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Most glorious night!
Thou wert not sent for slumber!
~Lord Byron

I couldn’t sleep. Or maybe I couldn’t stay asleep. My flight left early the next morning and I think I was trying too hard. Richard and I had gone out to dinner and then stopped at a coffee shop for a hot chocolate before going back to the apartment. I wasn’t sure what the night was going to bring, it was the last time I was going to see Richard before I left on my trip. It was the last time he was going to see me before I met Max and Alex. Richard wasn’t feeling 100% and I was exhausted so we spend most of the evening just talking. I find myself opening up and telling Richard things that I have never told anyone else. He is such a safe place for me. He knows what I need and so the night was to end with us cuddling beside each other naked and whispering until we both fell asleep. I remember falling asleep but woke up sometime in the middle of the night…..

He had rolled over on his stomach and that may have been what woke me up. I woke up needing something. Maybe just attention? I started rubbing his back softly just enjoying the sensation of my skin against his. It was the type of touch that he loves. I grazed my nails lightly down his back and butt…. delving lower to brush my fingers gently across the back of his balls. I felt his body stiffen at my touch and heard his breathing quicken. I smiled a little to myself quite pleased with myself that I had so skillfully awakened my Owner.  He rolled over and gave me a dark look before pulling me beneath him and kissing me hard on the mouth. He mumbled to me that I shouldn’t have woke him up..he had just fallen asleep. He rolled back onto his side and looked down at me. He pulled all the covers off of me and they slid onto the floor. His fingers found my nipples and he pulled on them hard…harder than he usually does and then bit them both painfully causing me to struggle a little and try to push him away. I was ready to say fine then go back to sleep! (I knew better)

His hand rested on my stomach and brushed downward and pushed my legs open. I thought he was going to touch my clit..and it crossed my mind that maybe an orgasm was just what I needed to help me sleep. Instead he started to spank my cunt over and over with his open hand, they were punishing smacks that spoke of a true irritability at being woke up. He rolled me over and lifted me up on my knees and gave me what was the hardest spanking I have ever, ever had. I can’t imagine it being harder or lasting longer..he was relentless. I curled my hands into the sheet beneath me to keep from covering myself. This is the Richard that can still scare me. The Richard that hurts me more than I can take.

He pushed me back onto my stomach and sat up beside me.

“Stand up. Face me..I want your arms lifted and your palms up.” This was new, I wasn’t sure what he was thinking- he had never put me in this position before. I wondered for a second if he was going to make me stand here while he slept for the rest of the night. It had only been a few seconds and already my arms wanted to come down.

He started putting clothes pins on the inside of my arms…on that soft tender area right beneath my underarm. He put a few on each breast and then one on each nipple. My body felt hot and I felt my arms tremble. I felt my own juice trickle down my leg- that is how wet I was for him. The pain from the clips in that tender area was magnified by the thought in my mind that he was less than pleased with me. He cautioned  me against lowering my arms. I felt the need to cry almost… it was so hard to hold position.

He stood up and walked around behind me. I felt him tap the backs of my legs with his cane. A second later he laid it across the backs of my thighs…over and over he caned me. Jarring stinging blows that made me want to sink down to my knees. He stopped after I don’t know how many and walked to the refrigerator. I thought…oh no he is getting that Popsicle that he bought, the one that I know is going in my cunt one day. Instead he carried back two bottles of water. For a second I innocently thought…how sweet. He knows I am thirsty. That is not what the water was for. He placed a bottle of water in each of my still upturned hands. My muscles were shaky already and the 22 ounces in each hand almost made me break position. He began to cane me again only stopping to snap the cane against the inside of my arm if I allowed my arms to droop. I was getting upset and in a lot of pain….the cane and the pain in my arms and the clothes pins all together made me wish I hadn’t woke him up. Yet I had and I was paying the price.

He stopped caning me and stood directly behind me. I could feel his cock against my back. He took the bottles of water and tossed them out of the way pressing my arms down at my sides. Richard held the cane against my mouth and told me to kiss it. He told me to thank my owner for beating me when I needed it. I felt his arms go around me and he began to pull of the clothes pins. I cried out loudly and instantly felt hot tears in my eyes. When I say he pulls them off that is just what he does…he grabbed a small handful of four clips that were attached to the underside of my arm and yanked them. Then he did the other arms. He didn’t squeeze them to open them at all..just a hard tug and they were off. I felt him still. Like he was taking a second to absorb the pain that he was causing. he does that he soaks it all in. I love the look he gets on his face when hurting me is bringing him the greatest pleasure. He bent me over the bed and entered me hard from behind. His strokes were deep and hard…punishing is a good word. He told me that I was wet, that I was his cunt and that I stayed wet for him even when he punished me. He fucked me hard for several minutes before stopping.

He caned me again, this time hard on the backs of my legs. When he stopped I felt afraid at what he was going to do next. He told me to pick up the clothes pins and put them away. He told me to straighten the bed and to put the cane away. His voice was very detached…not angry. Just detached. It lacked the warmth that it usually holds when he speaks to me. I stood looking up at him wondering what he wanted from me next. He told me to lay down in the middle of the bed. I did so as he returned the water to the refrigerator.

Still naked I curled up on my side hoping he could see the ladder of cane marks he had inflicted on my body and show me mercy. He got back into bed and laid down beside me. Richard snaked his hand around my waist and pulled me directly against his chest….some people call this spooning. Our bodies were very close. He kissed my shoulder and then kissed my neck. “Now…GO TO SLEEP!” he said.

“Yes Sir” I sighed melting into him my eyes already closing. His hand was caressing the stinging cane marks. Times like these I am reminded of what an incredible owner I have. I went right to sleep and didn’t wake back up all night.

12 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Oh those clothespins. Gosh they hurt. I’m not sure I could have stayed in that position for very long and I give you alot of credit. What we won’t do for our Master’s. It never ceases to amaze me. Great writing Pixie. Always so good!!!

  2. Pixie after the beginning I was thinking how much I love sex in that half-awake/half-asleep mode, so I wasn’t expecting your story to unfold how it did! You did a great job of telling your tale, I could feel the sting of the clothespins being yanked off–that is always the worst.

    Do report back when the popsicle makes it’s appearance!

  3. When I started reading this and remembering the event, I was thinking that Lord Byron was wrong – some nights were sent for slumber, and this was one of them.

    pixie and I still haven’t agreed on whether I was “mad” or merely “grumpy.”

    However, by the time I finished reading it, and remembering it, I may have come around to Lord Byron’s position.

  4. pixie, I may have already said this but I LOVE how you weave humor around your emotions, around your experiences. The sentence about being thirsty and Richard just bringing you a drink really made me LOL. Also when you said you almost told Richard Fine, just go back to sleep! You always make me smile and I am happy to see that there is a smile behind this post. Your last post had me worried for you.
    I appreciate how you share your experiences as candidly as you do. I do love your spirit!

  5. Richard,
    What is the best technique for caning pixie? Do you ever break the skin? How did you learn how to use this almost intimidating (to a Dom) implement?
    And how do you know when she has really had enough?

  6. Mike, I would not venture to say what the best way is. Some use a lot of lighter strokes, counting on quantity to cause the pain. Some use fewer but heavier strokes. Some lay down perfectly spaced stripes. I tend to start with a lot of little taps, moving rapidly around to warm up all the skin, gradually increasing the intensity ans spreading them out in time until each stroke is memorable. Only rarely in my life have I broken the skin.
    I learned by trial and error, and going with what felt good to me.
    The easy answer to the last question is that she has had enough when I have had enough. But I know you are looking for more than that. You have heard me say this before: when I was learning, I often found out after a scene that the sub had really wanted more, in spite of protestations during the scene. So I found ways to prolong the scene – slowing down, talking to the sub, moving the cane to a new place, changing implements for a while. Then going further. I usually stop when I find that it is getting hard to keep the sub in the place you want them. Squiriming, knees buckle, the sub begins to try to avoid it. Then you have to talk them through it, stop the scene, or tie them up better, lol.
    The two best canings I recall – one was pixie stretched tightly across a waist-high bed, body flat on the bed, arms pulled tight in front of her so that she was up on her toes, legs tied to the bed legs – very little movement possible. Excellent! The second was when I requird her to return to position and arch her back when she was ready for the next one. I got a lot out of her that way too.

  7. Richard,
    Do you have your own blog? (I’m pretty new here) I love reading PixiePie, but I have to admit that given where I am in my own life it’s your writing that holds me the most. I want to know more about the thoughts and reflections from a strong Dom…

    Pixie- I’ll always be here!

  8. No, DBD, I don’t. pixie is kind enough to let me share her space occassionally. But it is pixie’s writing that inspires me to comment and others to ask questions about the Dom perspective. We both try to learn from what is in the other’s mind during shared experiences. Some of the best times are in the quiet moments after a scene, where she is slowly coming back from subspace, and (between long pauses) she says ” Remember when you did _____, I liked that.”

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