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Max and Alex pt 2

“Did you bring your toys pixie?”

The question came from Alex who was standing up beside the chair where her handsome husband sat. I have them I told her and then continued on to say they were in my bag. Go get them she said patiently. And added on the instruction for me to crawl for good measure. It is a funny feeling you get when you are crawling away from someone. In my mind I am wondering how I must look to them on my hands and knees doing their bidding. I felt more submissive than I expected to feel. They gave me a taste of what it must truly feel like to be owned by a couple. I think long term in a committed relationship something like this would be intense and amazing and more than a little fulfilling. In a small dose I found it left me wanting more and wondering about so many other scenarios.The toy she was referring to was the blue anal beads that were in my care package. I was sure they were too big and they looked scary in their package. She asked if I had lubricant with me and I didn’t. I didn’t remember it being on my list but perhaps I was wrong. “Too bad pixie, I suppose they are going to go inside your little bottom without any lube.” She asked me what Richard would think of that.

Still on my knees Max had me turn around and bend over. Alex sat in front of me and told me to put my head on her lap. I did and realized quickly there was real comfort in doing that. It made me forget that Max was sitting behind me with the perfect view of my bare bottom and that he was spreading my cheeks. Somehow lubricant appeared and he was putting it on me and slipping his finger into my bottom as he did so. I liked the idea of the two of them touching me at the same time. This was when I started slipping into that soft submissive place, not the quiet place I go when fear or pain overwhelms me but the slightly altered place where submission just comes naturally.

Max asked me if he should put the big beads in first or the little ones. I hate the questions that demand an answer although you know your response does not matter. I said.. “…the little ones first please.” He laughed softly and I felt his finger twirl slightly inside me.

“I don’t know, what do you think Alex?” he asked over my head. “The big ones first I think, she can take it. Can’t you pixie, Richard’s cock is bigger than the beads, isn’t it?”

I smiled thinking of my Owner and I answered “Yes.” Alex said “Yes what? You can do better than that.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I said snuggling my head back down into her lap just a little thinking again how this interaction reminded me of Austin and when Alex held my hand while M caned me. When he made me look her in the eye the whole time. Only this time I felt more comfort than sadness from the familiarity of her and my memories of them. Max slid the first bead in and then said he was going to put in a second. A third and then a fourth followed.

I was torn between loving this and hating it. I was trying so hard to just overcome the shyness I felt at being bent over in front of Max that the humiliation part of having first his finger and then the beads in my bottom was somewhat lost on me.

This was when Alex decided that I needed to suck Max’s cock. I mentioned this in part 1 and will elaborate on it here. I had just stopped sucking his cock and he walked away from me and sat back down on the couch. Alex led me back over to him and told me to do it again. I started to do it and found again the mixed feeling came over me. I won’t lie. I liked doing it, I liked how he felt heavy in my mouth and I loved the way his hand was on the back of my neck. Alex told me that I had better not let the beads come out of my bottom while I sucked her husband’s cock. It is hard to explain how it felt to do it with Alex by my side. She asked him how I was doing and he said that I was doing a good job that he could feel the back of my throat. She said that she wanted to show me something so that I would know what Max liked. She started sucking his cock and I realized that she was able to take him entirely into her mouth. I just couldn’t do that. I think my mouth is smaller and maybe that means my throat is smaller too….but I tried as hard as I could and could not take all of him. And that isn’t even the most amazing part.. she was able to take him deep into her throat while licking his balls at the same time. I had never seen anything like it.

She stopped and told me to try. But with Alex being a tough act to follow I knew I could never measure up. I tried though and Max seemed pleased with my efforts.

Alex was behind me again and I felt her hand between my legs and she was pressing the balls deeper into my bottom. Max asked how many were inside me and they talked casually about this for a minute or so as I continued to work on Max’s cock. After all no one had told me to stop. Suddenly Alex ripped the balls from my bottom causing me to cry out and clutch at Max. I wasn’t expecting that, it was a quick hard pain that felt punishing. It made me think of a chat Max and I had….he said that an erotic element for him was knowing Alex would want to hurt me for pleasuring her husband. I wondered if there was an element of that in the swift tug that removed the beads from my bottom. It placed me just a little bit deeper into that subbie head space.

Max said it was time to go to the bedroom and Alex agreed. She stood up and Max told me to undress Alex. Alex beautiful in an unconventional way- and I totally identify as a heterosexual yet I could not wait to see her naked. 😉 She is tall and built very nice. I crawled to her and began to pull her dress up towards her head. She is as tall as I am short so she ended up helping me a little. She was wearing lingerie beneath that made my little girl panties seem so silly. It broadened the valley between our roles. I felt like the little the pet more at that moment than I did even when they made me crawl.

I followed them into the bedroom. And Alex laid down on the bed. “Isn’t she beautiful pixie?” Max said coming up behind me and pressing into me. I looked at her from the foot of the bed and felt her husband’s erection press into my back. “Yes Sir” I said to him and to her…. ” Alex you are so pretty.” it came out almost like a whisper because she  was but at that moment i was lost in the proximity of Max- in the chemistry I know he felt too.

He told me what he expected me to do, He said that Richard requested I receive the full girl treatment. He asked if I knew what that meant and of course I did. I knew that Richard wanted me to taste Alex, that he recognized my desire to taste another woman and pleasure her with my mouth. I told Max that, that I wanted to taste Alex. He told me to take off her panties and I pulled them down off of her hips and for the first time I was faced with the cunt of another woman.

Briefly I looked around for the instruction manual….what did I do? Did I use my tongue first…did she want it hard or fast…soft or slow? I tried to calm down but began to feel a little overstimulated. Max put his hands on my shoulders and guided me down to her. “Just do it the way you like it done to yourself.” he said his voice intoxicating. My first few tastes of her were more like kisses but soon my tongue delved into the soft folds of her cunt giving me my first real taste of Alex. Max took my hand and brought it up to her and said to put my fingers inside of her…that she liked that.

I did as he said and was just overcome with how she responded to me. She made these deep noises and pressed herself against my mouth. She tasted heavenly. I wasn’t as shy as I was starting out and began to really try and please her. I truly think I was. At one point Max leaned down and joined me kissing my mouth hard and deep-and then pressing me back down onto Alex. I licked at her and I felt her clit beneath my tongue and pulled it slightly into my mouth hoping she was as sensitive there as I am…at the same time I had two fingers pressed as deep inside of her as they would go. She was wet and slick with her juice…I loved it.

Max watched us. He played with my cunt and my ass and then climbed on the bed to kiss Alex. I was so wet and loved how his hands felt between my legs. Max was behind me all of a sudden and I felt his cock press against my ass. “Who does this ass belong to now?” He asked me softly his mouth against my shoulder. “You Sir…” I responded knowing that I was under their control totally. It hit me suddenly what he was going to do. He had told me that I should expect him to take possession of every hole on my body. That moment was burned into my brain.

Before the night was over he would do just that. I knew he would and as exciting as that was to me I tried to focus on pleasing Alex. Richard had warned me that she was the type of woman who needed a lot of attention and that he believed she would turn on me in a second if she didn’t feel like she was the center. Still I stopped focusing when I felt him penetrate my ass….he was demanding like I could have never predicted from him.

I am trying so hard to keep a lot of my feelings and reservations even some regret out of these first few posts. This experience impacted me greatly and I am working that all out in my mind. I process things slowly over time so I do not over stimulate myself. I am a strong person but admit to being fragile at times. I am forced to slow this process of reflection but dedicated to writing about this experience. I have said this before but it is my blog so I can say it again….this was quite an evening.


13 thoughts on “Max and Alex pt 2

  1. more and more fun, it seems. 🙂

    i used to feel funny, as you described, about sucking my owner’s cock while my other owner, his wife, was right beside me. but then i got used to the fact that i’m just a pet performing my purpose in those moments. i have no reason to feel awkward because, even though m’lady and i can both perform oral sex, the experience of receiving a blow job from your wife and soulmate is nothing like fucking your pet’s mouth. when my owner takes me in that way, i am really servicing both of them and just doing my job.

    it really is cool to read about someone else functioning as a pet for a dominant couple, even if this was a time-limited experience. i’m going to look forward to reading the rest of your reflections about this as you feel able to describe them.

    and of course drop me a line or a chat if you want to process through any of those third wheel worries. i guarantee you that i can relate.

  2. Pixie thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. It seems to bring so many emotions to the surface for you and I hope that in the end it is all that you want it to be!!!

  3. A blog is more powerful when you are willing to write your feelings.
    Write what YOU want. Be it description or feelings. Don’t commit one way or the other, but let the words be as they will. *hugs*

    Sometimes the post will change on it’s on, but rarely will you find you are unhappy with it in the end.

  4. Pixie, I hesitate to leave this comment as I don’t want to sound critical. You commented back, last post part 1, that it is in your contract with Max and alex to write about your experience for them. That bothered me when I read it. I see your blog as an almost sacred place for you, and for you alone. For you to express how much or little YOU want, regardless of the juicy details we are waiting for. You share so much of yourself with us and I’m sorry, I don’t like the sound of you HAVING to write for anyone but yourself. Wonder why Max and Alex felt the need to include this.

    Again Pixie, I don’t want to seem negative here, just wanting to see the best for you. (I hope you love writing the posts as much as I love reading them)

  5. oh Sweetness…thank you for your comment. my contract with Alex and Max simply asked that I provide them an accounting of my experience. It was my choice to post it on my blog. My blog is a sacred place to me and I think Max and Alex appreciate that very much. Again, your concern is touching….and I take your comment in that spirit. I do not see you as being critical. My writing is and always has been for me. Thank you. 🙂

  6. pixiepie, i truly do hope that this new encounter has not cost you too much…
    It appears to me (though that may not seem much) that you look beyond the here and now, beyond what is right before your eyes, seeking out more than you can chew per se..
    i truly do hope that this latest encounter (contract as you call it) has not endangered anything that is sacred to you.
    In reading through your journal from start to finish, there is a side of me that thinks perhaps you, test things, albeit, quietly, humbly and in your mind even submissively, but from an outside point of view, each time you have been with more than One (1), it has landed you (again by outside perception) lost, confused, dazed and even hurt.
    So my hope is that this time the contract that was decide between you all, will be upheld and that there is no cost to either yourself or to Richard.
    How do i come to this worry for you?
    You had M, you branched out, you met, Ms Anna and Richard, they folded, and you have Richard, something solid and to grow on, you have Liam, and yet you seek for by fantasy or whatever else to serve Alex and Max..and i truly just hope that you know why it is that you seek for more?.
    Sorry hun if this sounds harsh it is in NO way meant to be, it is just an avid reader who has come to enjoy your journey through your writings as she is discovering her own inner wants/needs/desires as a submissive.
    Though trust me i am no full bottle on the whole BDSM, M/s D/s thing, Not by a long shot..this is merely one observers concern as she reads about your travellings as you and who you are.
    May i ask where the fantasies stem from?, or rather why the need for more than one?

    A great saying has been said since God knows when..”If it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it”. and as an observer i see you struggling to find what it is your heart truly desires.
    If Richard has to “compartmentlize” (which is layman’s term means shutting down, switching off) then surely it is hurting Him, and the “bigger” question here is why? Why if all is good in your world would you make Him do that?


  7. The good Doctor had waited to comment. Pixie, I am stuck between two sides of this. One side I see you as a free spirited, adventerous, irrepressible little pixie that is hard to hold on to. I imagine you always, always land on your feet. On the other hand I see see you as this vulnerable, child-like, fragile creature that has a true need to be be protected and nurtured and that need is as strong as the need it brings out in those that love you. When all of this collides into one person I wonder where that leaves the ‘you’ in all of this. Where do you see yourself? Do you also feel stuck in between the two?

    Don’t try to do it all too fast darling.

  8. I think you are very brave and adventurous with both your body and your emotions. I find that both admirable and inspiring.

    I know that the fantasy we have in our heads is always different from the reality of the thing. Sometimes good different, sometimes not so good. Sometimes both. I appreciate your sharing both with us.


  9. To all, thank you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking comments. pixie and I had a long talk this morning on the way to work (aren’t cell phones great?!), and since she is stuck in a meeting, I wanted to pop in with a few words.

    First, to puppet, you have perceptively put to words some of the things going on in pixie’s head, and I will leave it to her to elaborate on that as it settles in her mind. Enough to say that she does not see your words as harsh – you have posed questions already churning in her head. I do want to reassure you that when I say I compartmentalize things, it is pretty much the way I deal with internal conflict – I am not very good at sharing (lol, there’s an understatement). And that is what I do with Liam as well. I have a reason for encouraging that relationship, yet it conflicts with my ownership of pixie, and to reduce the conflict and keep functioning, I put them in separate boxes and try not to have them both open at the same time. And so in this case, it is not hurt I am dealing with – she did not hurt me by doing what I gave her permission to do. But I still don’t want to look at it too closely – sharing her doesn’t come easy.

    And Dr. Dom, you as well have captured the essence of our pixie. She is both strong and fragile, adventurous and in need of nurture. She can in one sentence, with knife-like clarity, deflate some pompous argument I might be making, yet crumble at the thought that some word I have spoken might be taken, in some far-fetched construct, as negative. In one person, the strength and confidence to poke fun at her sadistic Dom, and the propensity to assume that if a word might be taken positively or negatively, it must be negative. Her two sides are causing her to examine these events, reflect on them, pick out the good, learn from the bad – and more will be written here as that process takes place. Be patient with her.

    And elf, isn’t it about time for you to take a cheap shot?

  10. Thank you for sharing what you have. It sounds like a wonderful experience. I am jealous that you got to taste a woman… perhaps yours will be the first i taste?

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