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# 4

as in every relationship the individuals involved must find what works for them. Richard goes away from time to time, he travels and sadly i can not always go with him. i lose track of things sometimes when he is gone. old doubts come back, i am less secure, less confident, less focused. we noticed this the first couple times he had to go away. he has made adjustments along the way that have really helped me. for example he hasn’t stayed away as long as he once would have, he calls me from out of the country a lot and he has made a point to make me feel a part of him when he is gone. one way he does this is by giving me small tasks or assignments to do while he is away. some are simple. some are new things that he in introducing me to, things that he is working on me with. part of my training i guess one could say. after i complete a task or an assignment he likes to have a report on it by noon the next day. his words to me:

 # 4 Tuesday:Do the assignment that you never completed.  No urination an hour before you leave work.  Drink a lot.  Go home and keep drinking.  Hold it until you are dancing around.  You need to be wearing a skirt and white panties.  When you absolutely cannot stand it, go outside in your yard and pee your pants.  Let it run down your legs.  Stay outside for at least 5 minutes after you have finished.  then go in and shower and change.

I want a daily report on the completion of the previous day’s assignment. I don’t want to have to ask for it, or wonder where it is.  I just want it to arrive before noon of the following day.This gives you something for everyday except two, one this week and one weekend day.  I figured the weekend would be lots of Liam, so I’m letting you off.  Anyday you need more, see number 4.

so i did as i was told and then folowed up to him via email my accounting of my task. he asked that i post it here for him.


Dearest Richard,  sometimes even when you aren’t here you test my submission. yesterday you did just that. it was hard for me to wait until i got home to do what i needed to do, to do my assignment for the day. as you know i never leave my office on time. by the time i got home i really, really had to pee.

i sat in my car an extra minute really just enjoying the pressure that was building up in my body before i went inside to change into my white panties. i had already laid them out on my bed earlier that day. i started thinking as i sat there about bodily functions..peeing..orgasm control..etc. and realized how much having that controlled by you arouses me. we never really explored too much of that. i liked thinking about you wanting to control that. it did a lot for me. i liked the idea of this weekend when you said that you would watch me if i had to pee….for some reason with you that appeals to me though it never did before. as i write this i think about a part of my conversation with Max last night. he said that i will have no privacy when i am with him and and Alex. it thrilled me.

i got out of the car and went inside my house…letting my lucky puppy outside to pee. ignore the irony here please.

i needed to change my clothes because i wore pants to my office today. i slipped into a white summer skirt similar to the one you saw me in the first night we met and white cotton panties. i noticed again how uncomfortable i was yet how very aroused i was. my cheeks felt red and my nipples felt very hard. i was wet. i wanted to touch my nipples but didn’t.

i left my shoes off and went to find my new puppy who was running around outside. i walked around my yard with him for a few minutes and eventually put him back on his leash. i think i was really just building up the courage to do as you asked. it is different when you are there to praise me afterwards…to please you face to face. it is harder without that immediate influx of positive attention from you for my submission. i walked around a bit more thinking as i did once again about Max and Alex and being at the lower end of the leash when we visit in November. last night Max and i discussed some of his expectations of me while i am under their care. walking on a lead was one of them.

remember towards the front of my yard there is that little patch of trees? i stood there for a minute or two thinking about how powerful your ownership is for me, how good it makes me feel and really just how the entire dynamic of what we are exploring together has helped me to grow.  there was never a doubt this time in my mind that i would do this for you. around that time my neighbors car pulled in the driveway and she got out and motioned for me to come over. she had purchased my little puppy a treat and wanted to say hello. i groaned inwardly at the kindly old lady and practically limped over to her driveway. i was squeezing my cunt muscles together and it really really started to hurt.  as my neighbor talked to me she turned on her hose and began to fill up her bird bath.

again, ignore the irony.

i told her i had somethings to do before i needed to head out again, thanked her graciously for the puppy treat and walked away. i walked back over to my yard and stood quietly looking out a little into the woods around my home. i liked knowing i had little white panties on, for some reason they seemed more erotic to me at that point than the sexiest lingerie ever could. i relaxed. nothing. i relaxed a little more and noticed i was stepping from one foot to the next..i really had to go. again i thought about you and this control i so willingly hand over to you. i smiled. i liked knowing that you may even at this very moment be thinking about what i was doing. i felt a heat between my legs and after a second it spread into a wet warmth that streamed down both of my legs to the grass and dried leaves under me. i had a fleeting thought about the drought and how i was just doing my part to help the environment. i stood in my yard and peed my pants because my owner told me to…that is what i was thinking as i stood there and let it go. i felt young and kinda like i was doing something secret. i was so turned on by what i had just done. it reminded me of the ocean that day when you made me do it.

i like this new part of my submission and i love the fact i was pleasing you while humiliating myself. my only regret was that you weren’t there to punish your bad little girl for peeing her pants. now THAT is hot. 🙂

6 thoughts on “# 4

  1. pixie, you are such a good girl.

    tomorrow your weekend of slavery begins, and you will get many chances to show me what a good slave you can be.

  2. Hello, sister piss slut! 🙂

    it arouses me tremendously when my Master orders me to pee for Him. He hasn’t yet had the opportunity to make me do it outside, but he’s talked about it, and it features prominently in my fantasies…

  3. Oh, and i should also say that i found this post really hot. Which is good, given that my task for the night is to get myself hot and bothered reading blogs and then masturbate without having an orgasm. Thanks for helping! 🙂

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