daddy/little girl · punishment · role playing · spanking

Daddy (pt 1)

he walked up behind her. she could feel the heat of his body against her own as he whispered a single word into the charged air near her ear. “cunt”

“you are my cunt, you know that right?”

“yes Sir” she whispered back. not turning around, not looking at him. not yet. his hands rested on her shoulders and then slipped around beneath the modest neckline of her dress. her breath was coming faster than before and even faster still as his hard fingers found and then savagely pinched both of her nipples. he rubbed them between his fingers pulling them as he did causing her to softly cry out. she took a small step back hoping her body would make contact with his. she felt the need to show him how she desired him. he backed away.

“you are such a slut today. i bet your little cunt is dripping already and i haven’t even touched you. should i check? turn around and show daddy if your cunt is wet.”

Mmmm..he called himself daddy. as hard on her as he would likely be when he used that word there was always an overall feeling of tenderness behind the encounter. she loved the naughtiness of the times when they played like this…she was shocked at how the dampness surged between her legs and how her cunt clenched….wanting…needing to be his little girl. sometimes.

she turned around and looked up at him suddenly feeling very small and very young. she lifted her small dress up to her waist and slid her panties to the side so she could show daddy how her cunt glistened with the evidence of their shared need.

“good girl” he smiled down at her benevolently but did not tell her to drop her skirt. “is daddy’s girl feeling all grown up today? is that why your little cunt is wet? answer me, answer daddy sweetheart, is that why your cunt is wet?”

“yes Daddy.” her voice was soft, almost a whisper but he heard her and knew she was embarrassed by their play. her hesitancy excited him and he decided to take it further.

“Daddy is going to touch your cunt now. hold your skirt up for me..that’s it, keep your little panties out of the way. actually..let’s get these out of the way. pull them down for daddy. good girl, that’s right leave them right there above your knees.”

again he took a step back and looked at her. she was humiliated and he soaked it in. he loved it and he knew she did too. “bad girl…look at you. standing here in the kitchen with your panties down around your knees holding your skirt up for your daddy. your cunt is so wet, as wet as i have ever known it to be. you know what that means? don’t? it means you are daddy’s little slut, and such a bad girl. and do you know what happens to bad girls in this house? tell daddy what happens to bad little sluts who let their cunt juice drip down their legs as they hold up their little skirts for their daddy.”

“they get in trouble, they are punished.” her voice had changed, she sounded younger, almost frightened. the idea of him punishing her was painfully erotic, starkly sexual yet she knew he would be hard on her. little girl or not. she recognized the look in his eyes, the one that needed to hurt her.

“yes, they are punished. would daddy punish you?”

“yes Daddy.”

“of course i would..don’t ever doubt that. now, go upstairs to your room and kneel on the chair. wait for daddy there.” he patted her on her cunt first right before she dropped her skirt and hurried out of the room and up the stairs. he thought about making her come back and walk knowing the reprimand would humiliate her further but let it go…instead he enjoyed watching her struggle with keeping her pink panties from sliding the rest of the way down.

he left her kneeling on the chair for about five minutes. he knew the hard wood of the chair caused her knees to ache. he stood in her doorway for a minute before entering her room.

“lift your skirt.” she obeyed him right away and he was pleased her panties were still down.

“are you daddy’s good girl now?” he patted her bottom and she blanched at his condescending tone confused by the way her nipples grew even harder even as her face flamed in embarrassment.

“yes daddy.”

“yes daddy what?” he liked making her talk to him when he knew she was feeling this shy….it was humiliating to her.

“yes daddy, i am a good girl now”

“well…let’s see. stand up, daddy wants to undress you.” she stood up relieving the ache in her knees and she let her daddy pull her dress up over her head.

“my little girl is wearing a bra..look at that.” he smiled down at her and she looked away horrified that he would humiliate her so. “take it off…show daddy your little breasts.” her fingers shook as she removed the small piece of soft cotton and let it fall to the floor.

“i think they are growing baby, don’t you?” he pinched at them hard..twirling them between his fingers. “do you let your boyfriends play with your nipples?”

“no daddy..of course not.”

“why not? tell daddy why you don’t let the boys slip their hands up your shirt to play with your hard little nipples. you are such a little slut you must have the boys sniffing all around you.”

“cause you say no daddy, you said they were yours.”

“Ahh…so i did. very good. and what about your cunt? do your boyfriends play with your cunt…do they slip their fingers inside this tight little pussy?” as he spoke his hand cupped her and he pressed a finger deep inside of her cunt. “that’s right slut…squirm on daddy’s finger, show me what a slut you are. is this what you do at school?”

“no daddy…just for you.”

“very good….good girl. but you know…daddy still has to punish you. it’s for your own good…

“yes Daddy…i know.”

he pulled her across her lap and began to spank her hard on her bare bottom. “daddy can feel your hot little cunt against his leg. i think daddy’s little slut likes her bottom spanked. do you?”

“no hurts.”

“it hurts? then why are you so wet, so hot for your daddy? are you daddy’s painslut? i think you are…i think you like it when daddy has to punish you.”

he spanked her harder loving the bright redness of her small upturned bottom and the way she squirmed against him. “let’s see just how much you are enjoying this. open your legs for daddy, i am going to touch your little cunt and see if you really are the painslut i think you are.”

she tensed as his hand went between her legs and he felt his fingers stroke against the bare slippery lips of her cunt. “just what i expected from are even got daddy’s pants wet you little slut.” he pushed her off his lap and held his fingers to her mouth, the ones that were wet with her juices. “clean off my fingers…use your tongue and lick daddy’s fingers dry. pretend its daddy’s cock. in a minute you are going to show me what good girls do with their daddy.”

her small pink tongue darted out and tentatively began licking his fingers. she liked the taste of herself but hated kneeling in front of him…she felt so embarrassed and humiliated yet the arousal and need was undeniable.

“nice…suck on them now. good girl, you are learning so much from your daddy, aren’t you?”

she nodded at him drawing his finger deep into her mouth. looking up at him with wide adoring eyes…

12 thoughts on “Daddy (pt 1)

  1. god pixie, that was so delightfully taboo and hot! i still have mixed feelings about the Daddy little girl scenes because of the taboo factor; but damn, i can’t deny that they are hot. Very nice piece of writing. If only i wasn’t orgasm restricted just now! I have to go drive to the gym and work this off LOL!


  2. I am really enjoying this one Pixie. Just wonderful! Can’t wait for more. You make me want to go out and buy myself little girl panties and a little girl skirt with shirt.

  3. I agree with doubleknot – it feels very taboo for me, but not enough for me to now want to know how it ends! ; – )

  4. oh! This is THE hottest thing you have written. It is always a good thing to be a daddy’s girl. Your role with Richard is versatile. He is truly a lucky man.

  5. Love this post Pixie. I’m into the Daddy/Little Girl thing but haven’t really done it yet. I’ve wondered how many men are into it as well, especially older men, but feel like perverts for acting it out, especially if they have a daughter. Pretty hot idea to me though.

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