she  could.  She turned her head to avoid looking.  I brought the cane down hard across the tender under side of her arm.  She cried out.  I pressed my lips against the mark.  She resisted, she pulled away.  I persisted.  Again she pulled away.  Finally, I held her tight and pressed my lips against the spot where the small red line was appearing.

Later, she told me that it was so erotic, but that the anticipation was almost more than she could bear, that my telling her what I was about to do, and why, and what I wanted her to do afterward, was so hot.  She also
told me it was incredibly cruel.  I agreed.  Really, she told me it was “almost cruel,” and I replied that no, it WAS cruel.  I long ago gave up feeling guilt about this cruel streak, applied to submissives who crave it.  What a great symbiotic relationship.

Unfortunately, the mark faded quickly.  I will have to reapply it with a more suitable cane.  I want Liam to see what she needs, what she likes.  I want to see if the visual excites him, if it has an positive effect on him.  I want her to be able to share this with him, to show him how much
she needs it, how she enjoys it.  I think this might be the first learing experience I am able to give him.

6 thoughts on “Intentional Pain….part 2. From Richard

  1. Yes Dr. Dom…as a matter of fact it is. Please stop making this harder than what it already is. If you can read and post without being insulting than please do so…otherwise find another blog to read.

  2. There are some things he needs to learn. The depth of her need for pain. The pleasure she takes from being marked.
    There are some things about him WE need to learn. Yes, he is Dominant, but can he really give her the pain she needs? Will it be hard for him to do so? Will he enjoy it for its own sake or only to please her? Important questions. Observing his response to seeing her pleasure at having a bruise or welt seems a more accurate way to appraise this than just asking.
    BTW, his response was something about looking forward to leaving his own marks. A good sign.

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