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Home Sweet Home

Home again after an amazing weekend.

Liam decided Friday afternoon that I needed to get away. With him. When he announced we were taking a trip I was both excited and irritated. Excited to go away with him irritated that he has really started to turn up the entire seductive dominant thing while Richard is gone. (Another week and my Owner will be back……sigh)

Anyway so we caught an early afternoon flight to Chicago and checked into this amazing hotel that I had never heard of. The Peninsula was lovely and we had a junior suite which was perfect for the two of us. Liam is so accustomed to extravagant surroundings…I still find myself a little startled by some of what he takes for granted. Still, being a confident and versatile girl I played the part quite well. Everyone assumed I was his wife and even called me Mrs. ***** which was strange. We laughed about it and he said…soon. I ignored him and he caught my arm. “Soon…right?”

“Uh…yeah, sure.” What do you say to that. Yikes…

Anyway, so he surprised me with tickets to see Wicked. This show was wonderful. I loved the entire play or what I saw of it. I missed the beginning but Liam was able to catch me up.

I TM Richard 15 minutes before the show started to let him know where I was. I hadn’t heard from him all afternoon which ordinarily would have been odd however this weekend he was giving me space and time to devote to my boyfriend. His reply horrified me!

The entire day that I was running around Chicago he was in the hospital. He was in a pretty bad accident. Don’t worry he is fine today and is resting at his home…my poor, poor Owner. He told me all this via text message and I totally Dommed my Owner….CALL ME NOW I said as I imagined his amused smile. I knew he was in the hospital and was safe but I needed to hear it directly from him that he was alright.

I realized how high I hold him in my mind. When he told me what happened my first thought was he was somehow above getting hurt. Do I idolize him that much…he is after all only human. The very idea of him hurting…him in pain was unbearable to me. I told Liam what happened and he seemed genuinely concerned and even asked if I wanted to skip the play. Richard would have killed me if I had missed the play…after all what could I do from Chicago.

We talked for about 20 minutes before he made me hang up and go join my boyfriend in the theatre. When I joined Liam he wryly commented that he tried to get them to wait for me but they said no…lol.  The rest of the night was incredible. By the time intermission came I figured Richard was resting comfortably and I was able to relax somewhat. After the play we caught a cab to a small club. We danced for a little bit but it was getting late so we took what was left of our bottle of wine and went back to our hotel.

I wore red and Liam couldn’t keep his hands off me all night. He says I look best in red. First he said white and then he said black but now he says red. Men are so fickle.  Richard once told me he preferred women in black but I think he likes me to wear white.

So that was my weekend and now I am back. Back to work tomorrow. Back to school tomorrow too. I am exhausted. I need Richard to come back. This time next week I hope to be snuggled up with him. 

26 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Wow pixie, you were in my neck of the woods 🙂
    Saw Wicked last year, and it was awesome. Sounds like a very fun weekend, apart from Richard’s accident 😦

  2. i’m so sorry to hear about Richard, and hope that He is doing well.

    Sounds like quite a weekend! Thank you for sharing it with us.


  3. Richard will be fine…he hurt his hand/arm pretty bad. Lucky for me it was his left hand….lol.

    It was one of my first questions to him after knowing he was going to survive……”is it the hand you spank me with?”

    He should be good as new by the time he returns next week.

  4. You know I think pixie and Richard have too much class to say this elf but I certainly DO NOT.

    Why are you such a mean spirited cunt?

  5. I’ve just got to agree Mike – elf is a mean spirited cunt indeed, and seemingly bitter as well. Why?

  6. ~A and I initially thought elf was Mark. Then we decided he always had more respect for pixie than that. The we concluded it was Ms. Anna because none of us actually know WHY she faded away.
    Then we both decided to follow pixie and Richards example and just ignore her.

    Boy, you know we really do have lives of our own.

  7. Kind readers:

    I’ve been watching the antics of elf on the sidelines for quite some time. Just to put the matter to rest, please let me assure you that I am not elf. I do not know elf. I have absolutely no relationship whatsoever with elf. None at all. If there are any dots at all connecting me and elf, it will be a huge unhappy surprise to me.

    I think the reason some may assume I am elf is that I have a Yahoo email address with “elf” in it. Someone I love a great deal created this address for me over 10 years ago, and I’ve exchanged a million emails over the years with Richard using this address. However, I promise you that the similarity ends there. It is ******* and it is a terrible terrible coincidence that elf chose a similar name.

    To elf I would like to say: I respect your opinions and at times they’ve even made me smile. But…please, your comments on this blog and the assumptions they lead to has brought me to tears on more than one occasion. It causes me pain that I don’t deserve. I am a nice person and I am confident that at no time in my entire relationship with Richard did I ever give him cause to think I am unkind and insensitive.

    I feel compelled to post this comment for several reasons, but the most important to the readers of this blog should be for them to realize that – to the best of my knowledge – elf is in no way related to me or had anything to do with my disappearance from this blog.

    Regarding my disappearance from pixie and Richard’s story, please let me offer some critical insight: Richard and I were together nearly 12 years. They were wonderful years in which we explored, loved, and grew together – in many ways, not just as Dominant and submissive. I treasure them with all my heart and my regret and pain over the end of our relationship is greater than any one of you can possibly know. My relationship with Richard was among the most significant relationships of my lifetime. Because it was so significant to me, it is also hugely private and personal. Although you all love pixie, you are strangers to me. And to have you poke at my incredibly painful breakup with Richard feels, well, it feels hurtful and cruel. I’m sure you don’t mean it that way, but because you draw conclusions without having all the facts, it does.

    The assumption that I am elf is devastating to me. It’s like rubbing salt in an open wound. Certainly, in private email, I have railed at Richard, trying to put words to my pain and find a way to heal…but those have been very private communications and not intended for public consumption or for public comment.

    The reasons for the demise of my relationship with Richard are private and extremely personal and they are not open for discussion in this blog. Please, please respect my privacy in this matter. I have repeatedly asked that my relationship with Richard not be placed for open discussion in this blog, but my request has not been as respected as I would have hoped. I find it undignified and invasive. But its pixie’s blog and she can write anything she wants – even if she shouldn’t. An intense relationship that lasted well over a decade is hard to move past. You don’t just turn off your feelings one day and decide you’re done. I am dealing with my loss in my own personal and private way, and it absolutely does not include tormenting pixie on her own blog.

    Having said all that, I do still care a great deal about Richard. I was appalled to learn he’d been injured, and like everyone here, I wish him a speedy recovery. As for pixie, we were not part of one another’s lives for very long, but I strongly felt her conflict in some of the most recent posts. At one point, I even thought I might have something worthwhile to say and advice to offer, but in the end chose to maintain my silence on the matter.

    So, please…don’t assume that just because you don’t know all the facts of my personal relationship with Richard, that you can draw conclusions. You can’t. It isn’t fair and it is hurtful.

    Warm regards to all,

    Ms. Anna

  8. Thank you Ms. Anna for stepping in and offering clarification for us regarding ‘elf’. Thank you for not judging my wonderful readers too harshly for their comments. I understand their protectivness just as I understand your need to come to your own defense. One of the reasons I never responded to ‘elf’ was the possibility that it could in fact be you who through your pain at Richard’s loss had a lapse in judgement. In some ways I felt if ‘elf’ was you then perhaps I deserved the comments and I left them stand uncensored.

    I hope my readers will stop speculating who this person is and just enjoy my blog as it is intended. I am sure no one meant to hurt your feelings. Thank you for commenting is such a dignified way. I more than anyone knew what it took for you to do that.

    I would appreciate any advice from you as you never led me wrong in the short period your presence graced my life.

    And don’t worry about Richard, he is healing just fine and will be 100% very soon he tells me.

  9. thank you, Ms. Anna. I appreciate every thing you have said. I share your regrets and pain. I will say nothing more about it here. It is a private matter.

  10. I have one last thing to say. I did not mean to imply that I regret one thing about my relationship with pixie which has brought me nothing but joy. I regret that Ms. Anna and I somehow got crosswise and parted with anger. I feel bad about that and wish it were not so.

  11. I actually thought elf wanted us to think “it” was Ms. Anna. (How frustrating this must have been for you Ms. Anna)

    I’ve just wondered why bitter elf keeps reading Pixie’s blog. Who cares really why or who it is, it’s already gotten more attention than it deserves.

  12. A red dress is so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy pixiepie – you must know that. How could he keep his hands of you in such a garment.

    But I do hope Richard is better soon.

    I’d give him a hug but he might prefer it if I give you one and you pass it on to him!

    B xxxx

  13. Glad to hear Richard is fine. That was a scare. I can only imagine how you felt. You didn’t really say how you felt about being with Liam. He couldn’t keep his hands off you…but were you happy to have his hands on you?

  14. Wow! I learned a hell of a lot from the comments in this post. It’s a post all of it’s own. Be grateful to Elf for clearing the air. My heart goes out to someone that for WHATEVER reason is expressing pain on someone else’s blog and (presumably) not writing on her own. It’s not appropriate, but needs a little understanding and a gentle *hug* every now and then.

    I believe that by generally ignoring the negative comments she will find what she needs here, or eventually drift away.

    Pixie, I hope you don’t my two cents here…

  15. I’m curious about something. And I realize this could just be my own stuff – but why are you considering marrying a man you’ve known for, what, 3 or 4 months? Or, has it been longer? That seems not long enough to know anything about anything about each other. It seems a little like maybe he’s pressuring you?

    I think it’s easy to confuse Domination with control. I know that sounds weird, but I think you know what I mean.

    Anyway, just my concerned 2 cents.



  16. Hi Eve…good question. Though I am not sure where it is coming from. I am not considering marrying him…that is part of the problem. I have no intention of marrying him or anyone at this point in my life…maybe never.
    He has known me since I was five or six…we practically grew up together and he knows a lot about me. Remember this blog only shows parts of my life….

    And I am feeling pressure from him..lots. I think that is the major issue of my life right now. he wasnts more than what I want…I think I wrote in the post that he is everything I want ..just not right now.

    He is a great guy. And I have known him for a very long time. Regardless…I am not ready to marry him or anyone else.

  17. Thanks for the answer, sweetie. I totally know that the blog isn’t your whole life (the reams of information about me not in my blog could write a few besides) and I appreciate your sharing that with me/us about your history with him.

    I’m also relieved to hear you’re not considering it. He seems like a great guy, but I guess it’s just come through loud here in your blog that you’re not ready for that step.

    Whew! 😀


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