Scary Richard Pt 2


I just know you are going to keep everyone waiting for the rest of the story, aren’t you?

 Such a bad girl.  Leaving everyone hanging, and then going on to write about something completely different, never satisfying their curiousity about what happened next.  

Let me tell them:
First I think I made you cum with my finger, all the while touching the clips to intensify the pain.  Then I began to pull them off, one at a time, not by opening them but by just pulling them off.  When I reached the ones on your armpit you begged me not to pull it.  Instead, I made you beg me to do it.  “Pull them off,” you said.  You love it that I can make you tell me to hurt you, when you can’t stand the pain.  After the pins on your arms and breasts had all been tugged off, you slipped away into subspace.  As I removed the pins on your stomach and thighs, you didn’t move or make a sound, and I knew you had slipped away for a moment.  With only the clips on your cunt still attached, I began to fuck you – hard – causing the clips to twist and hurt worse than before.  I could tell how much it hurt – you turned your head to the side and just concentrated as hard as you could on enduring the pain.  

You love that – that I know how much it hurts, how hard it is for you, and yet I continue to hurt you – you love that I know.  Did I make you cum?  I can’t remember.  I think so – it would have been hard to cum through that pain, but I think you did.  Finally, I began pulling off the clips on your cunt as I filled you with cum.  I collapsed on you, both of us dripping and exhausted.  We curled up together for a while.

 Even then the night was not over.   But I will leave the rest to you, pixie, or your readers’ imaginations.

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