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The Office

Tonight Richard went out to dinner with some friends.  I imagine that to most people it looked like a table of stuffy….possibly snobby corporate lawyerish people. I hate tables like that in restaurants..they are the ones that look irritated that anyone was seated near them.  As Richard was getting ready for his ‘date’ we were texting back and forth…as he wanted to know my plans for the evening (which included dinner with Liam (another post)).

I texted him that I wonder what his friends would think if they knew about the man behind the Richard they see everyday. I imagine they see this soft spoken..although extremely self assured and confident man. I can guarantee they don’t see the dark in his eyes that I do…or see his hands the way that I see them….capable of inflicting pain and pleasure at his whim.

I asked him via text could they ever imagine that he has a little pet that he likes to hurt….that he has a much younger submissive that would do anything he asked. I realized how little we know about the people we work and go to school with. The thought made me smile and I imagine him sitting there with some of those stuffy corporate fake people and me walking in. Maybe I would be with a date..if I was allowed to date right now…or maybe I would just be alone. I’d sit across the restaurant from him, maybe at the bar and try to see him the way everyone else sees him knowing that would be impossible.

I like blending my lawyer Richard with my sadistic owner that can do all the amazing cruel things to me. I had a lunch date with a wonderfully beautiful friend of mine that has only recently and tentatively stepped back into my life and on the way back I received a call from Richard requesting that I come to his office. My lunch ran over and Richard expects me to be prompt so the message was a bit curt.

His building was empty. The Friday on a Holiday weekend keeps most people away..Richard was there and he was waiting for me. As I dressed that morning he told me to wear something that he would allow him easy access. Inwardly I chuckled because my clothing never posed much of a hindrance to him before. When I walked in I expected him to be annoyed or irritated at least but he wasn’t at all. He was pleased to see me…he told me to kneel by his leg while he finished up reading a document that he needed to finish. He knows that I need to kneel every once and awhile. It isn’t a huge part of what we share but there are times where there is no place I would rather be than at his feet…today was one of those days. I find it natural and comforting and it gives a bit of peace to my center core that is so often off in a thousand different directions.  That is how I felt kneeling there at his feet. I rested my head against his thigh knowing that if I did his hand would wander down and stroke my hair and my face. I find myself melting into that type of touch. I feel nurtured and loved and so my world is right and for those few moments nothing spins. My head and the thoughts that misfire so often and so randomly in my head cease. I like moments like that. I breath in his scent and lose my eyes knowing that nothing matters at that second besides the fact that I am there with him and that I am Owned and loved and cared for my Richard. It is a heady sensation that curls around me ever so slowly like the soft tug of sub space beckoning me to come visit…to come play. I can get quite lost in the simple act of being at his feet.

He knows this. It was a soft floaty sub that he eventually pulled up to her knees. He touched my face and whispered to me that he loved me so much. That he too felt the magic when I submit myself so freely and completly to him. I think we both realize what a gift we are to each other. He cupped his hand on the back of my head and tilted my head back. He rested his other hand on my throat and it felt heavy and I felt every breath raise his hand….up and down.

He told me to stand up and remove my clothes. I did. Slowly. He lounged in his huge office chair the smell of leather all around us as I undressed for him. The light had dimmed slightly as the sky that day was gray..and his room had the look of an early evening. It was soft and comfortable and I felt sensuous and desirable as I took my clothes off for him. Gone is the self consciousness I used to feel when he asked me to undress. He loves my body..the smallness of it that I used to be paranoid about. I let my clothes fall to the floor and tried to meet his gaze as much as possible attempting sometimes successfully to not be so shy.

Once I was naked he called me over to him and pulled me down on his lap. He talked to me for a few minutes…simple questions I know he sometimes uses to gauge how I am feeling in a new situation. I was feeling still a bit floaty and wasn’t quite sure what I needed. I leaned into him and nipped at his shoulder…whimpering just a little to show him, to tell him that I needed something.

His hand went back into my cropped hair and pulled my head tightly back so my neck was exposed. He bit at my neck and my shoulder before biting both my nipples. Suddenly I found my bare bottom on his desk in front of him.

“Show yourself to me. ” He said. “Spread your cunt lips and show me what belongs to me.”

My cunt lips were slick when I touched myself…I was wet for him just like he knew I would be, just like I always am.  For him. 🙂

“Keep yourself open, just like that. What a good little girl you are..this used to be so hard for you. Good girl.”

He slid a finger deep inside my cunt and turned it right to that spot..that little hidden spot way, way up inside me that makes me drip with need and shake with intense orgasm after orgasm. He played that spot relentlessly….torturing my nipples with his teeth at the same time. I felt slick under my bottom from my juices. I propped my feet up on the arms of his chair and he stayed between my knees. He told me to cum just as I opened my mouth to ask him if I could. I shuddered against his finger once..and then once more before he pulled out of me and pulled me back down onto the floor. This time I was kneeling between his open legs.

“Take my cock out slut…do it now..suck it for me like you know I like it. Like I showed you.” I was eager to have him in my mouth and my fingers shook as I undid his thick belt and opened his pants. I love his smell…his taste and the feel of him in my mouth. He let me suck him for a few minutes before pushing me away and telling me to stand up.

He turned me around and bent me roughly over his desk…he growled into my shoulder for me to arch my back…to open my legs. A second later he was inside me…hard pounding strokes that pressed me deeper and deeper into his desk. I was in subbie heaven as each stroke went deeper and was harder and I wanted it that way. I told him before that I like it just when it starts to hurt a little…that he is so deep inside me something shifts and almost aches. I feel myself stretch to take him and I hope it never ends. He slipped it out long enough to rub it against my asshole..threatening to fuck me there…saying I hadn’t had that in a while. I whimpered not wanting that..knowing we didn’t have lube..knowing that simple fact wouldn’t stop him if he wanted to fuck my ass…yet hoping he would think twice. He must have because he was pressing again into my cunt telling me how tight I was and how good I feel on his cock.

I always imagined being taken from behind across his desk. He put his hand in my hair and pulled my head up telling me to look at his door. “What is that pet…what do you see there on the back of my door?” I squirmed against him…he moaned at my movement against his cock but didn’t release his grasp in my hair. “What is it slut?”

“A hook Sir..there is a hook on the back of your door.”

“Yes.. my pet…there is. What do you think I am going to do with that?” I almost said…hang up your coat but decided not to press my luck. I had already been an hour late in meeting him. It turned out to be a rhetorical question anyway as he was already pulling out of me and leading me towards the hook.

Like I said before I always wonder how much we really know about the people we work with. That innocent little stainless steel hook most likely ignored by everyone who walks in and out of my Owner’s office all day…served quite another purpose that afternoon.  🙂

7 thoughts on “The Office

  1. Hey! Not ALL my friends are “stuffy… possibly snobbish corporate lawyerish people”! (OK, most of them are, but not ALL of them).

    Very hot, pixie, very hot. Are you free this afternoon? It is another day when the office is empty.

  2. I think about that a lot. About the lives of those I know on a casual basis or even on a deeper level but who don’t share their sexual lives with me. I try imagining what they could be into. It’s fascinating.

  3. Well, that was just HOT.

    Thanks for a smile this evening Pixie…

    Happy New Year to you!


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