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Meeting Max and Alex pt 1

There is no easy way to write about what happened with Max and Alex. I thought it would be easy but it is multi -sided and it is still changing in my mind. First I thought that I should write about this experience in three separate posts but since trying unsuccessfully to do so I am going to do just do my best to capture at least the beginning of the evening here. I know how I write, how I think and I also know that it may take me days to process everything that I am feeling and everything that I felt while I was with them, everything that I am feeling now. I imagine this will continue to trickle out over the coming days. But I will do my best to get it started here.


Last night I wrote three blog posts, none of which will ever be published. The first one was called Alex, the second one Max and the third one was simply titled Truth. When I decided to write the third part of this accounting and call it Truth please don’t assume that the first two renditions are not accurate, truthful or candid. They are. I just realized tonight that people walk into things from totally different positions and walk away in quite the same manner. I realized I had multiple perspectives and that I owed each of them their fair share. What I got out of the Alex side of the experience was much different than what I got out of the Max better no worse Just different.


So starting with a little truth….it was a night that I will never forget. For many reasons. I also want to say that my experience changed me somehow. It made me see some things that I had been pushing to the side for a long time, things that for a long time I didn’t want to think about let alone acknowledge. But I may or may not get to all that here in this first part. Be patient with me.


There was more than enough trepidation to go around heading into this adventure. Still, as mature consenting adults we all believed there was something to be gained from pressing forward and experiencing each other. Richard almost called it off more than once. It was against his better judgment that he allowed me to do it at all. I called it off once and the night before it happened Max did the same. So we were in a scary spot, all of us wanting to move ahead and see what it was like and all of us sharing the same fears and insecurities. Of all the nervousness I think the most came from Alex and me. Alex had some experience in the past of dealing with the emotions of sharing her husband even if only for a few hours with another woman. She had initiated that process with him and for him. I can only say good things about that. I see an unselfish love between them that made it feel safe to interact freely with both of them. I found myself wanting to be close to both of them equally not just the night we all met but in the period of time leading up to it.  I am so impressed they are confident with each other to allow fantasies to be safely explored. Still, it was scary and it almost didn’t happen.


The night before the meeting was to take place it was decided that we would meet and just have dinner. Max and Alex had arranged for us to see a play in the city and then after that it was wide open. That seemed to settle everyone’s nerves. Early in the day a text message came in from Max telling me that he was going to meet me at my hotel at 6 and that I should be dressed for dinner. I figured that they decided it wasn’t in their or my best interest to meet for something else. I was disappointed; I think part of Richard was relieved but mostly I felt happy that at least I was going to be able to spend some time in an amazing city with two amazing people.


A few hours later I received a TM from Alex telling me to be at their suite in 45 minutes. As you know I had met Max and Alex before and had an instant connection with both of them. I remember thinking that Alex was simply lovely and that if I were to EVER have a girl experiences she would be…or she would be the ‘type’ that I was attracted to. Richard liked the idea of me experiencing Alex, this was his primary reason for allowing me to do so.  I was not expecting Alex’s text message. I was napping as ordered by Richard to prepare myself for my night but was excited even though he was irritated when the text message came through. So I got up and gathered my things and headed over to their hotel from my own. I don’t remember the cab ride, it all seems a little blurry in my nervousness. Even writing about this now I can remember the excitement I felt as I walked into this new experience.


Once I arrived I text messaged Alex and told her I was in the lobby. They wrote back with the room number and told me to come upstairs. So I did. I rang the bell to their suite and waited for only a second before Alex opened the door and let me in. Her smile erased any of my lingering doubts. She made me feel good right away and the little bit of nervousness between us was the good kind and didn’t feel inhibiting at all. We hugged and she led me through one of the rooms into a darkened room where Max sat quietly in a chair. He is such a good looking guy and has the nicest eyes, together he and Alex make a startling beautiful couple. He greeted me warmly as Alex showed me to a bathroom where I could leave my things. I couldn’t look at him for some reason so I followed Alex into the bathroom. She said it would be my bathroom while I was there to freshen up in and use to change. I left my belongings and walked back into the room where the two of them waited.


 I sat on the couch and we talked just a little before Alex said that she thought it was time for me to remove my shirt. She said that she would love to see my bottom and an OTK spanking was always a good place to start. I had quickly dressed before leaving my own hotel in a mid length jean skirt, high brown boots, a sweater and coat. I pulled my sweater over my head and Alex was delighted with my pink bra. She told me to be a good and crawl into her bedroom for a pillow. I have maybe crawled for Richard once, maybe twice. And Mark only asked this of me once. So this was still a relatively new experience. I don’t like doing it. So I ended up with the pillow back in front of Alex. She laid it down to her side and patted the couch beside her. She told me to climb up and lay across her legs. She lifted my skirt and asked Max to come over and see my panties. I had worn little girl panties for them, it was a request they had made and while I didn’t feel like age play was a factor in our meeting I liked that dynamic of feeling like the ‘little girl’ so I did as they asked. Alex pulled my panties down right away and began to spank me. I was surprised at how hard she spanked. Very surprised. I loved the steady string of dialogue she offered Max throughout my spanking, the way she engaged me with questions. Some not needing answers… some she would pause and await my response before continuing my spanking. At one point she leaned over and unclasped my bra. I liked that. She said that her hand was tired and that she wanted to use the paddle. She showed it to me. It was a thin dark blue paddle that was similar in shape to one of those little paddle ball games paddles that you may have had when you were a child. It stung terribly and she was not holding much back I could tell. I have a massive bruise that I am unable to determine if it came from Alex’s paddle or Max a bit later. When the spanking was over she told me to thank her and so I did. Max reached out and helped me get off Alex’s lap and I knelt on the floor between the two of them. I was a little shaky. She wanted my skirt off and they both helped me with that. So there I was naked kneeling on the floor.


Max opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate my visit to the city. Alex gave me a glass of water first and presented it on the floor beside me and told me I couldn’t use my hands to drink it. “We should have gotten her a little bowl.” Max said to Alex. I sipped at my water using my tongue and then Max held a glass of champagne to my lips. They toasted my trip to the city. Our mood together was fun at times, we laughed together and they both seemed to enjoy teasing me more than a little. A small plate of grapes was placed on the floor in front of me and Max reminded me that I was not to use my hands to eat. He fed me a grape out of his hand. That simple act was amazingly erotic to me. The rest I ate off of the plate. I tried to nibble as delicately as I could on the massive grapes. I felt funny inside. This just wasn’t the type of domination I was used to. I do not mean that in any way as a negative it felt natural with the two of them because it was with them. I smiled inside because I thought of Richard and how he would think this part of my experience was funny. I went with it. It was part of the experience and I found that coming from them I liked the feelings it evoked inside of me. I was incredibly aroused and Max stroking my back and my hair as I nibbled increased my awareness of the eroticism surrounding the moment. It firmly cemented my role as ‘pet’ or ‘toy’ with them.


Alex asked if I was wet, she suggested to Max that he feel me to see if I was. Of course I was. This was the first time Max touched me there…Alex had once before when we met last year. She asked me if I remembered that….if I remembered who had the very first pussy she had ever touched. I said yes I remembered and that it was mine. The entire scene reminded me of the meeting between the four of us that Mark had arranged…I felt terrible that I thought about him as often as what I did when I was with them. I told Richard about it later and he assured me it was only natural to associate them with Mark considering he had introduced me to them and that the experience where I was with them and Mark was seen as such a positive in my mind. It was a feeling that I tried to shake all night.


Alex told Max to come around and see my bottom, she told him it was still very red. They both said several times how pretty it was. I liked how one or both of them had a hand on me at all times. Alex asked me if I brought my clothes pins with me. I hadn’t. In my rush and with all the change of plans I had walked out without them. We had played a game several weeks earlier where she had me write her name on a clothes pin and Max’s name on another. She had me write Richard on a third. She told me in this little game where the three pins were to go on my body. I was told to bring them with me. Lucky for me…she had brought a bag of them. She counted out 10 and had me write Max on them. I was kneeling almost between Max’s legs turning towards Alex. Max told me to put the clothes pins on my right breast. He asked if I thought all ten would fit. Alex said that we would make them fit. He said he wanted them close together and that I shouldn’t forget my nipple. My breast was throbbing, I am not good at putting on clothespins. Richard does it so initially it can be tolerated and then the pain gradually gets worse. I put them on and they were agony from the start. I wrote Alex on the other ten but she wanted to apply them herself. They both said the finished design was beautiful and commented on how it was a shame that Richard had decided they weren’t allowed to take pictures of me. I was in too much pain to care.

Max said that he had promised me something and that he always keeps his promises. Alex told me to lay across Max’s lap but he tapped the chair that he had just vacated and said “No, I want her this way.” So I knelt on the floor and put my elbows on the chair. The clothespins brushed the seat and I moaned., they were really hurting. Max got down close to my ear and whispered for me to arch my back. He showed me his belt and told me it was his favorite implement because he always had it with him. He folded it in half and placed it beneath my nose telling me to smell the leather. I liked the smell and knew what was coming. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Max. I have to describe him to you. He is soft spoken and has a gentle nature about him that one wouldn’t expect from a Dominant. Then again, Richard is the same way and we all know the type of Dom R is. My first experience with Max was in Austin less than a year ago. Max and Alex were given the opportunity to witness M caning me, at the end of the visit the cane was passed to Max and he gave me two strokes. I just remember being happy they were nothing like the 20 something I had just taken for M. 

 I don’t know if it was the gentleness I sensed  from him or my prior experience with him that shocked me the most when what he did to me was anything but gentle. He said I was to have 10 strokes of his belt. I thought at first that would be easy because I have taken so much. They weren’t. Richard speculates that most of my bruising came from the belt. I was amazed that I had a hard time staying on top of the pain. As I was breathing through the blows I remembered Richard’s words to me that I should not expect my pain tolerance with Max and Alex to be what it was with him. I guess I didn’t realize quite as much as I should have anyway how it had less to do with the physical and so much more to do with where my head is. I take anything from Richard because I am that devoted to him and pleasing him. We have spent hours and hours and hours together working through things like this and growing together in this way. So when I am facing similar stimulation from a couple that I am attracted to and have this amazing connection with but do not feel dedicated to their pleasure on anything other than a superficial level the pain is harder to take. To put it another way, I love pleasing Richard and one way I do that is by letting him hurt me. When I was with Alex and Max I was there for myself, I wasn’t doing it so much to please them and I wasn’t doing it to please Richard. That is hard for someone as submissive as I am. Pleasing them to me was a bonus.

When Max was done with the belt Alex suggested I  thank him. She asked me how I thought I could thank him. I wasn’t sure how to answer. She asked me again but this time said how did I want to thank him. I still wasn’t sure what she wanted. How do you say to a woman that you want to suck her husband’s cock? She was asking me to say it… I knew I was going to do it but still I found that hard. The words in some shape eventually came out of my mouth and I was told to crawl over to Max. He told me to take off his pants and then he pulled down his underwear. He put a hand in my hair and another on my shoulder as he pressed himself into my mouth. It didn’t go on for too long. I was struggling a bit because of the clothes pins and found it hard to concentrate fully on sucking Max’s cock. Plus I forgot to mention I had a large set of anal beads inside me….there is so much to tell. I am skipping pieces. I think this is a good start detailing a pretty amazing evening. More to come…..

10 thoughts on “Meeting Max and Alex pt 1

  1. Oh my! And I know where you are coming from. It is so much easier to take the pain from R. You have a deeper connection with him. You strongly desire it from him. I know that I would not be able to take the same pain from anyone as well as I do from A. I am really excited to hear more of your evening. It does sound like a wonderful experience.

    Mina…it is nice to be understood! Thank you.

  2. Please Pixie, give us details and don’t keep us waiting too long….

    don’t worry Sweetness….this is a story that is demanding to be told. plus it is in my contract with Max and alex to write about it for them. 🙂

  3. As it is my style to address the Dom before I address the sub Richard this comment/ question is for you. Where were you when this happened? I read this blog all the time and I read that pixie was planning this Max and Alex thing yet I didn’t realize it didn’t involve you physically being there. To me this doesn’t make sense it goes against most of what I read about you and pixie. Do you have the ability to detach yourself from pixie in order to let her do things like this? I am not being critical, just seeking understanding.

    pixie, thank you for sharing and please do not make us wait longer than we have to for the conclusion of this ‘adventure’

  4. Mike, there was no detachment – this was hard for me. And as pixie noted, there were times when I waivered in my decision to let it happen. But pixie and I tried to structure a situation (with Max and alex) that was positive for her. Some aspects of it I thought would be good for her – plus she has her own fantasies, of course, some of which I can’t fulfill. There was a lot of conversation between pixie and me about whether this would be good for her or not, and ultimately we both said ‘yes.’ Once the decision was made to let it happen, I tried to “compartmentalize” the situation, much like I compartmentalize her relationship with Liam. It goes in a box that I try not to look at too deeply. I don’t want to comment more on this experience until pixie has finished processing it in her own mind and posting about it.

  5. pixie, i read your post this morning, and its effects have been hovering over me the entire day. such intensity. such pain. and the many issues that you raise.

    i’m curious as to why you don’t like to crawl, especially as personally i love to crawl. it makes me feel very submissive and very owned.

    i nearly gasped at the thought of you putting the clothespins on yourself. i’m sure there are many subs out there who apply clothespins and other clamps when ordered to, and the academician does hurt me in absentia, but… maybe it’s my ongoing fear of the unknown that makes the idea so hard to imagine.(clothespins are scheduled for just before new year’s…)

    the big issues to my mind seem to be 1) why everything hurt so much more than you would have thought from what was actually being done and 2) submitting to other people.

    i suspect that an ongoing, highly charged relationship, whether or not love is an aspect of it, keeps us very close to a submissive state of mind. all we need is a trigger to enter a slightly different reality, some sort of altered consciousness, so that much as the pain can still really really hurt, we experience it differently. it’s as if the warm-up is going on all the time. perhaps outside of such a relationship it takes longer to bring us (subs) into a receptive state. or some such thing… i’m speculating…

    as for non-monogamy… i know there is plenty of it in bdsm circles, and i’m sure there are plenty of monogamous couples as well. not to mention vanilla spouses. i raise the question not with regard to whether it is right or wrong – what we do is already outside of the norms of society so we are forced to make our own rules. for me, now, my submission is such an integral part of our relationship that i can’t imagine playing with anyone else. i guess it’s harder for me to picture when a relationship is relatively young and still in a state of exploration. but again, that’s purely from my own perspective. (sorry for not being very clear… my brain is rather addled today…)

    hi oatmeal girl, i guess i did raise some interesting points today. and as always i appreciate your response. i am not sure why crawling was hard for me especially as i love the humiliating aspect of being on my knees. the pain tolerance part was easy for me to figure out. i agree that going into this i was in a slightly altered state…i was susceptible to being dominated and clearly wanted to be. it was hard because this was our first meeting where i submited to them…i was unsure of boundaries and really of my role as their ‘pet’. it felt natural though and they were both good in guiding me and directing the scene.
    thank you for commenting…i always enjoy your remarks.

  6. i know that you were only able to remember bits and pieces of this so far, but i did get the feeling of you being batted back and forth between alex and max. i love when my owners do that with me… running from one of them to the other, being sent back and forth, having a moment of direct intimacy with each and knowing that as i crawl between them they are smiling at each other over my head.

    i think that being there as a pet for a couple is complex and that there are a lot of feelings that have to be addressed and needs that have to be negotiated. but it creates such a startling feeling of submission… yes, on one hand you are getting attention from TWO people, and that is awesome since most of us submissive girls (especially the ones who write blogs) crave more and more and more attention. but on the other hand, they are married to each other, not you. you really have to confront the feeling of being secondary. it’s challenging, but i feel like it creates an extremely real feeling of submission that can’t be replicated in a relationship between two people, where each is a partner.

    i feel like i have a special perspective on this piece. having been the second woman who felt alex’s hand in an intimate place, i could picture every detail that you described of your dominants. alex’s smile when she opened the door, max’s gentle presence. it sounds like a profound experience and i’m glad that the three of you were able to enjoy each other and to grow together.

    meg~ it was a profound experience. it was really everything that i wanted it to be and then some. i appreciate you commenting..i hoped that you would knowing that you would have a unique perspective to bring to the mix. i know you share my opinion that Max and Alex are amazing people..they were essentially batting me back and forth though until you described it that way i had never thought of it in that manner.

    you say ‘they are married to each other, not you’ and that struck something in me that i am exploring in greater detail in a future post and that is how hard it was for me when it went from pixie submitting to Alex and Max to the time when we were back in the vanilla world and it was the two of them as a loving couple and i was just a third person. they didn’t do anything to make me feel unwanted or not a part of the evening but the two of them are incredibly bonded…it is wonderful to see such closeness except i felt left out of that part of it. and somehow that made me reflective…again another post. 🙂 i do need a lot of attention so that feeling of being secondary especially directly after an experience where you are the center of attention is not easy.

    i am glad you felt Max’s gentle presence. it certainly fades when he picks up a belt. 🙂

  7. This post amazes me. It tells your readers so much about you pixie, as a person and as Richard’s ‘submissive’. Is this what ‘ownership’ means to you?

    Richard, how could you let pixie go off and do this? Is this what ‘ownership’ means to you?

  8. Pixie,
    It seemed that part of why this appealed to you was to experience completely the role of “pet.” I do hope that in time you write of why this was something you wanted to explore. As the *why’s* and feelings are as evocative and sensual as the actions.

    I can hear the emotions in your voice in only a comment. Ownership means allowing freedom, and I too know that it is not always an easy path…

    Some choices…
    Led to roads that are not always known at the beginning. But are inescapable. Some times there is no return from the start. Despite what happens on the journey.

    (Thank you Pixie for visiting.)

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