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yet another task

i was wet as soon as i remembered it was time to put on my clips. it was
close to the end of the day and i had a few staff working in their
offices or on paperwork outside of my office in the workroom. i felt
quite slutty sitting behind my desk reaching down between my legs to clip
clothespins on my cunt for you Sir. i liked the way it made me feel to
know that even from so far away you can make me do things that i would
never consider doing for another. i thought for a minute that i was too
wet to get them on right, i almost needed to find a cloth to wipe my juice
away so they could clip on tight enough. i wanted to feel them.

an overriding feeling i had was the ache in my nipples, like i needed to feel
your fingers pinch them and pull them like you do, perfectly hard enough
to steal my breath. that ache remained with me because of course i
couldn’t do something like that from behind my desk. one thing you must
realize Master is once i stand up the clips feel very different. it is as
much about he pull when i walk as it is about the slight weight of the
wood. today it was both plus i put them on quite accidentally in a way so
they crossed over each other and as i walked it was as if they were swords
rubbing against each other pulling at my cunt lips with every step.


i felt a trickle of my juice run down my thigh  before the fabric of
my skirt caught it and soaked it up just as you have so many times. i
walked around my desk and clutched at the side pulling on a brave face to
walk out to mingle with my few remaining staff. i had some questions to
answer, a problem or two to solve and two phone calls to take as i circled
the offices and talked to my staff. before i got back around to my
office the pain was a part of me, i was used to it and i was on top of it.
i felt somewhat floaty and so submissive to you. i felt so owned -like you
were walking with me…i wished that you were waiting for me in my office
to remove the clips yourself. i like that part with you, the moment right
before when we both know the pain is coming when we both know that you are
getting ready to hurt me. i take in that pain and it becomes a part of me
-just like you are.

5 thoughts on “yet another task

  1. this was perfect, pixie pie. Assignment number 3, as I recall – the one you teased Mike about, that you wouldn’t tell.

    I love that you do these things for me when I am not there to be with you, and that they bring us closer, and keep you focused. And I love getting your email describing the assignment – it keeps ME focused, and able to do what I must without worrying about you, so far away.

    And I love that you share them with your readers. This makes me hot every time I read it. I’m seeing you tonight, right? 🙂

  2. and i love the perfect intertwining of the professional you and the submissive you. the pixie pie who has staff, who solves problems, who has her own office – and the pixie pie who is owned, who obeys, who floats through the pain of a task that is about more than the pain, more than the obedience, that is about the phenomenal communion that can be achieved with the gift of trust and vulnerability and love.

    it is a beautiful thing to experience, and you evoked it exquisitely.

  3. Pixie,
    I really really like the way you wrote this post. It was elegant, submissive, emotionally surrendered and arousing. Bravo to a delightful post (and something familiar to me- office torture!)

    i loved it!

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