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If you give a Dom an hour……


(my favorite picture ever…sorry if I have already posted it…it reminded me of today)

There is a book I remember from my childhood….called If you Give a Mouse A Cookie. Cute book, all about a furry little mouse who is given a cookie…then of course the mouse wants milk…and then the milk makes him want something else and then that something else makes him want something else. I can’t remember the details of the book but it reminded me of today. It reminded me of lunch today. Richard and I were meeting for lunch…..for a cookie if you will.  At the last minute we decided to meet at the apartment. I felt a strong desire to reconnect with him and he felt the same. We can never get quite enough of each other. We arrived at the same time and walked through the door together. It felt so nice to be there with him again. The room was cozy and nicely lit, it smelled like us. I appreciate every meeting at the apartment because Richard had confirmed he will not renew our lease past October. I guess it only makes sense. November we both travel a lot, Christmas will take us both to different places and our families will occupy much of our time. And January, well who knows what the new year will bring. I do know that we will fit each other in as often as we can as I can’t possibly imagine my life without him in it.

So back to today. I threw myself across our bed and stretched out as soon as we walked in. I peered up at him so very happy to see him. I had already given him the biggest hug ever in the parking lot. He is really such a handsome man. Watching him cross the parking lot towards me my breath sort of did that catchy thing in my throat…you know where you hope he can’t tell that you are visibly shaken by seeing him again. He hugged me back hard and lifted me off the ground. It was a nice hello.

He sat down beside me and pulled me very close to him. He started kissing my hair..finally my lips. Sometime Richard can be surprisingly gentle with me and I melted into his hands as they tilted my face towards his and his hands stroked my cheeks and my hair. As his kisses and hands became more demanding so did my need. It had been too many days since his hands tasted my flesh and I needed to feel him. I needed to reconnect. He stopped kissing me and held me against his chest. I could hear his heart pounding against my cheek and I knew he was as moved by our reunion as as I had been. After all it had been almost a week since I had seen him. 🙂

He pushed me away slightly and leaned back onto the bed. He opened his pants and pulled out his cock. It glistened at the tip and I longed to taste him even before he pushed my towards his crotch. He whispered what he wanted me to do to him and as I did he told me how good it felt, what a good girl I was….how much he had missed me. He lifted my head away from his cock and told me to stand up in front of him. “Hold up your skirt, I want to see your cunt.” he said. I pulled up the front of my skirt showing him my nakedness underneath. He had told me earlier to remove my panties before I left my office. “Pull up your skirt and sit naked on your car seat for the drive in.” he had told me knowing all of that stuff mentally prepares me for submission when we meet. He rubbed my cunt and plunged a finger and then two deep inside of me watching my expression all the entire time. I felt so bad standing in front of him my little dress pulled up his fingers inside of me. “Turn around.” I turned so my backside was facing him and he stroked my bottom and spread my cheeks. He started playing with me there! And I can barely stand up when he does that. I was overcome with need, I wanted him so badly, any part of him. Even being turned away from him was too hard. I risked his displeasure and turned back around on my own and sunk to my knees in front of him. I heard myself whimper and I wasn’t sure why only that I needed something. I closed my eyes and leaned into him, he felt so warm. I felt his cock press against my lips and his hand was on the back of my head holding me still for his thrusts. This only lasted a few minutes before he pulled me across his knee and began spanking me hard with his hand. It was a hard spanking, the kind that is really meant to hurt. I wanted it to hurt. He knew that and was happy to oblige. I closed my eyes as the sound of the spanking filled the room, I love this sound. I love the sound of his hand making contact with my skin. It is intoxicating. He stopped and pulled me back around so I was over his other knee but this time my mouth was positioned to take his cock. He spanked me while I drew him deep in my mouth and I moaned against him time and time again as his hand came down upon my skin. He pushed me off of him and stood up. I stayed on my knees and bent over the bed so my chest was resting across the blanket. He was removing his clothes and as he did I heard the sound of his belt sliding out of his pants. Does anyone know that sound?

A second later I felt the single end of the belt come down brutally across my skin. It was the hardest I think he had ever hit me with his belt. He whispered how he knew it was hard…how he loved hurting me…how he loved that I could take this pain for him that nobody else could. The belt hissed and snapped behind me and each swing of his arm brought a gasp or a cry past my lips. My head was swimming with the pain and I wanted as much as he could give me. He lifted me up and planted me almost face down on the bed. “Get up on your hands and knees.” When I did his hand pressed into my back and pushed me down into the bed. I felt the belt come down across my back and soon my shoulders were hot with the snappy pain. He told me to turn over. He began to use the belt on my breasts paying close attention to my small nipples. I could hear the crack of the strap against my skin. He told me to spread my legs and whispered good girl when I obeyed him without hesitation. There was hardly a spot on my body that he hadn’t marked with his belt. I felt it on the backs of my legs and the tops of my arms…my tummy, my cunt…everywhere felt the sting of his belt. He walked around so he was standing in front of me, my legs were opened wide for him and I felt no shame. He has seen it all, tasted it all, taken it all. He knelt at the foot of the bed and I felt his mouth on me…his teeth grazing my clit and his tongue pressing inside of me. As he tasted me his fingers worked themselves deep inside of me and another finger was inside my ass…pressing hard and deep until I was moaning his name and curling my fists into the blankets. I wish I knew how many times I came….how many times that breathy beg left my mouth. “Please may I cum?” Every-time he said yes..yes he told me, cum for your owner. And I did over and over. I felt wet everywhere and I felt sweat glisten on my body as it tried to cool my heated skin.

He kissed me deeply and I tasted myself on his lips. I felt myself slide back into a submissive head-space that i craved. I was his and at that moment, at any moment I would do whatever he asked of me. I felt his hand between my legs. I felt something odd pressing inside of me. I wasn’t sure what it was…didn’t know what he was doing. I was spacey from the pain…floating through this scene on a cloud of endorphins and loving every brutal second of it. I barely realized he had walked away until I heard him tear open a condom. Through half closed eyes I watched him roll it down over his pulsing cock and I knew he was going to fuck me. “Look at you.” he said, “Did you squeeze my belt out of your cunt? What a bad girl.” He told me later he had slid the stiff leather of his belt about three inches inside of me and when he came back I had squeezed it out. He picked the belt back up and brought it down between my legs several times. I arched against it instead of pulling away from it. I wanted to feel the pain so badly. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. Say it he said, ask me to fuck you, tell me you want it. I obeyed him and said everything he told me to say. I begged him to fuck me. He thrust into me so hard it hurt and his strokes were hard and fast and deep. I felt filled with him, consumed by him, lost in him. He told me to reach around and play with him as he fucked me. I did and loved that I could make him groan with my touch. I love bringing him pleasure. I loved having him inside of me. Off and on he used the belt on my breasts as he moved inside of me. Finally he brought the belt down around my throat and tightened there. He told me he wanted me to barely breath…he wanted me to know he could take that from me. He tightened the belt and watched me as I struggled for a breath. I never tried to push him away. I trusted him that much. I love when he takes even this from me.

He moved the belt and laid it beside me on the bed. He pulled out of me and my eyes flew open in disappointment..I wanted more! He told me to turn over even as he was flipping me onto my stomach. I felt him press against my bottom. He told me not to fight him as I initially almost always struggle with this. I tried to relax and I felt him press inside of me. I felt his restraint as he moved in me maybe an inch and then two before stopping. he told me to be still, to relax for him. I tried and as I did I felt my hole stretch for him. That is a feeling like nothing else. I felt my body adjust to accommodate him. I pressed into him as his hand came around and stroked my clit. I was cumming again within seconds. As I came he thrust hard into my ass. For a second I could hardly breath. I felt a searing hot pain and then an accepting warmth spread through me. I bit  into my own arm to keep from crying out. He asked me how I liked having him fuck my ass….he told me to say i liked it. He said this was an ass rape…and he asked if I liked it. I said yes and he told me to say it. I told him I loved it…he told me to thank him and I did…”thank your owner for raping your ass.’ He said it again and I obeyed him. I meant every word I said. I felt his sweat drip onto me. And loved it. I felt him pick up the belt again. I felt it come down across my back over and over. I felt it come around and snap at the side of my breasts and I felt him snap it across my bottom. I was drifting deeply into subspace when he spoke pulling me back. He told me to lay flat and I couldn’t move. So he pulled my legs down so I was laying flat beneath him. My legs pinned beneath his, his cock still deep inside of me. He began to thrust into me hard, deep and merciless and I tried to be still beneath him. I felt his finger flick at my clit again and again as my orgasms came one after the other. It is quite involuntary when he is inside of me there. The fullness of him inside of me coupled with his finger pinching and teasing my clit leaves my body no choice but to give him exactly what he wants.

I felt him pull out of me and get up on his knees on the bed beside me. He removed the condom and tossed it on the floor. With a hand in my hair he dragged me over towards him. He straddled my face and told me to use my tongue. As I licked his balls he stroked his cock. With his other hand he continued to use the belt on my cunt and breasts. I was lost in the pain and the submission and the taste of him in my mouth. I could barely breath through the pain and it was even harder to remember what I was supposed to be doing. He reminded me several times with the sharp snap of the belt. “You greedy cunt..haven’t you had enough. Your tongue- that is all that should be on your mind right now. Using your tongue.”

I tried so hard I hardly needed another reminder. I was doing really well when I felt his strokes get faster and he told me to give him my mouth. Like a baby bird I obeyed him and opened my mouth as he thrust his cock inside of me. I tasted him and was thrilled that he allowed me to do this. I love doing this for him. He told me to swallow after several seconds. I must wait until he allows that. I told him later that I have come along way in that part of my training. It is instinctive to wait now.

We were both exhausted. It had been barely an hour from start to finish. The hour flew by yet lasted so long. It was amazing, it was intense and wonderful. He literally collapsed beside me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt the slowing of his heart against my back and the quieting of my own. He told me he loved me, he loved hurting me and he loved me for taking it. We didn’t speak after that because there was really nothing else to say.

I am not quite sure how either one of us made it back to work. I wouldn’t have changed anything about today except that I didn’t have two hours to give him, or three hours or a lifetime of hours to give him. My submission to him is being tested in ways right now that are hard to describe. Today showed me that we are good. We are strong and that what we offer each other is not even close to being over. It is too good and too real and too wonderfully amazingly perfect.

28 thoughts on “If you give a Dom an hour……

  1. My god. You have, so eloquently, composed an account of such an intense, moving and incredibly carnal experience.

    Thank you.


  2. Pixie – You’re very skilled at writing descriptions. I could see everything you wrote. And it was exceptionally hot!


  3. “Carnal.” I like that.

    Today we have the chance to do it again, or go to lunch. We’re doing lunch.

    “He was too tired to make it, she was too tired to fight about it.” – The Eagles, “Life in the Fast Lane”

  4. Rest is good. Even god rested on the 7th day (“supposedly”, says the borderline atheist).


    Enjoy your lunch.


  5. pixie this is by far one of the hottest pieces you have written. I was pulled in from the first second.

    and just when I decided to not hate your owner.

  6. Thank thee Pixie for taking the time to slip into the dark confines of the Attic and along the One’s corridors. We both relish the attention you have showered upon both of us with your presence. Quite enjoying the tantalizations and tribulations of your workings…

    Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Ordnung ist das halbe Leben. (Order is half of life.)


  7. is that your picture? is that Richard’s hand?

    it stirred something inside me to see his hand on you that way. possessive, large and consuming-almost threatening yet protective. am i making any sense? anyway, wonderful shot.
    it captures your relationship nicely.

  8. You show so well how just one hour brings a lifetime of pleasure and satisfaction. Who needs lunch when the soul is filled with such tantalizing fruit!

  9. We never heard if you had lunch or if something else happened. Pixie, I love this blog. I read you every chance I get. Richard, in reading through this blog it is apparent that you are a little if not much older than your toy. I have often hoped that you would be willing to offer some instructions on Domination, managing submissives and even the overall responsibilities that you acquire when you have a submissive. I only say all of this because you seem to be ‘doing it right’. I have my own little pet right now though it is more long distance than either one of us would like. I have told her to read certain posts that pixie has written. I hope that she learns from some of what she reads just as I am learning. She says that pixies level of submission is almost impossible to acquire and then once acquired it is difficult to maintain. With us both being more inexperienced what do you have to say to that Richard? I enjoy this blog and the relationship that it represents.

  10. Mike,
    I can try to do something like that. If you read my comments, you will almost always find something in them that talks about the way I go about things, the philosophy of Domination I have.
    You would have to ask pixie if it is hard to achieve her level of submission. In my view, it happened pretty quickly between us. She is a natural, and we seem to fit together very well. I have had to change my style somewhat to fit her – the time I spend talking to her outside of scenes is far beyond my prior experience, as an example. But it has really helped our relationship develop.
    It will probably be a week or more before I can focus on your questions, but would be happy to write something about getting there, and maintaining it, and maybe I can get pixie to join me in writing it. Thanks for writing! And for reading. My toy is really quite a writer, and I love reading her even after I’ve been in the scene! I always learn something about how she was feeling, and it helps me in my Domination of her.

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