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good girl……by Richard

pixie was damaged, and my job was to help her heal, help her get whole
again, reclaim the good feelings of being a submissive, being owned. We
were snuggled on the bed in the apartment, talking but not really. Just
stroking her hair, her face, curled into each other.

I knew I had to dominate her, and hurt her, to get her back on track, but
I also knew I had to move slowly. She wasn’t ready for serious pain. Her
submission felt tentative, cautious, fragile. I handled it with care.

It is remarkable to me how I relate to pixie. No matter how harshly I may
be treating her, no matter what terrible things I am saying to her, it is
always with love. Yet clearly there are times when I treat her more
gently, like a lover, and times when I treat her more roughly, as my cunt.
But there is always love behind it, and sometimes the dynamic shifts from
lover to cunt, and it can happen quickly or slowly, unpredictable. So
while I know there are times I am feeling very mellow, and treat her like
a gently bred desirable girl, I know that in her mind she is owned, and
she may have less realization of the differences than even I do – they so
blend together, and shift. But always with love….

In the past, I have often found that to be at my most demanding, most
Dominant, most sadistic self, I have had to step away emotionally from the
submissive, to create a little distance inside, to separate myself and
objectify the submissive.


So different with pixie…. For some reason I
am able to be more Dominant than I have ever been, more cruel, more
demanding, more sadistic, without ever creating space between us – only
drawing more closely into her, becoming as one with her in her pain,
absorbing the pleasure back out of her as I put the pain into her body.
Such an amazing thing – I don’t know why this works so well for us, and I
can’t explain it. I just know that she brings out the best of my
Dominance even as I get closer and closer to her emotionally, no space or
distance needed.

But tonight was not a night for my most sadistic self. Tonight she was my
little girl. My bad little girl. She needed a spanking.

I told her to get up from the bed and get across my knee. I began
spanking her through her jeans. She complained that it felt like a bad
girl spanking and that she hadn’t been bad. I told her that she was a
good girl for being a bad girl, and gave her several examples of
disobedience I had noticed. Nothing serious of course, just enough to
stop her from complaining that she hadn’t been bad. Stand up, I said, and
had her remove her jeans. Back down over my lap. Now the spanking
changed – it felt more like a good girl spanking. The spanks become
harder, and she felt them more without the protection of her jeans, but
after a few strokes, there was the pause as I massaged her beautiful ass
through her panties.

As we progressed, the panties came down to her knees, I had her remove her
sweater, I changed from a hand spanking to a paddle. I spent a lot of
time, a lot of time, taking care of my spot, that spot at the back of her
neck, that spot that Liam damaged. I touched her, stroked her, massaged
it, kissed it, loved it, brought it back to life, back to feeling under my
fingers. I made it mine again, and restored it to the magic place that it
was, the place where a soft touch brought immediate wetness to pixie’s

I had pixie get on her knees between my legs, and unzip my pants. She
began to suck me, using just her lips and tongue, complaining of her sore
throat (yes, she has been sick so I allowed this excuse). I said “between
my feet is a piece of rope tied to the bed. Get it for me.” She handed
me the loose end of the rope. I looped it around and around her neck, and
left enough to go down her back and restrain her arms behind her back.
This is where we made the subtle shift from little girl to owned cunt. I
put my hand between her legs and put one finger on her clit. She was
dripping wet. I told her she could come anytime, but that I wanted her to
wait as long as she could. I was stroking her clit very gently, just
starting low and lightly dragging my finger up over her clit, so gently.
She likes it harder – it makes it easier for her to cum. But my plan was
to make her wait as long as she could. She lasted a few minutes and then
came SO hard, it was amazing. She just convulsed on my finger for a very
long time, and collapsed against me.

I think it was here that I stood up over her and had her lick my balls
until I was ready to cum. I told her to stick out her tongue, and I
deposited my cum onto her tongue. Then I rubbed my sticky cock all over
her face. Finally, I told her she could swallow my cum, that it would be
good for her sore throat. Of course, I made that up – I have no idea if
it was good or bad for her sore throat, but I love saying it and making
her swallow.

Then I forced her up from her knees so she was leaning over the bed. I
used the paddle on her again. At each stroke, she moved forward away from
the paddle, and in the process tightened up the rope until she was having
trouble breathing. I pushed her back onto her knees. Again I put my hand
between her legs and began pushing her to another orgasm. As her arms
tired and relaxed behind her, she tightened the rope around her neck. She
was slowly choking, she looked at me, she needed air, she forced out
“Richard, please….” I continued stroking her until she had another
amazing, huge orgasm. I quickly loosened the rope around her neck by
untying her hands to create slack. She gasped and collapsed onto my lap.
Later she said that if she had had a safeword she would have used it. She
also said that most people would have panicked and taken off the rope and
“ruined the whole thing.” 🙂

As I knelt on the floor in front of her, unwinding the rope from around
her neck, she rested her head on my legs, occassionally licking me,
touching me. Slowly she moved up from my lap to my chest, and finally to
my face and I kissed her. We got up on the bed and curled up together. I
knew that my submissive was back, not totally healed but on the road to
recovery. I had hurt her, I had used her, I had controlled her and her
orgasms, I had given her a taste of the dark side, even though we started
out as little girl.

As we kissed goodbye later that night to head to our separate homes, I
told her she had been a good girl that night. She had made so much
progress back, she had felt good about being submissive, being hurt, being
owned. She was such a good girl…..

33 thoughts on “good girl……by Richard

  1. Richard, I would have to say this is the most touching and most thoughtful post I have read from you. I could relate completely.

  2. Richard,
    I just love it when you write about pixie and how you feel about her. It makes me feel all mushy and good inside 😉

  3. Soooo yummy to hear such delicious details from Richard’s perspective. Glad to hear it Pixie! Nothing feels quite like a man coming on your tounge does it. Thanks for sharing…

  4. Wonderful accounting of what must of been a refreshing re-awakening of your little pixies submission. She is lucky to have an Owner such as you Richard.

    pixie- this blog has become a favorite of mine!!!!!

  5. pixie and I have noted that this sometimes seems like a soap opera. If only at the end of the day we could go home like actors and leave the pain in the studio!
    Yes, pixie has heard from Liam. He is pursuing her. I have her on a short leash. I will be away for 5 days (yes, here we go again, lol) and have said “no Liam while I am gone.” Period. We are in agreement that she is not ready to see him.
    What she writes about all this, if anything, is of course up to pixie.

  6. if pixie was so damaged why did you feel the need to hurt her, to dominate her?
    did you think that would help get her back where she needed to be to be of use to you or did you think it would help her overall recovery as she mourned a relationship that may have thrived if you had only stepped aside.

    your relationship with pixie seems one- sided. she has given up so much. first her M and now Liam. have you ever sacrificed for her?

  7. eleminop,
    pixie is a submissive. she was feeling bad about herself because of it. She was blaming herself and her submission for what happened. As she put it, he (Liam) took all the good aspects of her submission and made it feel bad. I wanted to give her back the good feelings about her submission, and good feelings about herself. I wanted her to see that it was not her fault and that submission is not bad. It seemed important to me to get her back on the bicycle, as it were, showing her that submitting could still make her feel good, and feel good about herself. We are still a long, long way from my tying her to the cross and being my sadistic self. Liam took someone as submissive as we know pixie is and made her feel bad about her submission, the thing that defines who she is, he hurt her self-esteem. My goal was to help her get back to feeling good about all those things.

    She did not give up M for me. She had decided that the long distance relationship was not going to work and she asked me to help her make her decision stick. She said it would be hard for her, but she really wanted to move on, that that relationship was not going to give her what she needed. When I met pixie, it was my expectation that M would remain in her life and I took no steps to push him out of it.

    As to Liam, pixie and I continue to discuss how best to deal with this. I have told her that I do not know him personally, so my evaluation of him is necessarily through her eyes. I told her that the hardest thing for me to accept is that he hurt her in anger – I just don’t see any justification for that – but what I can’t evaluate very well is whether it was an aberration, or whether that anger/jealousy is something that is going to keep coming back. If it is an aberration, I am going to continue to encourage the relationship. If not, then it seems a waste of time. This very day pixie and I talked about this and we are both working it around in our minds, concluding that we need more conversation about it. I am giving her my best advice, listening to what she is feeling, offering suggestions. She has asked me to be very involved in helping her with this. So please don’t think that I am making all the decisions here – we are doing it together. The perfect example: he has asked to spend Christmas Day with her. We both thought on it for a couple of days and then I asked her how she was feeling about it. She said she thought she wanted it, and I said that I was inclined in the same direction, and suggested some ideas to allow her to maintain some control – for example, she could go to her parents early in her own car and tell him to come over later, giving her control over when she will leave to go home and not needing to face that question of what to do when he drops her off and wants to come in. She does not want to be rushed back into something. And I don’t want that for her either. But please don’t assume I am pushing him out of her life. We are, together, trying to manage through the crisis caused by Liam. It wasn’t me who took what had not been given, hurt her in anger, intentionally hurt her emotionally. And I cannot see my presence in her life as justifying any of those actions.

    If you are trying to measure my sacrifice against her having given up M and Liam, I think that is a mistake. As I said, she did not give up M for me. And she has not given up Liam for me either. If she gives him up, gives up on him really, it will be the result of his actions, not to sacrifice something for my benefit. And I repeat, it is not a done deal that he is out of her life. He will need to reestablish some trust, obviously, so we’ll see. And lastly, if I was living in my own selfish world, do you really think Liam would have ever had a date? Are we to feel bad that Liam has a hard time accepting the fact that the woman he loves has sex with another man? And how do you suppose I feel that he has sex with her? And that the only reason is because *I* let him because I thought it was right for her, knowing I could have stopped it in a minute but did not. Because you don’t see pixie writing long posts about how hard it must be on Richard to let another man have his submissive, you assume it means nothing to me? Think about this – if I had gone to pixie a month ago and said “I am having a hard time dealing with what goes on between you and Liam” what do you think she would have done? She would have stopped seeing him. She has threatened to do so more than once. So while I don’t talk about it much, it sucks – and it sure feels to me like I am giving up something for her future. Others can disagree. The dynamic is just more complicated than it might appear on the surface. pixie is more complicated – her needs and wants are more complicated. I of course, am just a simple Dom who wants to control the entire world. 🙂

    If there is an issue here, it is when should Richard leave? You imply that I should already have left so that Liam would not have gotten angry and taken it out on pixie. pixie and I talk about this all the time. The blog is full of posts on it. And comments all over the place. I doubt there is a consensus, or if there was that it would last more than 5 minutes before people started changing their minds based on the next series of events. I might have already left if Liam wasn’t going overseas. Right now pixie and I are just trying to get through December so we can see what January is going to feel like. So regardless of what others think, it is pixie and I who will make the decision about when I should leave her life, no once can make it for us, and believe me it will be a sacrifice. And pixie herself will see my leaving as a sacrifice SHE is making as well. She has made it very clear to Liam that giving me up in not a sacrifice she is willing to make. It starts to feel a little catch-22, ya know? You think I should make a sacrifice and leave her. She thinks my leaving will be her sacrifice.

    I do appreciate the comments – it makes me think. But I guess I take issue with the underlying assumptions.

  8. There is a whole barrage of things running through my mind in relation to this whole scenario with Liam and i can’t help but think for as much as pixie wrote of the pain that Liam caused her or the fact that he had hurt her by disregarding her wants and needs, i feel she is pulled towards him, in the most adverse and wrong of ways possible, as well as i am mixed about why there has not been any direct intervention from you Richard that just stands up as her Master and forbids her to travel in any direction that leads her anywhere near Liam again, be that now or at some point in the future, The fact that pixie even wants to associate with someone such as Liam any longer leaves me feeling that perhaps instead of spanking her or giving her the sweet sensation of pain that she craves and needs..perhaps your time might be better spent explaining to her that, No man that takes without permission is worth knowing, let alone a moment of her time.
    This worries me for pixie and opens up a whole Pandora’s box of questions within me, as to why either of you, would give this Liam the time of day, but what surprises me the most is that you, Richard, will allow her to even contemplate seeing him or having anything to do with him and yes Richard, you may be leaving one day, but surely the greatest tool/gift that you could offer pixie is insight, rather than a spanking, fucking, caning, surely she needs the ability to see idiots such as Liam for what that are.
    Ask yourselves, both of you…What’s the difference between how far Liam went and rape?
    Did he not take something, not offered to him?
    And how far would each of you go if it was deemed rape?
    Cutting all ties/interaction with Liam?

    So why do either of you even consider allowing this man (though i do use that wording loosely) Liam any part of either of yourselves again?

    There is no excuse for what was done to pixie, None At All..!!!..

    Though regardless of what any of us outsiders/readers say this is a journey between the two of you, but i do feel and yes this is bold..that if either of you allow this idiot into any part of your relationship then you are inviting trouble, pain, hurt, sadness and yes Richard you will have yet another broken slave to have to piece back together.

    To pixie, let me say this..Liam took something that perhaps you can retrieve by being with Richard, but think before you allow this fool called Liam to see or feel any part of your life again, because when Richard is gone, there will be No so safety net for you to rely, not one that will so lovingly piece you back together.
    Liam deserves nothing, has earned nothing and i truly hope that you can see the difference between abuse and love..and make the right choice from there, because if you do not then, you are allowing Liam to think that how he treated you and what he did to you is ok and acceptable.
    And maybe for you in how you deal with things that is ok, but then i ask you to stop, pause a moment and think outside of yourself..and in doing so you might think, i am fine with what happened (Thanks to Richard) but what of the next girl or the girl after that.?
    Yes i used the rape analogy earlier and i shall again, because if this had been a full on rape, how differently might you be thinking.?
    I ask you…What was/is the difference between what Liam did and rape?….

    I look forward to yours and even Richard’s response to this comment, or anyone else that feels like they might like to add their thoughts into the mix of what i have said.


  9. puppet~
    i am so very confused right now. your words helped bring a lot of clarity to my mind. i think that you see what happened for exactly what it was. you ask the difference between what Liam did to me and rape? the word ‘rape’ has never entered into the conversation between Richard and me regarding Liams treatment of me that night. it has certainly crossed my mind. Richard told me when i told him what happened to me that to him the line was blurry. i know that in some ways i was begging R to tell me not to ever see Liam again. i felt a little more lost and vulnerable when that was not his first reaction.
    yes, I am drawn to him. what happened to me was more about him taking something out on me in anger in his mind than rape. i am not sure what made him feel he had permission to treat me like that. somehow he equates me being submissive to me wanting to that sort of treatment. i didn’t want it then, i don’t want it now.
    right now, i am not sure what i want. i feel somewhat betrayed that Richard may share a little of Liams feelings that what he did to me was OK…maybe because i put myself in the position with him? or maybe like with Max and alex he feels it is a lesson i need to learn on my own.
    right now, today…i am almost strong enough to never ever see Liam again. i am almost strong enough to break away from all the relationships in my life and take some time for myself..healing and understanding why i am still drawn to Liam. why in my mind what he did was almost OK to me, i hate that. you know, the weak side of my submission.
    you mentioned learning difference between abuse and love. that hit me hard because i realized that is a lesson i am still learning and not one that is natural to me. i also think that with every touch from Richard i am learning that more and more. he has taught me so much.

    he is also afraid of taking something away from me…Liam. R said last night that he still thinks that one day Liam might be good for me. i am not sure where i am in this matter. i don’t know how i feel yet. i know that maybe i need protection from Liam…or maybe it would be better said that i need protection from myself.

  10. Pixie – I do not understand how a/that line can be blury? Perhaps Richard could clarify that for us? As it sounds worrying to me that someone who cares for you (and I do not doubt that he doesn’t) could believe that there is possibly some excuse for what he did? Was it because you were already in bed with him? Or had already had consensual sex with him?

    But do not come down on yourself hard for still feeling drawn to Liam, an outsiders perspective is just that. As easy as it is to tell someone that there are no good and to walk away, however that is not always the case. There are millions of examples of this, battered women/men for one (although I am not trying to lessen what has hapened to you, this is a classic example). How many women/men are in abusive relationships where they are beaten black and blue but still stay with that partner? Making excuses for them etc, accepting their aplogies until it happens another time? It simply isn’t that easy. And although I DO NOT condone what he did, I do not believe that hounding you that you are stupid to stay with him etc is being anything but counter productive for you. As concerned readers (as that is what we are) all we can do is *listen* to what you have to say, provide our opinions and provide support where necessary.

    Therefore, whatever decision you make and however long it takes you to make it, although it probably means little, I support you and your decisions.

    Richard – I do believe that you love Pixie very much, and for people to look to soley blame you for this incident happenend is laughable. I hope that you are not torturing yourself over this. But I do have one question for you, why do you have to leave Pixie’s life? If you both love each other so much, why does someone have to leave? Perhaps I am missing a trick here, I shall re-read the archives, but I would appreciate your opinion. Is it becasue you are already committed to someone else? And if you are, how do they feel and accept your relationhip with Pixie?

    I am not asking out of disrespect to you or Pixie and if they sound like accusitory words; I do not mean them that way.

    I was pondering that is all………..

  11. Pixie and I are taking our conversation offline. I have misunderstood some things. The clarity expressed here has not been apparent to me until now.

  12. Claire~
    wonderful comments and questions. thank you very much.
    i think maybe you are right. maybe it was because i already had consensual sex with him…in fact we had just been together. i think that contributes to Liam not fully understanding why he hurt me so badly. i think perhaps that is why there was some confusion from Richard. also, i told R days after this happened because i was the entire way across the country on a trip with Liam and didnt want Richard worried about me.
    Liam is a good guy, he most likely isnt the one for me.

    Richard is in another relationship. One day his life will not only take him out of my own but will take him out of the country. and we knew that going into this though of course we had no idea the feelings would be what they are. so when we say goodbye it will be forever and that is one reason why Richard wants to leave me in a good place…and one reason why i go along with it. i hate the thoughts of thousands of miles and an ocean berween us and him being concerned for my happiness and safety.

    we’ll work it out. 🙂

  13. Thankyou for replying. I do feel for you and the situation that you are in, not just with Liam but with Richard as well. It has been a hard couple of weeks for you. It must be heartbreaking for you both, knowing that it will one day end, but it must also give a sense of “live for today” and that may be the reason why you have pushed so many of your boundaries and explored so much with him?!

    I will admit that I am very new to D/s scene, I have never been involved in a D/s encounter but have thought about it a lot, and to be honest, the first post that I saw was the one that had a picture of your breasts with needles in them and I was scared! But your writing has shown me that it isn’t all about pain, and there are many different sides to D/s relationships. And, I am embarrassed as I type this, the thought of submitting to someone, does arouse me now. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years he is the love of my life (this is not a “first love crush” I have been through things with him that I wouldn’t wish on anyone and he has totally stuck by me through it all) but I am at a loss. I want to explore D/s, and I have tried to gently talk about it with him, to which he has laughed and joked about it. And although we experiment, I do not believe that he has it in him to explore this with me. Which is why I asked about Richard’s situation. If he has a partner, does he share this (you, domination) with them or keep it from them? And how does one look in the face of the person they love and lie about who they really are and what they want? And how does it affect you? I want to explore this side of me, but I am not sure how to? Do I look outside of the relationship that I am in for someone to explore my needs with, or hide my desires and live a lie?

    I am not trying to “take over” your blog or defer from your recent posts and situation, but I feel that I have no one to talk to about this and feel too strongly about it to just push it to one side. Any wisdom from you, Richard or anyone would be greatly appreciated.

    You really are inspiring, in every way.

  14. “t each stroke, she moved forward away from
    the paddle, and in the process tightened up the rope until she was having
    trouble breathing. I pushed her back onto her knees. Again I put my hand
    between her legs and began pushing her to another orgasm. As her arms
    tired and relaxed behind her, she tightened the rope around her neck. She
    was slowly choking, she looked at me”

    The spiral of Domination/submission she needed what only you could force upon her, but by making her the master of her own submission she is in control of giving up.

    An elegant way to heal her.

  15. the Max and alex lesson…lol.
    that is simple- Richard worried about me so much going into the experience with Max and alex…fought his instinct and allowed me to go ahead and do it against his better judgement.

    it was a wonderful amazing experience. Max and alex were perfect and they made it everything i thought it would be. the lesson learned was that i am not just a submissive…not just anyones submissive. that i am truly Richards…and i found it hard to face him after allowing myself to live out that fantasy…he knew i think that i would struggle with guilt or some form of negative thoughts about myself afterwards. i did and that is why he brought me home early because where i didn’t want to face him after what i had done i needed to face him and feel Owned just by him once again. he knew i would struggle and fought the urge to follow his instinct. i think he and i both learned a lesson from the Max and alex experience.
    the other lesson was what i learned about myself…it caused me to look inward…to reflect on what i want for myself and my future.

    pretty simple stuff….nothing negative from my point of view. now Richard has his own opinion…lol but for the most part my experience with Max and alex was just what i expected. 🙂
    now i feel extremely close to two people that had a major influence on my life and the development of my submission. i never expected that.

  16. Richard and pixie,
    This was one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read. Richard, the care you take with pixie is nothing short of amazing. I read daily and when there is nothing new I peruse your archives. I know your story and cry at the thought that one day the two of you will have to say goodbye. pixie seems so vulnerable in her writing and just in the world in general. will she survive your departure? I can’t find fault with you wanting to place her in safe hands before you leave. I also ache for you Richard. When you questioned in your comment about how hard it is for you to share your pixie. What a terrible place to be. I wish you both love and to you pixie the strength to overcome Liams poor judgement. It is reflective of Liams misunderstanding of how precious you are and what you offer.
    Good luck to you both.

  17. Claire…I will devote a post to your questions in the very near future. I will give you whatever advice I can though as my own submission is emerging from the shambles I am not sure how much help I can be. To me…the strength of your submission is only as strong as the Dominant that you long to give it to. It is a strength, a gift a promise of trust and power exchange between two people.
    You raise so many interesting points….

  18. For whatever it’s worth…

    I have, in the past, found it useful to look back at troubling situations or “scenes that went wrong” and think about relatively minor changes that, if the events had happened that way, would have been OK. (cor, that’s an ugly sentence).

    Here’s what I mean: Liam _could_ have approached the issue (err, his issue) of Richard’s “private spot” in such a way as to ‘nudge’ boundaries, rather than break them. He could have caressed you _near_ the spot, and talked about how he wanted you to come to a place where you’d beg him to touch you there.

    Obviously, there are a million other ways in which Liam could have handled the discomfort he had with your ongoing connection with Richard.

    Once one starts thinking through some of those alternative ways, maybe the huge gap between what he actually did and what he could have done will help clarify the magnitude of his transgression.

    Of course, everyone makes mistakes — the harsh words we wish we hadn’t said, the doors we wish we had left unslammed, and so on… but there’s a line beyond which no-one should ever go. (And the law agrees, not that that necessarily is relevant to this situation, but worth remembering).

  19. the overriding feeling I have from the past few posts is one of irritation. pixie, you have been playing a dangerous game with Liam. i think you are finally getting a taste of what you deserve.

  20. This post touched me as well. Your relationship may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” but the love you both express with such profound emotion, is a goal we all should wish to achieve.

  21. Wow… Yes, Richard a wonderful post. I loved seeing your mind, how you took the time to help Pixie heal in the ways that she needed. How you knew exactly what she needed. It shows the depth of your relationship with her so well. Going from loving and gentle to extreme.

    Pixie- there were so many comments here that I only skimmed them. I’ve been sick lately and your blog wasn’t allowing comments when I was here.

    I will say one thing and I believe this very strongly. You were never in a position as a Submissive where you asked for Liam’s treatment of you simply because you were a submissive. The relationship between you and one individual (Richard) is unique and doesn’t mean that another individual can assume similar skills/roles/ or treatment because you enjoy it at the hands of another. There are many components including trust and acceptance.

    He was just wrong.

    You were accepting rather than an individual to tell him to **** up his ***. Etc. I’ve been there. Had to find the balance among individuals and there behavior as well.

  22. elf,

    You’re not, by any chance, a Saudi?

    ‘cos you’re sure sounding like one!

    No-one, under any circumstances, “deserves” to be treated like that.

    For the record, in law (US, UK, Australian and Canadian that _I_ know of), consent can be withdrawn in an instant. Literally. No matter what has happened before, if someone says (or even thinks!) “no” (and means it), to continue makes the act nonconsensual. In this context, that means that BDSM and sex becomes assault, battery and rape — instantaneously.

    (I can probably dig out some case citations if you’re in doubt).

    Now, that’s the _law_. A whole different issue is whether Liam could (and indeed should) be charged and convicted. And that’s where reasonable people can disagree on a variety of grounds, including the “if one plays with fire then one risks getting burned” argument, which seems the most charitable interpretation of your “dangerous game” comment.

    The “game” (as far as we know) has three players: Pixie, Richard, and Liam (maybe a fourth: Richard’s partner). One, and only one (as far I can see) of those players couldn’t or wouldn’t follow the rules. And while we can sympathize with that person, blaming the other participants seems, well, rather unfriendly.

  23. Richard- You’ve shown amazing love and respect for Pixie and tolerance for Liam. It has shown through whenever you write in the comments or your posts. That love will make her relationship with Liam difficult. Being in your own relationship and the possibility that at some point in the future you will have to leave Pixie is going to be tremendously difficult for both of you and not done easily. Anyone with any intelligence will be able to see that. But currently is, simply is right now.

    The reality is that you want what is best for her. You also want her for your own, and she wants (or at least wanted) for different aspects of her life both you, incredibly strongly, and Liam. It was clear to me some time ago that if Liam forced a choice that Pixie wasn’t going to choose him. Stupid move on his part- everyone would be hurt.

    Ignore your readers that can’t see what you don’t choose to say to them. There is no reason for you to get buried in the comments when this is Pixie’s place to release her feelings, and find her own understanding of events. If they can not see by your own words – (paraphrasing) “Pixie was hurt, and I needed to help her to heal, paying special attention to her special spot…” then they will already not understand that you are much more than a “simple Dom.” LOL

    Take Care.

  24. Does pixie feel at all pressured to make a relationship work somehow with Liam? I am not sure how or why either one of you would allow this to continue. Richard, you should think more of pixie and protect her. Liam needs to step aside. Pixie, you need to figure out if you can stay with Richard. DBD is right, have you thought of how much pain you will feel when R tells you it is over?

  25. Oh Yeah. I forgot. Not everybody is able to accept that you are in TWO relationships- for whatever their own reasons. It is hard enough to manage most of the time for most people. I think that Pixie and Richard are ignoring the comments that are unrelated to a post, and it would show the best of the rest of us if we could as well…

  26. DevilBlueDresss – I feel I have to justify my previous comment after your latest post – I was not attacking Richard in anyway, or Pixie or the relationship that they are in.
    I was asking for advice regarding my own situation. I was looking to them as an example in trying to understand how you still “operate” in a relationship with one person when you are with someone else. And if you look to the “other person” to explore a different side of yourself, are you indeed living a lie with the person you love if you feel that you are not able to share that side of yourself with them?

    I am trying to decide if I am open with my partner if I do embark on a relationship with someone else or do I keep it from them.

    The comment is related to this post, and related to all of her blog as Pixie always speaks of the pain she will feel when Richard leaves.

  27. DBD, Claire and others,
    I appreciate all these comments. I am not ignoring any of them, but since I am traveling, I have not had time to comment thoughtfully. Also, pixie and I are struggling right now with the future and need some time to talk to each other when I am back. We will be discussing Liam as well. Please don’t take my lack of comment to mean anything other than that I am traveling and unable to devote time to the blog right now.
    pixie, I miss you.

  28. Claire-
    I’m sorry that you felt I was addressing you. I was not. I actually only skimmed you comment briefly. Intrigued enough to want to look at it later when I have time…

    Pixie & Richard – Sorry if I’m out of line here.

  29. DBB – I have just read over my comment to you and it sounded very abrupt – I apologise, I did not mean it that way. Things are very difficult for me at the moment and am letting it get on top of me. Hence the defensive tone in my post!

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