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Scary Richard

Sometimes everything just flows. Sometimes my submission is like that; sometimes Richard’s dominance of me is like that. It was like that last night. It flowed and it peaked and it peaked again. As always seeing him is so wonderful. He fills my space, makes me feel protected and cherished and loved every time we are together. He sat on the edge of my bed looking so out of place with the white and pink comforter and mounds of prissy pillows behind him. He told me to sit on the floor in front of him. I love this. I sat in front of him and just leaned into him…my back to him and my head settled in that perfect spot on his thigh. One of my favorite places. He had a bag with him and I knew he had brought me a present home from his trip. I was excited to see what it was….he is amazingly thoughtful so when he presented me with a sheer, silky-soft beach wrap I was thrilled. I am headed to Palm Springs tomorrow and although that is a distance from the beach I will be spending plenty of time by the pool. He also loaned me a book for the flight and we sat and chatted a bit about other things. All the while I just sat there between his knees feeling more than a little floaty from being at his feet. “Do you want to suck your Owner’s cock” he asked laying the book to the side and cupping the back of my head with his hand.

“Yes Sir…” I whispered already turning and pulling up on my knees in front of him. I truly love doing this.

“You have too many clothes on.” He admonished slipping my short robe off my shoulders baring my breasts. He reached down and slipped his hand into my panties cupping my cunt and pressing a single finger against that wonderful magic spot. “Why are you wearing panties? You should know better little pet.” He said. “Take them off….give them to me.”

I slipped them down and handed them to him. He laughed softly because they were a little girl print that he sometimes likes me to wear for him. He placed them over my head and made me open my mouth. He arranged the around my head so the wet crotch part was in my mouth.

“Suck my cock with your wet panties in your mouth.” As he spoke his fingers were painfully twisting my nipples and pulling savagely at the lips of my cunt. His teeth bit at my nipples harder than they ever had before. I felt my breathing quicken and then slow as I worked hard to maintain control of the pain his fingers and mouth were causing. I was lost in his words and in figuring out how I was going to suck his cock with my wet panties in my mouth.

I managed. Somehow I took his cock in my mouth and at the same time kept the panties from gagging me, choking me or falling out. After a few minutes he pulled me away and took the panties out of my mouth, he stood me up in front of him and told me to spread my legs. His fingers were hard as they pinched my lips…pulling at them. “Tell me when me pulling your cunt lips hurts worse than me biting your nipple.” He bit down hard on my nipple slightly grinding into the soft skin and at the same time his fingers pinched me and pulled the small lips of my cunt down. I struggled until I couldn’t tell what pain was worse so I said..

” hurts worse now.” “You are so wet slut I can hardly pinch your cunt lips. They are so slippery.” He took the panties out of my mouth and stretched the fabric out slightly across one of his fingers. He started feeding it into my cunt soaking up my juices and wiping the evidence of my masochist desires from my lips.With my little girl panties half shoved into my cunt I felt incredibly naughty and slutty and was pleased when he leaned back onto my bed and told me to start sucking his cock again. His cock is so nice and I love the feel of it in my mouth, the weight of it against the back of my throat. Recently I have noticed that I am better able to anticipate what he wants from me. I don’t always wait for his words to move forward so it was without his permission that my tongue started to caress his balls. I love doing this for him…hearing his noises and knowing that I can give him back some of the pleasure he gives me.

“What a good little cocksucker you have become.” He said with his hand pressed firmly on the back of my head. I love when he praises me…love that inflection in his voice that tells me he is pleased with me. I nuzzled my mouth against the underside of his balls hoping he would know what I wanted to do and give me permission.

“Ahhh, what a good girl you are.” He said. “You know what your Owner likes, you want to lick my ass, don’t you slut?”

I didn’t answer him but nuzzled against him again breathing in the wonderful smell of his skin.“Ask me…beg your Owner slut.”

“Please..Sir, please let me lick your ass.”

Ignoring that conflicted feeling I always get when he asks this of me. The fact I can please him in this way usually outweighs the idea of what I am doing but the the hesitation is always, always there. Funny though…I feel very little hesitation when he does it to me. 😉

He was already positioning his body so I could reach him. I love his response to me…I almost feel that surge of power that I sometimes hate. I wonder should I have that much control over him to have him respond like that to my touch. After a few minutes it goes away and the submission comes back and floats around me and settles on my like the weight of his hand. After all my tongue is gently caressing him because he owns me…because he told me to do it…I am serving my purpose to him by being the person who can give him that sort of pleasure. He pulled me away and roughly pulled me up so I was almost on his lap. He kissed me hard…opening my mouth with his tongue taking my breath with his own. “Turn around and sit on my cock” he told me turning me and pulling me back into him.I used my hand and tried to press him inside of me but it is hard at that angle. “Get it in slut..” he almost growled, his hands coming around and pinching hard at my already sore nipples. Finally his cock filled me and my tight wetness gripped him as he moved me up and down. I bent at the waist and gripped his muscled calves trying hard not to grind myself into him…to go with the rhythm that he preferred. He lifted me up and down planting his cock deep inside of me again and again. He demands orgasms from me…I forget how many I have….forget to ask him sometimes. Sometimes I beg him to let me cum…sometimes he allows it other times he forces me to use the control that he has helped me build so I can wait and present my orgasm to him when he demands it. Those are the hardest types of orgasms.

He stopped and made me turn around, lifting me he sat me again on his cock and he stood up cradling me as he fucked me hard. “Please…put me down…”

I begged so afraid he was going to hurt himself…re-injure his arm that still looked sore.

Finally he relented and practically tossed me onto my bed.

“Stay there on your back” he said dropping a full bag of clothes pins beside me.

“I know what you need, it is what you have needed since I returned. It is what I need too.” He dumped them out beside me and straddled my body. I put my arms above my head completely submissive, completely willing to lay there and let my sadistic Owner hurt me. I needed it, he was right, I craved it and I couldn’t wait to feel the bite of the wood. He goes for the sensitive spots first…the places you wouldn’t expect him to want to put a clothes pin on me. They bit into the soft inner part of my arms…right up to my underarm where the skin is this and sensitive.

“These are going to really hurt you.” He told me as he added pin after pin up my arms and across my breasts. One on each nipple of course and then two lines down the flat of my stomach. He made them bite into my cunt lips and down the inside of my open thighs.By now I was in that place between reality and sub space…wanting so hard to slip away yet fighting it, knowing it was so out of my control anyway I should just let go.I hurt. I could feel almost every clip and the ache intensified as he sat above and ran his hand across them pulling my skin along with the wood. He flicked at a few of them causing me to moan. This is when I made a mistake…I looked up at his face and caught that look. That pure sadistic look when there is no doubt that the good, gentle Richard has been replaced by that dark scary man who loves more than anything to hurt me. I saw that dark look and closed me eyes willing myself to go away yet knowing it was too late. He had plans for me and he had no intention of letting me hide away in the soft layers of my own submission. I felt his fingers on my skin and knew what was coming. He just had that look.

6 thoughts on “Scary Richard

  1. Oh pixie, so far gone, and yet still so much farther to travel…I am always envious of your submission, and of your understanding of it, and of your ability to embrace it. Sigh….

  2. and will we get to know where he takes you? I felt my first clothes pins the other night. It was out of this world. I wish there was a photo of you in all those clothes pins.. i bet it’s beautiful.

  3. pixie, I just know you are going to keep everyone waiting for the rest of the story, aren’t you. Such a bad girl. Leaving everyone hanging, and then going on to write about something completely different, never satisfying their curiousity about what happened next. Let me tell them:
    First I think I made you cum with my finger, all the while touching the clips to intensify the pain. Then I began to pull them off, one at a time, not by opening them but by just pulling them off. When I reached the ones on your armpit you begged me not to pull it. Instead, I made you beg me to do it. “Pull them off,” you said. You love it that I can make you tell me to hurt you, when you can’t stand the pain. After the pins on your arms and breasts had all been tugged off, you slipped away into subspace. As I removed the pins on your stomach and thighs, you didn’t move or make a sound, and I knew you had slipped away for a moment. With only the clips on your cunt still attached, I began to fuck you – hard – causing the clips to twist and hurt worse than before. I could tell how much it hurt – you turned your head to the side and just concentrated as hard as you could on enduring the pain. You love that – that I know how much it hurts, how hard it is for you, and yet I continue to hurt you – you love that I know. Did I make you cum? I can’t remember. I think so – it would have been hard to cum through that pain, but I think you did. Finally, I began pulling off the clips on your cunt as I filled you with cum. I collapsed on you, both of us dripping and exhausted. We curled up together for a while. Even then the night was not over. But I will leave the rest to you, pixie, or your reader’s imaginations.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and thought I should finally drop a note saying how much I appreciate your writting. I absolutely love your stories and how well you articulate your thoughts! Please keep them coming!

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