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Upcoming weekend

I have quite a full weekend planned. Or maybe saying I have planned a weekend doesn’t quite make sense. My weekend has been planned for me. There is so much going on in the coming days I am unable to keep it to myself. First of all Richard comes home. We are staying the weekend together and I am so excited to see him again. We were talking today on the phone and were just sort of thinking out-loud together at where we are and how we are both feeling right now. He told me that he has never felt more Dominant or happy in his life. I certainly have never been or felt more submissive. It has been the constant attention from him, the daily acts of submission that he demands and the way he is able to take everything from me but give so much back. This weekend he has plans for me. It started late last week by him telling me that he had some ideas for when he returned. Since then he has given me a little more information. Scary information, wonderful hot plans for me. Today as I was chatting with Alex she used the word Anticipation and she is so right. I am needing him to come back.

He said that I am to try a new role this weekend. He said that I will be his slave. he said that I will be tied to his bed and used by him throughout the day. He says that at different intervals he will come into his room and cane me or use the strap or fuck me. He told me that there are limits he still has to find of mine. That he will beat me past my limits…he then told me I had no limits. He said that he will take me to his attic and suspend me from one of the beams. He said he will leave me hanging there while he enjoys my suffering. He says he is going to hurt me this weekend. I asked if he would let me up to eat and he told me that I could eat from a bowl. I asked him if I would be allowed to go to the bathroom and he said yes but he would watch. I asked if I could sleep in his bed with him and he said yes of course but I would remain tied to the bed. He said I would wear his cum to dinner Friday night so that he could see it and that I could smell it and know that it is there. After dinner we go to his house and my weekend of slavery starts. He says that at some point this weekend he will allow me to go into subspace though for the most part he wants me alert and responsive to the pain. I am craving the pain right now, longing to be held down by my owner and take what he wants to give me whatever it may be. My body responds to the very thought. I am wet just thinking about it.

Speaking of wet……..

This weekend I am meeting Max and Alex online to open my box. They sent me a package of items I am to bring with me when we meet next month. Richard will be there and like Alex said by the time they have me on web cam I should be in the perfect submissive state of mind. I wonder what is in my box? I wonder if they will let me play with anything before our visit. I wonder that if my box indeed holds a new toy or so will they want my owner to use something on me while they watch. I can hardly imagine what is in store for me at their hands. I am so excited. I like knowing that I am going to be able to share my submission with them. I like knowing that Saturday Max and Alex will have the chance to Dominate me while Richard is there to support me. I see my submitting to them as a chance to be better to Richard. I want to please them because in pleasing them I will please my owner. Plus I get aroused just talking to Max, chatting with them as they assert their Dominance over me. I have had less conversations with Max and that worries me because I know I am being asked to submit to him. As wonderful as I know he is I am afraid that he will be too unfamiliar to me compared to his wife. I am sure it will work out, I worry too much. Their first piece of advice to me was to trust them, to trust Richard. I am, I do. I am excited about being given this experience.

I also know that Richard plans on photographing me again this weekend. He has such fun capturing my submission. I hope he lets me post some pictures here? Would you like that? I never really know if posting pictures is appropriate or even wanted?


7 thoughts on “Upcoming weekend

  1. Pixie you sound like a kid in a candy store. So much in store for you and so much going on. Slave for a weekend sounds most exciting. Can’t wait to read the blog. Enjoy!!!!

  2. I too can’t wait for every last detail of your forthcoming weekend, and in particular of your online interaction with Alex and Max. And do we want pictures? I think you know the answer to that!

  3. Pixie, you are an inspiration. My next blog post is going to start out as follows, Reasons why I want a piece of pixie pie. 🙂

  4. i think posting pictures is entirely appropriate. i know i’d love to see some!

    have fun being photographed – i always enjoy my photo sessions with my Master. i like feeling obectified sometimes, and that’s never quite so obvious as when He’s giving me instructions to do this or that while He’s totally focused on getting the perfect shot.

  5. That was fun to read pixie. You sound so excited. It’s like the night before going to a disney world and you sit up all night with your sister and talk about all the wonders you will experience. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.


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