Max and Alex

Maxand Alex… Part 3. Minutes with Max

I decided that is impossible for me to attempt to account for every second of that memorable Friday night. It comes back to me now in the form of hot flashbacks, sporadic memories that make me question if it all really happened. One thing I like about the entire experience is the surrealness of it. Did we actually do that? Did it actually feel that good to experience what before I only fantasized about. I wondered if this fantasy was one best left in my mind….I think the jury is back and that I have no regrets that it happened. My only regrets…other than the lack of pictures…are in my mind and are private for now.

I didn’t realize that intimacy could be shared among three people. I wasn’t expecting to feel the level of closeness with Max and Alex that I did afterwards. I think back to right afterwards…when it seemed everyone was going to catch their breath. I was in the bed and Alex was right beside me. I was curled into her and she smelled amazing. It wasn’t perfume or soap or anything artificial….it was that familiar woman scent. So much like me yet so different. It was the smell that I had just tasted. I loved that time with her. I asked her if she was ok with me being beside her like that…I worried because she told me once that when it was over for her it was going to be OVER and I thought that meant she would want to not be close to me. I felt the need to be close to both of them. She tightened her arms around me and told me stay where I was that I fit perfectly right there. I liked the little girl feeling she brought out in me.

Max brought us all a snack and we nibbled on crackers and cheese and a little more champagne. It was all nakedness and soft touches. I remember being comfortable with being naked..with Alex being naked and a little disappointed that Max had put a robe on. We spent some time just lying there together before Alex said she wanted to take a bath…it was time to get up and get ready. I was nervous at first being alone with Max. I guess I wasn’t sure what he expected from me….it would have been easier being alone with Alex. I am powerfully attracted to Max and that scared me a little…I wasn’t sure with Alex out of the room if that changed or created a boundary or a limit between he and I. When she got up it left the two of us alone on the bed. I was still covered up and he lay on his side beside me in his robe. He asked me if I was alright and I said yes. An overall feeling I felt being beside him was one of just warmth….is body felt incredibly warm that close to my own. His hand went briefly around my neck and he pulled me down a little so that I was lying a little beneath him…he pushed the cover out of the way. He kissed my lips and down my neck before nipping at both of my nipples.  I liked that. I felt close to him and realized that this was alright….it was no different than being with him with Alex in the room. The expectation was there that I was theirs for the evening.

He stopped abruptly and I thought that I did something wrong…but he was only getting off the bed. He paused there for a second and looked at me. He pulled me down off of the bed and wasn’t at all gentle when he did it. I was in subbie heaven and surprised (pleasantly) because I thought the evening….or at least this part of the evening was over. He asked me if I remembered what he said he wanted to do to me. Of course I did.  He told me to tell him and I said…”you said you were going to fuck my mouth.”

He held my hair between both his hands and pressed his cock between my lips. I tried to take all of him…and I don’t think I gagged at all even though he was thrusting hard and deep into my mouth. I liked how his hands were in my hair and how he moved my head. After several minutes he stopped and let go of my head with one of his hands while tightening his grip in my hair with the other. His other hand wrapped around his cock and he stroked himself once…maybe twice before cumming all over my breasts. It was the most submissive I had felt all night…being taken that way by him..having his cum dripping down me.

I knew that these small snippets of memories would surface…I have a way of processing things slowly. Absorbing it all and then dealing with it a little at a time. This part of my evening will never be forgotten..the image of being ripped out of the bed and pulled to my knees by Max will stay with me for a long long time.

6 thoughts on “Maxand Alex… Part 3. Minutes with Max

  1. “It was the smell that I had just tasted”

    I LOVE YOU….this one line just sparked an image of you learning and exploring the most beautiful part of the female anatomy.
    You really were a good girl, weren’t you?

  2. I’ve been gone traveling for almost a month, and my internet connections during that time were less than private, so I’ve spent the last few days catching up on blogs.
    Your eloquence stops me in my tracks, and your ability to submit over and over again takes my breath away from time to time.
    And I reread the Sadness posting a few days back…does talking about an end mean that there has to be an end? Is this something in the pipeline or just your imagination?

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly… I LOVE it when He cums on my face ,breasts, back, ass…whatever. It makes me feel so submissive to have Him mark me as His…mmmmm. I’m adding you to my blogroll sweet PixiePie…I am totally in love with you 😉

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