a moment

I stood in line today behind a man in Starbucks that reminded me of someone. For the first few minutes I wasn’t sure what it was or who it was that kept trying to enter into my mind. I never saw his face…he never touched me. Yet there was something so familiar about him. Achingly familiar as if I had encounterd him not so very long ago. It felt like a word that I could just not get out of my mouth, like a song that I couldn’t get out of my head. It left me with that bewildered feeling of wonder that something, someone, or some experience left such an impression on me that my own body recognized the similarities and responded. It was an odd feeling. As I stood behind him I tried hard to figure it out.

His voice was soft yet distinctive. His movements confident and graceful. He had a soft demeanor that was charming and seductive. I felt entranced for the few minutes I was behind him caught up in a feeling of nostalgia or perhaps just a surfacing memory.

And then I knew, I just knew.

And it all came rushing back. I haven’t been the same all day.

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